15 comments on “One more look at the Miss World Philippines 2017 Official Candidates Part 1

  1. Laura looks flawless

    Teresita also looks good….

    What happened to Gabriela’s styling?….
    Natalo pa sya ni KC Cajandig (1st time na wala ako masabing negative kas KC)

  2. Just by looking at their arm’s length, one would already get an idea as to who has long legs though they have an average height.

  3. Laura is very pretty mukhang mamahalin.
    Wyn wyn is like Hillarie. Lakas ng appeal.
    Gabriela is not prepared that’s why she’s targeting Reina Hispano keme keme.

    • Just an FYI, Gabriela was no longer vying for the MWP title when she applied due to age factor. She joined specifically to have a chance at the other titles of Ms World. Thanks.

  4. Veronica Billones is so underrated, she’s definitely a lot prettier than 2 of the perceived ‘frontrunners’ she deserves more attention.

  5. It’s Wyn2 (omg,again? )😋 vs Laura sa mga pics. Kaya lng Laura will be one of those ladies lang kapag naitabi na sa mga white ladies☺
    May pics ba c Laura na nagpaTan at mukhang mas papansinin pa sya cguro 😄
    Wyn2 should project a confident, winning but humble aura bcoz I’m not yet convince with her capacity to be a spokesperson of MWO.
    Gusto ko yung natural lng na public speaker na hindi trying hard at alam ko na kayangkaya ni Teresita yan😋cherette 🤗
    Ms. Billones (candidate #2) is very pretty at may potential na maging international crown bearer😚

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