15 comments on “Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 | The Official Candidates 

  1. The pageant looks for “young men with ‘more than good looks’ – individuals who can dig deep beyond pure muscles and express their inner strength and advocacies along with back stories that show character and uniqueness”. Fine. But readers cannot see these traits from pictures alone, although the photos of Maguindanao, Tawi Tawi and Lucban (Quezon) bets seem to project an aura of strength of character. If the organisers wanted the pageant to present “men” and not “boys”, it should harp on their current preoccupation or profession, interests, community involvement, etcetera.

    By the way, I notice quite a number of entries from my province, Quezon. From someone whose limited visits to the Philippines cannot tuck in a short drop-by to my province, it is a source of pride that the men at least show interest in pageantry as a platform for their community involvement or advocacy.

  2. To Mr. Tinio, my humble Request List for your consideration.

    1. Introduction videos for all of them in a STANDARD format. NO TOURISM vids, please! I want to get to know more about THEM. I am not interested in their town/city/province tourist spots. And I also want to hear their voice quality. This will be crucial for a future in either the radio or music industry.

    2. A Mindanaoan titlist this time! The Luzon and Visayas guys always get everything. The Maguindanao Gent’s SERENE smile should see action abroad. LOVE the moustache!

    3. The rep to Makassar should possess a PAGEANT-READY physique. He will no longer have time to “gym”; he competes within a week or so of being titled.

    4. The rep to Thailand must speak GOOD ENGLISH. This was the consensus of those who followed the inaugural edition of that tilt.

    5. The rep to Myanmar must be fair-skinned (“tisoy/mestizo”). The Burmese will like that.

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