12 comments on “Photo-Blog: Mindanao Tapestry goes to Canada

  1. Rene Salud seems to be adapting very well to the changing times. His collection looks great.
    Kudos to the man who knows how to give back .

  2. I like renee salud barong but the one I bought was made by his staff.
    I chosed the light-dark green barong although I like his purple barong too 😊

  3. Renee Salud getting prettier.
    Norman should get pointers from Renee and Jonas on how to look picture perfect

      • Nobody says Norman is ugly .
        It’s just a piece of advice now that he is getting the public attention already. And he is the head of Mister Philippines so he is expected to look the part.

      • maganda naman si mama norman need lang make up tutorial at bawasan ang foundation day. si Jonas medyo chaka talaga may kwarta lang ahihihi char!

  4. Lahat maganda design…

    Ayaw ko lang nung barong na white na emproidery na blue and purple…

    The rest ang ganda modern but not too avant garde..

    Sakto lang…

  5. Nice collection but those chunky nude platform heels mygawd, Mamarene!! 😹😹😹 Name nung latest Canadian boytoy ni mudra? I need it for my school project. Haha 🤗

  6. maganda yung mga designs ni mama rene….okay yung mga detalye and well made…ganda at gwapo pa ng mga models

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