12 comments on “Next Attraction: Top Model and Beach Beauty Challenges for Miss World Philippines 2017

  1. Di ko ma take ang bigger picture ni councilor sa tarpaulin. Hanep sa coiffure at sa pout. Lol.

    World Peace.

  2. I want the BLACK MANALO for this Fast Track!!!
    And i want her or Laura Lehmann to be the MWP 2017.
    BITCH BEAUTY fasttrack sounds awkward sana pinagsama nalang as TOP MODEL since wala nang Bitch Beauty sa Miss World, Top Models also wears swimsuit or lingerie after all!!! Feeling ko lalangawin na naman ang Moa tulad nung 2014 mwp.


  3. Miss World Crown Rigging? Julia Morley is much richer than you think..!!!
    Author: Ashton Wernes Parker Desir

    If Julia Morley is not a beloved one in the pageant world, she should certainly be so in the business world. She’s the globe-trotter behind two successful companies. For that she deserves respect more than anyone because when she inherited Miss World and Come Dancing (Dance With the Stars) in 2000 both companies were dying. Miss World was in serious trouble with its debt and DWTS out of TV for years. But much better businesswoman than her husband Eric has been, now both companies are at float.

    After the Miss World disaster in Nigeria, the contest was announced in China, the market of the modern world. She changed the game completely putting Asia as a priority, the new golden market. If the continent was a Miss Universe one, she swept it out betting on India and China. She has crowned two South Asia asking exclusivity everywhere to overcome her American Rival, Miss Universe. Actually, her pageant gets the billion viewers mostly from Asia. According to “China point org” Miss World earned 12 millions dollars since the first editions in the Mao’s country. So China became their second home. In the article of December 1st of Telegram Uk, the tickets became much more expensive. In 2003 the tickets were ranged from 150-2500 $ and they were all sold. The franchise fee became more accessible, 10.000 for the new national directors but very expensive in China where the value is 2 million $. Her TV package is also more accessible. The TV package of Miss World was of 60 millions according to Independent UK. Also, Julia deals with huge international companies like the Olympic committee and Fifa. She sold image right for both Olympic Games in China and the Fifa World Cup in South Africa.

    Last year, Mireia Lalaguna was photographed during a meeting with the president of the Olympic committee during her stay in Korea ( possible host for 2018). Her last big agreement is with New Silk Road initiative, a 900 billions dollars fund to promote China worldwide through social and commercial projects, with New Silk Road fashion that produced supermodels like Liu Wen and Zhang Zi lin and that controlling the luxe products market in China. All the huge companies like LVMH, L’Oréal, H&M, Swarovski, Victoria’s Secret etc are represented by New Silk Road in China, and New Silk road investment in Singapore for the financial future of Miss World. So while her rival are struggling to find host, Julia will travel around the world promoting China, among the New Silk road initiative partners. On the other hand, she remains the main beneficiary of Dance With The Stars worldwide which has generating billions of dollars woldwide.

    So it doesn’t look sensible assuming Julia likes to sell her crown. She has enough to live quietly in her East-Dulwich manor, to give to charity, to pay the 150.000 £ money prize of the Miss World winners, the best paid beauty Queen and even self-financed Miss World like she did last year in Washington.

    • This comment is one big reach. It tries to connect appearances with business transactions that have nothing to do with each other.

      The 2 Million USD TV package? Just where in the world was Miss World shown live last year? No, the FB video streams don’t count – nobody earns money from those except Facebook. I’m talking traditional paid TV networks, which lobby for the rights.

      The New Silk Road Initiative is a US government-led effort. What does Miss World have to do with it? New Silk Road Fashion? Google that and Julia Morley, and you will find rehashes of the same post, but no substance as to the actual deal – which is funny, because you would expect actual deals to have substance. So unless they were asked to participate as a guesting (and all the other pageants do this), I doubt a substantial deal exists.

      Don’t get me started on the poorly edited way the post is written. This isn’t a proper news article, that’s for sure.

      We live in a world of fake news. The more we fall for these, the more we deserve the (ultimately pathetic) lives we lead.

  4. Itong “mess world” na ito ang daming kaekekang fast track.

    Trying hard magpaka competitive na pageant.

    Para lang ma justify na mahigpit ang competition.

    Tapos in the end, ang mananalo bet ni Matandang Hulya.

    Non-sense di ba. Ewan ko lang kung sino pa ang motivated jan.

    I really lost my interest in this rigged pageant.

  5. What’s really the purpose of these fast tracks if the MW winners did not even place in fast tracks?

  6. Wynwyn could win both swimsuit and top model … but still Laura for me !!!

  7. My goodness napakalakas ng United states, russia, south africa. And i believe sa indo ibibigay ang asia continental queen. Si wynwyn na lang ang ipadala wag na si laura or cynthia para makasali pa sila sa BBP.

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