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  1. nasobrahan nga sa edit ito her right hand and her teeth and look at her lips at the left side and i zoom nyo. may sobrang lipstick. i guess binawasan sa photoshoped ang lipstick nya.

  2. She looks gorgeous here.

    Pero mukhang nasobrahan nga lang sa photoshop yung kamay nya. Parang inalis yung contour. Nagmukha tuloy minamanas yung kamay nya dito.

  3. An daming Hanash!!! pag pangit ang labas.. sisisihin ang photographer. pag maganda sisisihin pa rin.

  4. sorry i forgot to add
    my condolences to miss peters and her family
    for the passing of their grandmother

  5. This is not Rachel’s fault! She can be pretty but this picture is an insult to her. Ramon Saldana please stop with the heavy photoshop edits. You are not doing our queens any favors. Rachel looks way younger in person than this . You made her look like a 45 year old bored but rich housewife from Orange County .

  6. Rachel kaunting smize naman sa mga pictures mo please….Although heavily photoshopped, this one is miles better than the previous ones.

  7. she was a deadringer of solenn Heusaff. why not have that kind of carefree styling or Paulina Vega’s way of projection.
    Sa totoo lang she looks great during bbp coronation. tama na timpla. and there is still time for a change of veneers.

  8. Eto na ang staple sa kanya, one side ang hawi ng buhok whether curly or straight bagay sa kanya. Pareho nung coronation night.

    Light make up with earth colors is second.

    So next, fitted gown or ball gown? Fierce or demure?

  9. Ano ba yan puro reklamo na lang ba ang mga Pilipino. Hindi na bago ang balita sa pagpaparetoke sa mga sasabak bago lumaban sa patimpalak sa ibang bansa. Gawaiin at tradisyon ng Bb. Pilipinas yan. Kahit anong kampo ang may alaga sa mga Bb. Pilipinas winners kapag sinabi ni Madam Stella sigurado natin aayusin yan. Kapag sinabi ni Madam patangkarin ang 5’4″ gagawin naman na 5’9″ sa tulong ng sapatos. Yung mataba aayusin yan sa photoshopped. Magsitigil na lang kaya tayo sa kapupuna at bakit di nalang kaya bigyan suporta si Miss Universe Philippines 2017.


  11. Experiment Experiment Experiment …..Madami pang time. The most important thing is maximize the best packaging suited for her. Basta KF learn from MJ’s experience, please help Rachel Stand out not just to blend. I think that’s the mistake of KF during MJ’s time, hindi talaga nag stand out si MJ among the Latinas and European. KF should already consider Rachel’s competitors this year. Effort pa, pag may detractors listen…but never give up. Waiting for upcoming photos of Rachel pa….Ako gusto kong maging bubbly si Rachels during interviews, yung lumabas yung authentic self kasi yun talga yung mararamdaman ng mga fans. Rachel show your real side go lang gurl

    • I agree with this comment in regards to Rachel. Also MJ had a dusky exotic look due to her middle eastern blood and they should have played with that. Like MJ looks so amazing atm. Unfortunately, I feel like KF tried to make her look too Latina during Miss U to the point that she failed to stand out.

  12. Let’s be real. This was obviously heavily photoshopped. I didn’t know Filipino pageantry was going the Indonesian route and blowing hot air up our asses by providing terribly idealistic pictures of our queens. This looks nothing like her. Rachel has a really mature (dare I say masculine) western look with her strong chin, nose and teeth. Hiding that in this picture as if it never existed makes us look weak and insecure of her features. It goes away from what miss u stands for. One of the reasons Philippines stood out is despite the bias for European beauty standards, we still proudly display the personal beauty of each candidate whether be it the dark skin or monolid eyes. It made us stand out from the one-dimensionality of our neighbours who would quickly pounce on Photoshop and whitening creams to achieve a generic east Asian look. Look at Bunga, Indonesians love to say she’s exotic and natural; yet you see her visiting whitening doctors in her ig. Overall, Rachel has a Florence Welch face; she looks old but classy and down to earth. Just celebrate it and not hide it like this photo. She looks like a rich and intelligent woman and you can easily work with that beauty. You can just sense the insecurity leaking out of this photo now that our neighbours stepped their game up with decent candidates. I sense a dark time in Philippine pageantry. Winter is coming. My humble opinion of course. Feel free to disagree

  13. Much as I am really itching to say something nice and to support our candidate, I just can’t. If this is her best photo shopped picture to date, then this is an epic fail. Doesn’t do her justice. There is so much equine qualities in that photo: The long face and the long teeth.

    Let us be nice in saying that the gown is gorgeous and there is still time to further experiment on what look is best for her.

    World Peace.

  14. Rachel is naturally beautiful but here? She was photoshopped beautifully. Will they stop this thing with Mr Saldaña? Why don’t they hire Mr. Nicdao, that guy who shot our queens in MU 2016? The way I see it, we are going the Indonesia-way. TOO MUCH photoshop everywhere. My God!

  15. I saw some of her pics at mukhang hindi cya fresh.
    Parangtuyot at Di na virgin hihihi cherette 😄
    May extra skin lines both sides sa mukha.
    I hope maganda ang result after magpa salamat doc😚

  16. im sorry but those veneers are making things look so supercial and not natural anymore. peters has nice set of teeth which fits perfectly. ba’t kailangan pa ng paveneer veneers! ok lang naman kapag indi nasosobrahan but this is too much veneers on her.

  17. Don’t get me wrong. I love Rachel. But I think this photo was just heavily photoshopped. For some reason, it just does not look natural. Anybody here who has the same sentiment? 😜

    • Sinipat ko ding mabuti yong picture kasi parang hindi na sya. For me, kapag heavily dependent na sa photoshop, camera 360 and other filters, it means you lack self confidence. Filters can be equated to insecurities. Hindi kayang takpan ng photoshop ang imperfections. Just embrace them and live with it. The more natural you look, the more you will glow.

  18. Not keen on her getting the crown. Geof is right! I would like her to get our 1st 2nd runner-up finish to complete our list of winners and runners-up. I don’t know but I’ll be more satisfied for that placement. I’m reserving the title for Miss Catriona Gray in 2018. That would be more sweet victory!

  19. Gorgeous Rachel minus the distracting veneers. Pwede ba bawasan ng haba ang ngipin nya?

  20. FYI Arizona is not in the Midwest, its Southwest. Anyway, Rachel is pretty cross between MJ and Lia Andrea

  21. ayan nag sstart na sila mag experiment for her. she looks different here. road to light make up. ang fresh nya d2. i think we can finally get our ist 2nd runner up in MU this year. lalu nat mahigpit ang labanan at lalu pa kapag si demi leigh peters ang pinadala sa MU. so i think the highest she will get is top 3. a 2nd runner up finish is enough and still be proud of.

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