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  1. Polina Popova and Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters should be the benchmark in choosing the next Miss World Philippines, Once these two gorgeous ladies decide to join Miss World 2017, it would be a battle for 2nd Runner-up for the rest of the delegates. How I wish Polina and Demi wouldn’t compete in the same year. They are both Miss World material.

    • yan ang uso ngayon. love na love ng mga hikaw na yan ang mga katulad mo. love nila walisin ang mga kagaya mo since uso din ang maduming pananalita kaya ayan ang katapat nyo.

  2. I really really want her to win. She just has that it factor that many girls don’t have (even Wyn Wyn at her best). Furthermore, her face is beautiful and has that east-Asian celebrity look that might be advantageous since Miss World might happen in China. Perhaps I’m kind of tired of meztisas at the moment but her face is really refreshing; very innocent but sweet and charismatic. The only problem is her styling. She killed it during the swimsuit portion. However, she looks like she’s attending a family dinner and not competing in miss world. I agree with the trolls in the comments. She looks pretty but plain. She needs to step her game up, especially since she’s one of the few candidates that can be exceptional when placed besides the reps of other countries. My humble opinion.

    • pag hindi ba sumasang ayon sa opinyon mo troll na agad? eh ano nman tawag mo sa puri ng puri ?

      • I call them trolls because they go through every comment section in this blog to post nothing but insults; sometimes childish but often uncalled for. I don’t label them as trolls because they don’t agree with me. I don’t care if they disagree with my opinion. However, I know them since Norman’s blog’s early days as resident trolls spewing hate towards our national reps etc; hence there label (and the fact that norman doesn’t do anything about this is sad) Do look before asuming this and making baseless statements about me. Also the people that are spreading nothing but positivity are people minding there own business and supporting a candidate. I see nothing wrong with this and the fact that you want them to be lambasted equally makes me question your intentions. Why are you lecturing me when you generalize yourself especially when you know nothing of what you’re accusing me of?

  3. What happened? She is gorgeous in the previous post.
    I have changed my mind. She looks like an OFW who has a very good job.

    • Totally agree! Pretty on the edited photos BUT in motion, ang layoooo! Anuba!!!! I love her advocacy tho but that’s just it. Maiiwan ang beauty niya versus Thomalla, Lehman and other girls. Perhaps train for another 2 years and comeback.

  4. ang ganda nya parang pang municipal level lang…pag itinabi mo na sa ibang MW CANDIDATES lalamunin lang sya…di pa magaling magsalita

    • Oo ganda din ni Laura parang pang sitio kekemba purok 69 ang peg!

      • Fabian, lehman is good as receptionist or saleslady. Not a beauty queen.
        Sa hosting nga ay Di ko mapansin unless sasabihin na sya c laura L. …ganern lng ang reaction ko😎

  5. She’s pretty but it starts to diminish when she started talking.

    Come pageant night and this is still her way to deliver, lalamunin to sa kudaan nila Laura, Wyn and Gabriela.

  6. good move with the deep red lipstick
    those beautiful lips need to be highlighted

    would like to see her with wavy hair,
    soft curls, with a little volume on the top

  7. May KF train her to be more relaxed
    She reminds me of a sales person convincing a buyer

    • naku eto na naman ang mga alaad ni Hudas basta lang may maipintas eh si Laura Lehamn mo mukhang sales lady walang ka persona personality deadkid ang peg! at si Wynwyn? parang memoryado at wala sa puso mga sinasabi haha!

    • Kung overhyped si Janela eh ano pa si Laura at Wynwyn? OVERRATED?!

      • Basta ang sabi ko, overhyped si Janela Kwa-tun!

        Wala akong pake sa iyo!!!

        Again next candidate please!!!!!

  8. hindi ko tlga sya bet…mukha lang syang dating nag japan na nagpaganda…Hindi impressive ang aura nya…pwede lang sya sa mga minor pageants…not for alpha pageants

    • Mukhang nag Jajapan? Eh ano nalang si Laura? Mukhang waitress sa cheap beerhouse? Eh si wynwyn? Mukhang agogo dancer sa Bocaue? Mag tabi tabi silang tatlo sila janela wynwyn at laura na walang makeup tignan natin kung anong ganda meron si laura at wynwyn!

      • cge nga sabihin mo sa kanila yan…pag may pintas kay cuaton ang pangontra mo eh panlalait kila laura at wyn…wala nman akong pakialam sa kanila

  9. I am sorry.

    She is pretty like your “girl-next-door-pretty”. But not a beauty queen material.

    World Peace.

    • Not a beauty queen material? She won Mutya ng Pilipinas was first runner up in Miss Tourism Metropolitan. Tell me, where are you coming from?

      • Dear Lulu Tanga N,

        Reading your rabid responses to ALL those saying not so good things about this girl makes one think that you’re under her payroll. Lol.

        Relax ka lang Ms. Lulutang an. The commenters do not know each other and yet we are one and saying the same. Simply put, she looks like an SM Sales Lady. No offense to SM Sales Ladies. Lol. Sorry that I don’t follow her history of winning in other minor (lol) pageants. Way to go then !! But I still maintain my opinion, she is miles away from being a Ms. World Philippines.

        World Peace.

      • yun na nga…miss tourism metropolitan na nga lang na super minor pageant at konti lang silang naglaban laban di pa nagawang manalo tapos gusto MW pa…ay ambot !

    • Hoy mang thomas sarsa ng letson baka ikaw ang bayaran ni hudas gafod! Kung mukhanh saleslady ng SM si Janela eh ano tawag mo kay Laura? Kahit naka full makeup pa sya eh mukha syang waitress sa mga cheap beer house at si wynwyn mo naman eh mukhang agogo dancer na pang front act! Tseh! Pagtabi tabihin mo silang 3 na walang makeup ewan ko lang kng sino mag mukhang cheapangga! Sabihi mo kay Laura ipaayos nya ang peklat nya sa fez at ang ngipin nyang nauuna pa kesa sa baba nya at sabihin mo kay wynwyn gawing proportion ang ulo nya sa katawan nya kasi mukha syang lollipop na pinutulan ng tangkay! Haba ng torso ang ikli ikli ng mga binti! Tseeeeehhhhh!!!

    • She was also invited in 2015 to be one of the models in Mercedes Benz Fashion Show in Doha, Qatar. I don’t think not most Filipinos know that. Mercedes Benz Fashion Show is one of most prestigious and distinctive fashion shows here in New York. Tell me meron ba sa mga candidate ang na-invite diyan?

    • Why do I feel like one of the commenters here is her mom? Not that that’s wrong but engaging this way does not seem to help Janela out in her bid. When they do try to support her, masyadong benta that kinda sounds desperate. Sorry. 😦

      Kudos to this girl though, she seems very determined. I hope she wins a crown, just not The Crown. Just not a good follow-up to our string of MWPs, much more to Catriona. She’ll be invisible alongside others in Sanya should she be sent there.

      • I’m not threatened vaks. I don’t support anyone this year at all. hihihi. Are you threatened much?

    • parang si Laura matagal ng losyang bb Pilipinas days palang losyang na at ngayon losyang na losyang! paalis muna nya yung scar nya sa mukha!

  10. Wow si Norman talo pa si Boy Abunda.
    Kulang na Lang projection ( with less head and body movements) and proper hair and make up, puede na next to Raymond Gutierrez.

  11. Based on pics above, I’m still for Laura vs Wynwyn .
    Janela can win if she looks more like below than above on pageant night.

    • yes na yes tama ka jan! Laura vs Wynwyn talaga ang labanan for First and second runners up!

  12. I like her willingness to help the needy.
    But I want to see her talk and project herself like a winner already.
    More relax and spontaneous in simple conversation bcoz of self-confidence.
    Great Example is Megan Young who talk like a queen with conviction and not as starlet 😄cherette.
    Janel has the qualities of a queen in Mutya level but this is Miss World.
    Look at Queens Catriona and Megan’s beauty and comm. skills and you’ll be in the winner’s list and may I add Ruffa G. hihihi😚
    P.S. (I ❤U):
    Janel is more beautiful and Queenly in the previous post☺cherette

    • So how will you define Azra Akin, Tatana Kucharova, Kaiane Aldorino, Unnur Birna Vilhjálmsdóttir, and Alexandra Mills? Let’s check the proportion of the girls from size of the head ro the size of the body. The distracting mouth. Blind fanatics will never learn.

    • alangan naman kumain lang sa Vikings eh kuntodo makeuo at outfit ang gusto mo? kahit sinong tao na mag buffet sa Vikings at naka aurang coronationnight eh mukhang tanga! inday fyi ang pag totodo ng hair makeup at outfit ay inilulugar!

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