9 comments on “Photo Blog: Rocky Gathercole Gala Show for Bantay Bata 163 20th Anniversary 

  1. Club kids and drag queens have been rocking those looks since the 80’s. Kudos that the designer is fundraising for a worthy cause.. that’s all I’m going to say.

  2. People with lots of money, or those with sugar mommies and daddies, should reach out to this designer for their next Halloween costumes. 😁😜

  3. The artistry is unquestionable. But good grief how many of those are actually wearable?

    • Actually the artistry is questionable because NONE of these pieces are even that original . Just copies of international avant garde designs .

    • Ken, I am also thinking about their wearability! Artistically speaking the designer achieved its goal, that’s it. Kudos, though!

  4. so lady gaga ang mga peg ng costumes este damit ni rocky gathercole…no wonder puro performers karamihan ng client nya…pang concert at pan holloween kc mga creations nya..lol

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