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  1. i love the 70’s vibe of the lead photo

    nice set of lips, like naomi campbell’s

  2. @Fabian, icky is icky. It’s inexcusible if you can avoid it. I mean c’mon, ayan si Pia ‘Wortz-buhk’ oh..she wouldn’t have won the MUO over if she was flinging and stretching her damn vowels like two-day old bubblegum. That’s how someone from a non-native English speaking country should speak- neutral.

    Kung magkaroon ka man ng accent it’s because you’ve either spent a fair amount of time immersed in another country and have acquired one naturally, or if you’re Lea Salonga! lol.

    Focus on substance and clarity and not flashy diction.

    But to be fair, maganda talaga siya and it’s just a 10-second (?) clip. And who knows, baka yun talaga pronunciation ng apelyido niya..

    #Kwah-tun for the win!

    • Watch her interviews . She doesn’t sound pretentious at all . It’s just the way pageant candidates pronounce their names and their cities of origin – it’s over the top .. and it’s everywhere even the local amateur pageant girls boys and Baks do that

      • I’m not calling it pretentious @Fabian; it’s just something that some people unconsciously pick up. I had a friend who didn’t realise she talked like Kris Aquino until she saw herself on video and nearly died at the thought that all this time, she was this annoying, whiny sounding person (dont get me wrong, I love Kris precisely because being maarte is her signature).

        What I’m saying is, there is always room for improvement and for refinement. Kung hindi man kusang sarili yung improvement, a beauty camp or talent management can help with that.

        That’s why camps like A&Q and KF get the ‘better girls’ but in truth, they have a system in place to smooth out those rough edges and bring out a more distinctive personality. Pero siyempre, it works on some and so-so on others.

        But all this is irrelevant now kasi ayan, meron ng exclusive interview si Norman with Janela- we have a much better basis for taking stock of her.

        PS: Norman I think you should invest in a videographer! You have a great personality that gets lost in a poorly shot, inadequately edited video where we can hear the damn wind interfering with the video lol. It’s time you took your blogging to another (video content) level and maybe even have a YouTube Channel we can all subscribe to…

  3. Her accent is unnatural, it sounds pilit. Cringe moment yun kwah-tun, ugh. Physically, she’s prettier than most MWP candidates tho. My top5 in random order are Lehman, Thomalla, Marquez, Sweett and Gabriella Ortega since Reina Hispano Americana is obviously tailored for her. Going back kay Janella, girl wag masyado pasosyal and the gays will love you. Just be yourself and who knows, you’ll win one of the minor crowns. At any rate, whoever gets the MW crown has a 50-50 chance of winning MW2017 because Julia Morley is trying to win our approval and as insurance for MW 2018 or 2019 here in our country.

    • If u watch tv , that’s how people talk . Its icky but it’s ok . If it’s not ok , why not require the girls Who grew up speaking Tagalog to speak Tagalog during interview? It would lessen that nauseous feeling among viewers.

    • I’ve just watched Janela Cuaton.
      Her English is not icky at all. There’s no attempt on her part to ‘americanze’ her diction . I think the way the pageant contestants introduce themselves with their names and cities they come from .. is over the top.. and it’s normally so.

  4. It’s pretty obvious she is ‘copying’ Catriona- the pink color and the style of dress.

    But she is beautiful … with make up on.

  5. #Kwah-tun for the win!

    Andaming supporters ha, ala Malacanang social-media army lol…hirap namang pumuna ngayon dahil pag di ka outright supportive, waley na, hater ka na agad…but the best of luck really and then some because you’ll need it with the MWO..

  6. Gandang ganda ako rito sa Mutya Pageant pa lang sya alam ko na mananalo sya sa international competition nya! JANINE TUGONON 2.0 talaga ang arrive nya saken. The only problem is her communication skill. Si Maxine Medina kahit bako bako ang English grammar ay mararamdaman mong may puso sumagot at may laman di lang na express mabuti, Pero si Janela sa intl pageant nya napaka cliché ng sagot! Sayang bagay sya sa Binibini Pageant! Ang problema, BBP is not anymore the old BBP. Pang Miss Globe nlng ang abot ng gandang Mutya Datul/Janicel Lubina/Maxine Medina. Anlaki na kasi ng ambag ng Q&A doon! BADTRIP!!!

    • Sorry Janicel and Mutya are of the different league when it comes to beauty.. Maxine I’m not sure

      • every girls have different league when it comes to beauty. and so Maxine. furnitures. si maxine pa minamaliit mo in terms of beauty 😅. sa totoo lang parang magka level lang naman si maxine at janicel but in different ways.

      • What?!!! Magkalevel sina Maxine at Janicel sa beauty
        No way!!! Effortless ang beauty ni Janicel while Maxine has to exert all out effort to be beautiful

  7. nagpapaniwala pa kayo jan sa BWAP na yan…ilan nb ang nanalong MW na may maganda ring BWAP? panlansing lang yan…in the end yung bet p rin ni morley mananalo kesehodang ano pa bwap nya o may kunwari kunwariang bwap to the effect

    • correct. But malaking tulong pa rin ang bwap.if im not mistaken. if you enter in the top 5 of bwap. pupunta ang mwo sa bansa mo regarding sa bwap mo and other charity. kaya nga pupunta ang mwo sa sept. isinabay sa coronation night ng mwp.

  8. Maganda pala sya. Dark horse for me
    At dun sa mga ngako compare sa kanya kay Catriona, she is actually way prettier and normal looking (lol) hindi mukhang special child.
    I like her! If she wins, it is fine with me. That’s all bye!

      • Oh really? She is way prettier than your Catriona because she looks normal not someone who suffers from down syndrome. You can’t do anything about that.
        I like her because there is definitely something special about her while Catriona is just tall and white

  9. Is Janela with KF? Is Norman going to write about which girls are being trained by which camp for Miss World Ph?

  10. Beautiful. At first glance i thought she was catriona gray. May laban ito sa main crown. Yes may konting filamish twang na unnatural. Maybe she could work on her viice pitch also maayado matinis na nagmimiss cakifornia.

  11. Janela Cuaton will win Miss World Philippines 2017. Walang pakawala ang makakahadlang. Walang pambabastos ang makakapigil. So meaning if she looks like Catriona? Ginaya agad? Wow ha! Let’s play the game fair and square.

  12. Of course no other than #JANELACUATON

    Beauty with a purpose
    Beauty with substance
    Beauty with a pure heart💓

    Thank you everyone for supporting her. To all the haters thank you also for making her one of the best candidate for this especial event on her life 😙😙😙 wishing you all good luck.

  13. The road to Miss World Philippines 👑

    Let’s get to know Candidate 26, Janela Joy Cuaton.

    She embodies the essence of BEAUTY and PURPOSE, the very essence of the Miss World Organization’s existence. There’s no doubt that her flawless beauty is eye-catching and mesmerizing.

    Yet, there is more to this beautiful face and body. She has a 4-year old program called FASHION MEETS PASSION project – it is currently on its fifth outing.

    Fashion meets passion has had helped marginalized sectors in the Philippines. Our candidate, Janela Joy Cuaton​ coordinated with different LGUs and Charitable Institutions since she was 16 to help a lot of people. This was even before she decided on joining pageants. That for us, is real purpose.

    Do you think JANELA CUATON has what it takes to conquer the WORLD?


    #JanelaCuaton #MissWorldPhilippines
    #Candidate26 #JanelaJoyToTheWorld

  14. 💖💖💖 janela for the win

  15. Excuse me but did she say, ‘I’m Janela Joy Kwah-tun’???? (FYI: eto yung phonetic spelling ng pagkabigkas niya ng apelyido niya).

    Looking at her family, di naman sila mukhang foreigner- they’re simply the ‘Kwaton’ lol…tama ka Kim Bok Jeun, medyo trying hard to be pasosyal..and the styling, the pink ensemble all scream, ‘I could be Catriona 2.0’….really pretty, but needs to find her own look- does she belong to a camp?? That might make a difference

    • Hahahaha…..yeah trying to make her last name sounds very westernized!!! It’s truly Kwaton 🙄😁😆😏😤😖😫😂

      • Don’t you dare make fun of our LAST NAME–me punto sya at kung anoman yun it is strictly JANELA’s!

  16. Ipaayos ang ilong bago mag bininibi. Hindi kaya ng contour lang #AllTeaNoShade

  17. she reminds me of our 2nd miss world Catriona. kuma catriona ang peg nya. mukhang gagawing inspo si catriona. but still. laura is my mwp this year.
    wynwyn. you should join bbp instead. now pa lang you proved us that you are worthy to wear any crowns of bbp. But i think you will win one of the mwp crown this year. so. no wynwyn in bbp next year.

  18. Janela has great facial features that reminds me of Isabel Oli. bawasan ang highlighter nagmumukhang oily.

  19. Very beautiful
    Janela vs Laura vs Wynwyn
    I am all for Laura .
    Hope Wynwyn joins BP. She’s a shooin for MUP MIP or MGI.

  20. hindi ako impressed sa communication skills nya…minsan may dating na trying hard at pasosyal effect

    • Basta sa akin i will vote janela joy cuaton she will be 2017 Miss world philippines .kung beauty ang pag uusapan c janela un at kung ang purpose namn nya pag uusapan in na in c janela dya it.means beuty with.purpose in total packages na .nsa kanya na.lahat …#janelajoycuaton for m

      iss world 2017.

    • Ikaw sir… the way you talked maganda rin ba? Communication skills? Do you have that? Wala dba? So better shut up okay 😊😊😊

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