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  1. Kahit naman doon sa acting nya ramdam na ramdam mo. But to come ot or not, that’s his choice and definitely none of our business. We should respect that the way we want to be respected.

  2. Ganda ng boses. There’s probably a reason why Norman featured him. hihihi. Lam na!

  3. Why is it that a lot of gay people choose to focus on bashing somebody suspected as being one of their own instead of taking note of the person’s notable accomplishments thus far? So what if the guy is a closeted case? This is already 2017 for crying out loud and yet we still see here gay crab mentality shamelessly rearing its horrific head.

      • Uuuyy nakasalalay talaga ang self affirmation sa number of likes hahaha. Ganong level na lang talaga pagkatao mo hahaha kawawa ka naman. How shallow can you and your fictitious psychoanalysis get? Kasing labnaw ng sabaw sa chowking ang mga essays mo. Hahaha. Super OA ka. Hahahah. Kadiri. I am so NOT impressed. Hahaha

      • @Pete

        So? That’s nobody else’s business but his, right? At this time we should be so much more respectful of everybody’s choices – including when and how to come out of the closet. And I don’t have any problem with that AT ALL.

    • @ Jules

      There is nothing wrong with being gay so there is no need to stay in the closet unless one is ashamed of revealing his/her true self.

      • @Pete

        Napanood mo ba yung Movie?..
        May natutunan ka pa ba aside from “there is nothing wrong w/ being gay”?… May Empathy ka ba?

      • @Pete

        You’re missing the point. Just respect Christian’s choice to stay in the closet if ever that is the case. His environment may not be as accepting and condoning as yours. So instead of judging try imagining how it is to walk in his shoes. Fair enough?

      • Easier said than done. Let’s face it, if Piolo already admitted that he is gay, will he still be having projects? I don’t think so, so it’s a matter of careful consideration if it involves not only your happiness but also your welfare.

    • @Jules

      The bottomline is self acceptance and being proud of who you are without pretending to be someone else my dear

    • @Jules

      A condoning environment as defined by merriam webster is one that regards or treats (something bad or blameworthy) as acceptable, forgivable, or harmless. Your words speak volumes of how you look at being gay.

      • @Pete

        What about the “accepting” environment part I also mentioned? Care to consult Merriam Webster as to what that connotes as well lest you miss my point altogether with your apparent cognitive dissonance?

        At any rate, let’s just agree to disagree. Anyway you have your clear share of readers who agree with your opinion and I have mine. Let’s just leave it at that. Bye.

    • @Jules

      Sweet Jesus! Look who is talking about cognitive dissonance haha. Kung mataas taas lang sana yung IQ mo, you wuold have realized by now na magkaiba ang accepting at condoning. Sige google pa more ng highfalutin words…mga tao nga naman..mema lang.

    • At kung sa pakiramdam mo ay validated ka na by the number of thumbs up na nakuha mo dito…you are so deluded Mama hahaa. Kakaawa naman dito ka naghanap ng vakidation hahaa. Get a life!

      • @Pete

        You are so pitifully predictable, gurl. And your feeble attempt to taunt me and drag this conversation astray AGAIN to new levels of stupidity is just sooo boring. 🙄

        Are you now happy and fulfilled that I gave your pathetic attention whoring efforts the time of day? Don’t worry, beks – abuloy ko na lang yan sa yo. Obviously lumaki ka ng walang nagmamahal sa yo kaya kinarir mo talaga ang pagiging nauseatingly kulang sa pansin. Here I am trying to be tactful and civil in dealing with your lame efforts to be relevant just to knock some sense into your noggin, and yet you choose to be crass and uncouth? Oh well, you do seem to be the type that follows fake news on social media. I am not surprised AT ALL that you have obnoxiously idiotic opinions.

        Don’t post imbecilic comments on Tito Norman’s blog. You will regret it. Maawa ka sa sarili mo. 😄

        #angtangatalo #baklangkulangsapansin #kinarirangkabobohan #epicfailsakashungaan

      • @Pete

        Sige kuda pa more para lalo pang mapansin yang pagiging validated imbecile mo. More so that your opting to attack me personally is showing that you have not a logical argument left. I have been very ACCEPTING of your stupidity so I am CONDONING your puke-inducing behavior. GO, BAKLA! 😂

    • @Jules

      Lumabas ang tulay na kulay mo. Pa civil civil ekek ka pa. Hahaaa! Nasira ang composure ng Mama! Super apektado = nag amok= TALO HAHAHAHAHA

      • @Pete

        O tapos? What’s next, iha? I should be bothered by your über moronic reasoning because…? 🙄

        Hindi ka talaga mapakali at todo tutok ka dito sa thread hanggang hindi ako sumasagot noh? Sorry naman, bakla – us productive members of society have important concerns to attend to and we don’t have all the time in the world to troll online like the idle faggot that you are. At any rate, are you happier now that I’m still stooping way way down to your level just to let the world know that you exist? Sige lang kuda pa more. After all you’re already becoming a source of jackass entertainment in this thread. GO, BAKLA! 😂

      • @Pete

        Haynaku Inday umiral na naman ang katangahan mo sa reading comprehension. Grabe siya oh. 😂 You really should be scared of the fact that you are a threat to yourself. Posting your cretinism online for all the world to see is most definitely something you will regret sooner than later. Klaro na ba sa yo, bakla? Sige kuda pa more. GO, BAKLA!

    • Hindi ka naman masyado apektado ano Mama? hahaha
      Hinga hinga din baka ma stroke….dont forget about your cerebral microaneurysms hahaha
      You just made my day with your outburts…make that my week! Hahaha. Productive ka pala kaya ang haba ng time mo mag essay. I am sure copy paste mo lang yan from your bashers. Lumabas ka na kasi sa closet …sobrang pent up na repressed emotions mo hahaha

      • @Pete

        Haynaku Petrang Inidoro umiral na naman ang katangahan mo sa reading comprehension talaga. Grabe siya oh. 😂 Didn’t I already tell you that the only reason why I’m stooping way way down to your level as in patola ako ngayon sa kagaya mong boba todamax ay dahil abuloy ko na yan sa yo? Kawawa ka naman kasi that nobody likes you. 😝 And when and where in this thread did I mention that I’m a closet case, bayot? I have been out and proud since 2008. But unlike asshole faggots like you, I have EMPATHY for those who are still closeted, and I’m fully aware and respectful of the fact that it’s none of my business if they choose to stay there for as long as it takes. Klaro na ba sa yo, bakla? Or you’d rather stay intentionally idiotic pa rin? Copy paste from bashers ba kamo? Talking from extensive experience in being the guilty party, bayot? O yan marami ka nang magagamit na effortless essays ko sa pagsupalpal sa yo the next time na patulan ka ng sandamakmak na bashers mo ha. Baka sakaling makatikim ka pa ng likes from other readers. 😅 Sige kuda pa more. GO, BAKLA!

      • @ Jules

        OA mo Mama. Akala ko repressed emotions lang origin ng outbursts mo hahaha. Galing pala yan sa kaibuturan ng putrid nature mo which is a lot worse than I imagined haha. Masaya ako nailabas mo yang aspeto mo na yan kaya lang paulit ulit naman mga essays mo..trying hard=boring. I am just so amused kasi ang lalim ng sugat where your malabnaw outbursts come from hahaha. Sige mangolekta ka ng likes para ma achieve mo na yang self affirmation mo. Pathetic! Hahaha

      • @Pete


        O tapos?

        I should be bothered by your massively butthurt, desperately clutching at straws, hopelessly shitty 💩💩💩 retorts because…? 🙄

        And how many times have you jerked off to my comments again? 🤣

  4. In the first photo, was he projecting a character he is playing or is this his NATURAL projection and styling? Lol.

    My gas. Everything about it is wrong (or right depending on one’s inclination or preference):

    > glutathione. Check.
    > mona lisa smile. Check.
    > svelte body. Check.
    > dainty pose. Check.


    World Peace.

    • Confirmed hihihi
      Nothing wrong with that.
      I just hope he does not deny it

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