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  1. Happy birthday gorgeous! Here’s to love, life, beauty, health, happiness and sex Tito Norms!

    • Not a goodbye, but an acceptance of the reality that life is too short especially when there are several reasons that could contribute to its length or otherwise. The earthquake alone in the midst of my birthday lunch is one such sign.

      • Ah ok, Norman .Thank you.
        And I agree , you are being realistic.
        This is a stroke and heart attack age for men .
        I do not think you smoke . Just make sure your blood pressure is good and your sugar is not high . You probably have a high cholesterol so eat right exercise a lot tAke your crestor…and relax and enjoy a glass of red wine a night…and sleep plenty…and get married – your mother is not here forever!

  2. Tita Norms. Please know that your post is a source of daily diversion from so much that is wrong with the world . Pageants maybe anachronistic for this day and age but such diversions are much needed in these dark days. Thank you very much .

  3. A blessed birthday Tito Norms! May God grant you all the best desires of your heart, including a happy lovelife davah.😊😘

  4. HBD Norms, Norms, you’re blog always amazes me with insightful reads and amuses me with multi-faceted commentators. A breath of fresh air , as usual. May you have a more blessed and blissful life ahead. Cheers! 😀🎂🎉

  5. Wow..indeed much has been said about the core value of inggit na nanalaytay sa kaugatan ng sangkaramihan..it’s one of the winning answers of Juliana Parizcova Segovia in the hit noontime show before she was declared a hall of famer..

  6. Happy Birthday Tito Norman! I hope you don’t retire as a blogger, enjoy have some rest. Kahit every week na lang posts mo pag hindi pageant season ok lang! or hire people para di lang ikaw nagsusulat. Have a team to manage this site! More power god bless!

  7. Wishing you all the best on your birthday, Sir Norman ! May all your birthday wishes come true !
    God bless 🙂

  8. Maligayang kaarawan, Norman! Your blog is my daily respite from the tedium of backbreaking office work. The comments to your well-written blogs may sometimes be horrendous, ridiculous, libelous, perverse, wacky, amusing, and intelligent, and at times the pedestrian language used make me cringe from my seat– all of them reflect the marvelous mishmash of your followers.

    Your blog adds value to the global pageantry business. Continue the good work.

  9. beautiful birthday to the most beautiful beauty blogger! 😀 wishing you more succes, the best of health,happiness and a love life! 😀 ❤

  10. Happy Birthday, Norman!

    You look twelve years younger!

    Ikaw na ang may trademark na nakataas and isang balikat pag may group picture!

    Good health is all I wish for you!

  11. PAK! Love the photos.. pang top model of the world. CHAROT LANG TITO NORMS!

    Happy Birthday!! ❤

  12. Thanks for all your hard work. With so many horrible things happening in the world , your blog is a source of comfort . Beauty pageants maybe anachronistic in this day and age but it’s a welcome diversion from the daily stream of bad news.

  13. While I have never met you, you feel like a friend I’ve known a long time. With that in mind, Happy Birthday my dear friend! Best wishes and much happiness to you, for you.

  14. Akala ko si Maxine Medina! hahaha. happy birthday Dr. Tinio, I wish you best nothing but the best! Love, love, LOVE!!!

  15. Happy birthday Norman! Have a blessed one! Wishing you more success in your blog. Cheers!

    • haha, magtatanim na ako ng maraming kamatis, at mag iipo na ako maraming tae ng pusa

  16. Wishing you good health, long life, forever love and lasting happiness on your birthday!

  17. Happy Birthday Norman. Thank you for the great work that you do and share to us pageant fans!

  18. Let me be the first to greet you sir norm! Happy happy birthday to you!♡♡♡♡

  19. happy birthday Tito Norman. You are loved in Bohol and beyond. Let’s add not only years to your life but also more life to your years. Cheers!

  20. Happy Birthday! I got excited when you said “partner”. Thought may big reveal. hihihi

    • @ 4M : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

      By 1st Quarter of 2018, daw, may mag-u-unfold…

      Mr.Tinio kasi, masyadong ginagalingan…

      Domo arigatou gozaimashita, Most Exalted Son of Hagonoy!

      • @ bong700 : Good afternoon/evening/morning.

        Ay, hindi naman, po. Naisip ko lang kasi na nagwagi si Tinio San sa patimpalak-kagandahan.

        Baka magalit. Hala. Hehehe. Huwag po. Birthday niyo ngayon, po. 🙂

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