14 comments on “Sunday Specials: Ilene Astrid de Vera|Queen (from a) City of the South

  1. Wala na po bang ilalaki pa itong mga korona nila? Juice mio! Kung hindi ngipin, korona naman ang oversized. Sa susunod lakihan nyo pa ha, yong kasya na lahat ng winners pati runners up para iisang korona na lang gagamitin. Pakitokhang nga sa nagdisenyo nito lalo na sa nagaproba. Kaloka!

  2. Congratulations!!! Another gorgeous true Filipina beauty. Pinayna Pinay.

    Ilenes’s pictures here do her no justice and the makeup did nothing for her but actually detracted from her natural beauty. Better styling needed ala Victoria’s Secret model vivacious type of look to bring out her best features.

  3. Since Cebuana siya, I thought right away she’s from the KF camp. Tama nga, hehe.. She’s not a stunning beauty but I hope she has the wit, personality, charisma and determination to pull her through the international competition. All the best!

  4. i do not think she should prioritize losing weight
    i think her curves and propotion is just right

    anyway, i think she is a great candidate
    and expect her to do very well

  5. Enough of that ‘Pinay na pinay ‘ na beauty .
    Why’s is it that many pageant fans favor the Asia-Pacific Islander beauty?
    Nothing wrong with that . But first of all, we need a pleasant beauty. That’s why we always feel vulnerable to Indonesia and Thailand. While they usually choose facial perfection, we always grAvitate towards ‘Pinay na pinay na beAuty . Tse!

  6. Congratulations Ilene!!! And good luck inday to your journey. Pinay na pinay ang dating nito sa Miss Asia Pacific Int’l Love etttt Hahaha

  7. Pretty. Hawig sila ni Paw Diaz, yong contestant sa reality show na Star Circle Quest ng ABS-CBN.

  8. kailangan niya ng mega transformation and that styrofoam sprayed on golden crown needs to go.

  9. sorry but she’s not that stunning beauty queen kung sa BBP ito sumali baka top 25 lang itech. pak ganurnnn.

  10. Whoever designed and approved that horrendous crown should be crucified. It’s not only oversized. It is tacky and looks very cheap. It looks like it is covered by palara ng sigarilyo. The crown is supposed to enhance or highlight the face of the eventual winner not take the attention away from her. In the name of everything decent and nice and good, don’t use that …that …crown again! Lol.

    World Peace.

  11. My mom’s reaction to the crowns: “Diyos ko ang laki naman ng mga yan!” #nuffsaid

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