3 comments on “Sunday Specials: Hannah Khayle Iglesia from Isabela with love…and a crown 

  1. thank you, Norman, for the thorough coverage of Mutya ng Pilipinas.
    i do not hear much about it, but i like the pageant

    if you can, though, try to influence them to change the crowns
    if branding is important and the candidates doing their public appearances
    with an awkward crown people will notice the crowns first before the ones wearing then
    which is unfortunate… i might even submit some designs pro-bono 😉

  2. Before her recently found success, 2013 Miss Supranational Mutya Datul felt the pangs of hunger and poverty. In an interview with “Rated K,” Datul said their family even ate beetles and grasshoppers for dinner.

    • wala naman konek yung pagiging mahirap sa pagkain ng beetles and grasshoppers. normal lang sa Ilocano at taga-Isabela ang kumain ng beetles and grasshoppers, isama mo na ang frogs, tadpoles, crickets, etc…hindi to mga pagkain ng mahirap, these are even pricier or more pricey than normal or traditional meats like chicken, pork, beef.

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