16 comments on “What’s new with Joanna Eden?

  1. Ffs let her do whatever she wants, it s her life, it’s her choices to make. Not yours. I’m not even a fan but she should be able to do whatever she wants, tapos na ang reign nya.

  2. Joanna Eden do not care about her bashers!! She have no insecurities at all! SYA UNG BQ NA NEVER SUMIPSIP SA FANS O KUNG KANINO MAN! She is a woman of her own from inside and outside. Kaya sa mga bashers ni Joanna! Kebir nya sa inyo!! She will always be the PINAKAMAILAP NA BINIBINI ever crowned! … and it does not make her less beautiful but rather definitely made her more sexy!!

  3. She has all the time in the world to get a degree then distance learning ang education format?

    AB Philosophy is a “no board exam” course. Very theoretical din siya. Priscilla Mereilles didn’t return to Brazil to finish her med school there but enrolled locally instead to a Nursing school!

    Parang may kulang sa commitment talaga?

  4. Nanalo na sya at 19, yan ang dillema kung super bata ang nanalo? Where to go from here? Mag artista nalang sya #AllTeaNoShade

  5. Join MW or Miss Philippine Earth! She needs to be more personable though. She seems very aloof and guarded 😏

      • Oo naman AngHilo.
        Cnabi yan ni Miss India sa akin yan at Di raw sya mananalo kung wala ang kabayan nya na pakialamirang former miss supra.
        Hindi mo alam yan kasi wala kang alam kundi ngumanga at kumain ng lànggonisa kasama yung kagaya mong ngangaerang c sanlongganisa hihihi 🤗

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