23 comments on “Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa visits Myanmar

  1. sana ganito kaganda si kylie nong nacoronahan siya sa MI
    bakit kaya si mariel.. feeling mariah carey ba siya? kasi laging left side face mga kuha niya.. imagine meron siyang magazine photo spread.. lahat puro left side face.. pwede ba ganon? di ba na notice ng photographer?

  2. Sobrang delicate nya talaga. I didn’t appreciate her beauty before but look at her now! Really goob job Bb Pilipinas in assigning her to this pageant.

    • @ 4M : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      Lahat naman ‘yata sa BBP, MU ang target, kaya pang-MU ang strategy. Maaaring PINILIT na mag-MU ang arrive niya, pero hindi nga siguro talaga bumagay at itinalaga siya sa MI. In fact, may nabasa akong comment ng isang Indian blogger noong mga panahong ‘yun na mas bagay nga daw siya sa MI kaysa MU. Yeah, buti na lang sa MI siya na-destino.

      • I never liked her beauty for MU as my bet at that time was Maxine and so I got those two right in terms of placement. Her beauty like everyone is saying is delicate and subtle and she would not stand out against the other ladies. Had she been sent to MU, she would probably place in the Top 3 but not win. At least with MI, she had better chances and the strategy worked.

  3. I’m glad Kylie is following the footsteps of Megan Young. Very regal. Queenly. At walang public display of kalandian. Yan ang akmang role model sa mga kabataan at future beauty queens.

  4. Ganda.

    While Pia’s photos in Bangkok were gorgeous as well, I like Kylie’s more.

    Kylie’s beauty is sublime – – It doesn’t scream. Pia’s on the other hand shouts “look at me, I am Ms. Universe!”

    World Peace.

  5. there are some fairy-tale qualities in kylie’s beauty:
    serene and delicate, very uncommon

  6. Amazing styling. Whoever is styling her and taking these photos know what they are doing. If only some of this would rub off on our current title holders . Kylie hardly has any photos published that not good . She always looks fresh and beautiful and currents. Please whoever is styling her give Rachel and Mariel some pointers

    • Kylie really blossomed into her “expensive” aura after winning Miss International. Just like she blossomed into her role as the Philippines’ bet for Miss International 2016. I love her transformations and AGREED her subtleness and soul are superb.

      She was just another (strong) model and beauty queen before that, but something changed after last October. AGREED also, whoever is behind her photos and social media presence KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

  7. It’s a good idea to make a book about her journey as Miss International 2016 including Pia as MU2015 and Megan as MW2013.
    Mama J., may konting pagkakaperahan but better ask sponsor’s Ad para mas malaki at marangal ang kita kesa magbenta ng drugs….toinks😋

    • Sobrang delicate nya talaga. I didn’t appreciate her beauty before but look at her now! Really goob job Bb Pilipinas in assigning her to this pageant.

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