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  1. egypt’s win is justifiable. the body is incredible and he absolutely looks charming and cute. congrats !

  2. Congrats Egypt for winning the first ever man of the world international… by the way he is a first cousin of good friend of mine Mr. Ahmed Al-Galal…


  3. Treasure the moment at baka Wala nang second edition yan just like Mr. United Continents? Or the erratic Manhunt?

    Ehipto? Sa mga nakapagtrabaho sa Middle East, pag ganyang lahi, Alam na reputasyon!

  4. Good afternoon/morning/evening to all.

    @ Baklah : One commentor on the Man of the World fanpage found Guam effeminate.

    @ Arichie Santos and @ Padede Boy : Vietnam was the Missosology Poll winner.

    The winner was Pawee Ventura’s Chosen. Nothing wrong with that. But so was Karan Singdhole…

    • Paki clear nga uli. Vietnam was Missosology Poll winner? meaning, guaranteed top 5? and the winner chosen by Pawee? Karan also was chosen by Pawee? iisa lang ba judges?

      • @ Padede Boy : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

        The Misso Poll is SEPARATE. Misso has been the pageant organizer’s long-time official media partner. And P.V. always had ACCESS to the Inner Circle. His feedback has always been considered.

        Same thing when Karan Singdhole won last year in Indonesia. The Man of the YEAR (not World) organizer referred to P.V. as “my friend”, and P.V. SAT AT THE PANEL OF JUDGES. Again, Misso was the official media partner.

        We all know P.V. has been sought by pageant organizations ALLOVER THE WORLD to judge. This is partly probably due to the prestige associated with being covered by Missosology. But tongues wagged then in Pekanbaru that P.V. was the REAL reason Karan won. So ‘yun, gumawa sila ng issue. LOL.

      • @ Andrew

        Avah Avah!!! Supergirl pala talaga itong si Pweh V.
        Pero sino gumagawa ng issue? wala naman akong nabasa pa so far


      • @ Padede Boy : Good morning/evening/afternoon.

        Random folks online say P.V. makes the cut (no pun intended). And as proof (or at least they hope it is), they somehow get their hands on photos of P.V. together with his Chosen Ones. Simple friendly ones, nothing risque or anything. But they connect the dots afterwards or simply right before the Finals. And with a HIGH percentage of accuracy, P.V.’s bets almost always make the First Cut.

        And if these have not yet been deleted, you could go to the Man of the World fanpage and see these photos for yourself.

    • Those obscene pics of Japan’s Lacey are done in utterly bad taste. No wonder he was not even considered to join the Top 18 even if he was among the frontrunners in swimwear and talent on top of winning best in national costume. It’s just unfortunate that his past lapses in judgment are haunting him now.

    • Asus! Maliit na bagay yan!

      Ang masama Kung may penetration na nangyari.

      Ang lalaki kahit mag-nude session pa yan Hindi pagi-interesan ng lalaki o babae ang litrato Kaya nga na bankrupt and Playgirl magazine eh. Mga bakla Lang ang magiging interesado tumingin diyan!

      Diba’t si Andrew Wolf eh daddy na Rin nung mag-1st runner up sa Mr.World?

    • bongga mga nude pics nya ha…kita mo lahat…pero ok lang yun..model nman sya..wala nman syang sex scandal or porn movie,,,gwapo nya

      • Sarap nya in all fairness saying nga lang sa pinas ginanap mga consebatibo daw ang pinas hahahaha..
        Egypt and Palestine deserving…

  5. Chackaness talaga ung Flowers beshy, ok lang ung crown kasi for men naman saka ung cape. Ung flowers talaga ung awkwardness to the holiest level!!!

  6. What was the exceptional performance of Mr. Vietnam that merited him the 1st runner up placement? Sorry di ko po nasubaybayan ang mga kaganapan.

    • nagtaka nga rin ako.. di naman gwapo at di rin maganda katawan. si mr japan daw me anak kaya waley sa taff 10 or 15 bah

    • Sa totoo lang kina Philippines at Guam lng talaga ako nalibugan!!! Nababaklaan talaga ako sa Caucasian men.

  7. Deserving winner. Also his crown and costume is really cool lol.

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