38 comments on “Ann Colis finally breaks her silence about Miss World Philippines 2017

  1. Very well said. With that, Ann Colis’ fans (me included) will put their minds to rest. Trust that hope will reprise come MWP 2018. Best of luck, pretty girl! Mwah!

    • You contradict yourself.

      Kung wala ka talagang paki, bakit nag effort ka pa na mag comment?

    • Hahahahahaha… May mas booba pa pala saken dito!!! Tanga lang si beshy!!! Walampaki pero nag abala mag pindot ng keypad

  2. so sa 2018, 2 major crowns ang maiuuwi ng philippines! universe, catriona & world, ann! 🙂

    • Catriona? You are kidding right? Catriona is just tall and white that’s all nothing special about her at all.

    • I agree, yes Universe either Jamie Herrel or Catriona for MU while perhaps Ann if she wins???? She is not sure yet maraming matatalino sa kanya on which beauty of face lang ang meron sya not so much of her Comms skills.

      If this Jeremi was saying Cat is not so beautiful then just respect him that is his opinion.

    • Yes there is. I always hear them saying “dahlinn you never get rid of that beauty queen walk”. Ann never had that beauty queen walk though 😀

  3. Anne is so beautiful hope she makes it big in NY or here in LA doing commercial.

  4. She will be a successful international model believe me.
    Her face is a mystery that once made up, no one can really tell her ethinicity and that’s exactly what the modelling world needs right now. Good luck my Queen💙

    • successful at 5’8″?
      i have seen people from around the world … and ANN surely looks very Filipino.

      • Fabie dahlinn you have to check her modelling test shots in her IG. Most of those are not very Filipino as you said. They are more of a European or south american brunette. What I mean is Ann can definitely step out of the stereotypical Asian model i.e Janine Tugonon whose beauty will always be identified as Asian in whatever style, make-up or photography lighting.
        Oh by the way, how is your MUP Dindi Pajares? Remember I told you before that she and her sister are not pretty at all? Hihihi peace

  5. Good decision. Practical and logical.

    > She has nothing to prove anymore in the pageantry world. She won an international crown (albeit a minor one).

    > Apparently there are modeling opportunities internationally this year that she can not let go. The modeling business is more brutal in terms of accepting or not accepting someone considered “overage”. Strike while the iron is hot.

    > She is only 24 and there is always 2018 MWP in case her NY stint wouldn’t pan out. Even this experience should give her an extra edge in 2018.

    World Peace.

  6. I suggest she think and work on a beauty with a purpose project that she truly want. She still have time. Timing talaga…she has all the time pa. She have one year.

  7. very smart move! ang daming malalakas na aspirants this year. and i think mas okay na i build up niya muna career niya so when she joins next year, may babalikan pa agad siya. may savings na siya and all.

    I wish her good luck sa kanyang modelling career. If ever man maging super busy siya sa pagiging model niya at hindi makasali ng MWPh, okay lang.. because once a binibini, always a binibini. charot.

  8. thats right. very smart queen and not so desperate. i have a feeling of that she will join i just cant say when. but now its very clear she she wil join but not now. so theres more time to add something amazing on her credentials and preparation for bwap.

  9. Practical choice for career, but hopefully even she was in nyc if she ia palnning to join in 2018 she still prepare her beauty with a purpose, that advocacy. But mo matter what she is an international beaty queen! Mw is much different to miss globe tho. Good luck ann!

  10. No need for another crown Ann Colis you had build your own pedestal and it’s enough, no one can ruin that, but for another one I think once is enough.

  11. One smart girl.

    There are certain places in the world one needs to experience when they are young and beautiful and have the chance. NYC is certainly one of them.

    I’m sure it was a difficult decision for her, but she needs to think about her future and not just pleasing us pageant fans (who are a difficult bunch to please). In the end, only she is responsible for her destiny.

    She’s already taken the Globe, why rush for the World?

  12. Aww, so Janela Cuaton it is. I really would’ve preferred her for BbP more though. Or Cynthia for MWP and Janela reserved for BbP, pls make it happen KF

  13. Smart move.
    She’s not putting all her eggs in one basket.
    Next year would be ideal.
    One year older.
    One year wiser.
    Already a BbP titlist and a former Miss Globe waiting another year would only prep her more.

    • P.S.
      If her modeling career and other projects become lucrative and successful and thus prevents her from joining MWP 2018, so be it.

      She is a BbP titlist and a Miss Globe winner forever and ever.

  14. but what if she becomes really successful with her career as a model?

  15. Busy cya this year and might join MWP2018 kung Di rin cya busy.
    Join ka nlang next year kc puede pa nmang bumalik sa modelling after the pageant or if you win a crown, puede ka pa ring bumalik sa new York.
    Malay mo baka may magandang link na mameet mo sa international pageant as an additional income in modelling 😊

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