9 comments on “From Showbiz to Pageantry: Will Ria Atayde cross over?

  1. Pang minor beauty pageants ang aura niya. Pretty ang bata but lacks the ooomph factor.

  2. She’s pretty but I guess she doesn’t have the height..ung chubbiness, pd mag papayat..e ung height…I still am for the 5’8″ minimum height rqt. for major tiered pageants.

  3. Ms. Huelar should try for MWP. I can visualize the Blue Crown on her. Basta hindi mag-show up si Popova Palina. Ms. Morley will lap her back story up. And she will love how the Dabawenya’s MU dream was dashed TWICE.

    Misses. Jamaica Ambal and Ruffa Nava should start studying Spanish NOW. I can see either getting the attention of the Latin-American community at Hispanoamerica… in 2019 or 2020.

    Similarly, Miss Sirene Sutton will catch the attention of the Indians at Multinational.

  4. base sa article fb post ng abs cbn. na late na sya sa deadline kakagawa ng mga acting projects and ang taba pa nya ngayon so kulang na sa time. so NO ria atayde sa mwp this year. maybe next year daw.

  5. Yes for me. Maganda naman sya and articulate. Medyo magpapayat muna sana sya. She looks chubby on screen.

  6. Pasalihin nyu na yan pagbigyan!! Kaloka!!!
    Kakaumay yang dalawang Atayde sa ABSCBN…

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