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  1. Nah she lacks charisma to win she looks maldita kaya suntok sa buwan kung magustuhan sya ni Julia Morley. In fact to me she appears like a pornstar.

  2. I think the new owners are pulling all the stops to try and get aspirants with a good amount of followers to join MWP.
    Great for marketing and an attempt to reinvent itself with new owners.
    Miss World is just so boring to watch, if there’s another Ruffa Guitterrez / Catriona Gray scenario, MWP would have a real struggle to get momentum for the following year.
    Maybe it will be an opportunity for Bessie to showcase his garments, which I’m afraid are a bit “basic”. Those sparkly trouser outfits at last years MWP were hideous.
    I can’t help but feel bored about it already, even more so with the random pageants as second tier crowns.
    If the second tier titles happen to be popular Binibining may buy the franchise and end up crowning all 40 of their finalists to monopolise the Filipino pageant circuit.

  3. If she can play up the EXOTIC card, she will be noticed at Eco-international. She is an ASEAN version of Queen Nefertiti!

  4. So much fuss and chitchat over a mediocre candidate. We wouldn’t even be discussing her if she isn’t the daughter of youknowwho or the niece of youknowwho or the granddaughter of youknowwho. She doesn’t have a shot at MWP, let’s be candid here. Do you all really think Arnold will allow this lady to carry the Miss Philippines sash….his first candidate as the new franchise holder of MWP? Hmmm, I didn’t think so either.

    • sabi nga racist daw, ano ba issue tungkol dito? enlighten us 🙂

  5. Talagang nagpipilit! Alam ba niya na hindi sya beauty queen material?

    Ibigay na lang ang minor crown para magtigil na yan!!

    OMG! ilugar sana ang sarili sa dapat kalagyan. Hindi komo may pera sige lang.

    For sure, kapag ito ang nanalo ng MWP sigurado hindi kayo proud bilang Filipino.

    Lalamunin yan ng mga amazona!!!! juscolored nakinikinita ko na hanggang beywang or dibdib lang sya ng ibang candidates sa international pageant.

    Kitang kita naman na napaka-plain ng mukha tapos kulang pa sa sukat. kahit ba nasa dugo ang pagiging beauty queen. E malinaw naman na hindi sa kanya lumabas!!!!

    Nagpipilit lang talaga!!!!!

    Next candidate please.

    • wla kayong magagawa, karapatan nyang sumali…kesa magngitngit kayo jan, panuorin nyo nalang mangyayari…tutal kung sa tingin nyo hindi sya mananalo so why be bothered?

      • I am not bothered at all.

        Just expressing my thoughts of her joining again.

        Kaya magbasa ka na lang din!!!

        At kung salungat ang opinyon natin sa isa’t isa, karapatan mo din yan kung mag cocomment ka pa or just shut up!!!!

        Go go go Philippines!

    • Nobody can deny anyone of their dreams. Kung sa tingin mo wala syang karapatang sumali opinyon mo yan. I don’t agree pero I will respect that. Pero kung lagi mo na lang iisipin ang sasabihin ng iba hindi ka magiging masaya. So carry lang teh. You can kuda all day. But at the end of the day buhay nya yan and she has every right to live and pursue her dreams.

  6. She might win a princess crown . I could notice almost all commenters have buts .
    1. talent
    2. tindig beauty queen (though she is only 5’5)
    3. a good head on her shoulders
    4. people and media social skills
    1. facial features are plain ( make up or surgery can help)
    2. lack of statusque height

  7. Maganda naman sya. know how to speak. its just her styling and make up and gown ang nag 50-50 sa chances nya manalo. accept na ang height nya. wala na magagawa don. just focus for the right things for her to win one of the crown. advantage sa kanya ang pag host ng GMA sa mwp. may chance sya manalo ng isa 4 na title except MW. pero i think pang bbp sya. Grand or supra fits her.

  8. She may look quite plane Jane (due to her face and height) but she has a strong presence in the stage. Her walk during that bb pilipinas swimsuit preliminaries was breathtaking. The only problem is if she can keep being an exceptional beauty throughout the competition. Miss world both national and most importantly international is a consistent battle of egos from the mini competitions up to the finals. I’m worried that she might not be that consistent since her overall look is just so plain at times. Often times she looks like a generic teenage girl or Kathryn bernardo: just a plain look you easily can get tired with. Perhaps she needs to make herself look exotic and use her morena qualities to its full advantage. Therefore, make her hair longer and cut the glutha. She has an amazing body and she can easily win the talent portion. Her acting skills can come to an advantage and she has pageantry in her blood. Also I just want her to prove that bitter gay designer who said she should just stick to being a tv villain wrong. That bitter has been just wishes he can be like WynWyn and not have a face resembling a slapped-ass

    • May I be allowed to be bitchy today? Lol.

      1) Plane Jane? mukha syang eroplano? Lol.

      2) She has strong presence. No “a”thired with.

      3) Both ….are… not both is….

      4) get tired of….not with


      On Wyn Wyn Marquez……not for Ms. World please.

      World Peace.

      • Good for you grammar nazi; here’s a cookie. Apologies for the spelling tho lol; I’m typing this on a phone.

    • You have the best words Jeremi . We need to be more honest and direct like you. We can’t always encourage girls who are simply not cut out for crowns . Better for them to have productive lives outside of pageantry.

      • Name calling someone a down syndromist is not the best words. It is the most awful words. I’m surprised he’s not ashamed of his self. Or you for approving. Oh, never mind, he does not have shame and thinks it’s his right to just voice his awful opinion.

    • Norman, I can’t believe you allow this kind of post, very offensive…

    • When you try to sound smart with your adjectives but you end up just sounding like an assh*le. But if course, norman would not remove you as always

  9. Bone structure is nothing exceptional . Good make up but too plain looking to be a queen. Plus short so find a good career where you will be happier and more of a winner Wynn !

  10. I like her pics here.
    Deserving sa any of the minor crowns.
    But let’s see her transformation and performance sa coronation night baka parang thief of the night na sya ang MWP2017 😋

  11. ang tagal. kating Kati na ako. lels. parang may nabasa ako sa isang fb page na parang mag baback out daw sya.

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