18 comments on “Ilene Astrid de Vera: The Mutya Darling

  1. Hindi hamak na mas maganda kaysa Kay Angelia, Nicole C, Karen Ibasco at Dindi. Pero upon reflection, that’s not saying much to be honest.

  2. Another gorgeous stereotypical Pinay beauty. Not exotic but traditional Malay beauty in the tradition of Lara Quigaman. Bring them on!

    As for the naysayers, inggit lang kasi sadyang magaganda ang mga Filipina. Kaya laging overly critical/stratospheric standards dahil walang masabi. Kung sabagay, yung Lani nila, mahaluan man, mag plastic surgery, mag photoshop, mag lagay ng makapal na makeup, mag bayad ng judges/organiser/media at mag media campaign ay sadyang panget pa rin sa panic in ng busing mundo. Kaya nandito nagpapanggap na Pilipino para mangutya at mag sabotahe/siraan ang mga Filipina candidates.

    • agree, dapat i-ban na yan sa pageant or kung gagamitin e sa long gown lang para di makita 😀

  3. I agree with the comments. Pleasant looking, tall, elegant and elequent.

    But facially, I am not sure. She reminds me of a fawn or a deer. As Fabian said, she must be better looking in person.

    World Peace.

  4. The pictures above do not justify all the praises she has been getting . She must look good in person.

  5. Her beauty is just her secondary weapon first is her brain. She’s from UP cebu and a champion of everyones welfare.

  6. It is more attractive to see a not so tall contestant wearing a simple and elegant stilletto heels rather than an unappealling and uncomfortable12″ platform heels.

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