13 comments on “Gabriella Louise Ortega Lopez | Future Potentials

  1. Lol…
    Just saw her video.
    It is obvious she has not understood the sarcastic meaning of “bullshitter” yet. lol sorry.

    Hopefully, she’ll develop some depth and character as she matures.

    What a con-artist. 👎👎

    • In otherwords, her attempt to impress fails. Irritating, annoying and fake would best describe this “video.”

      Just constructive criticism, on the video, that is all.

      Work more on sincerity and drop the narcissistic dialogue… (me me me me me me, I am, I have…)
      Felt like throwing up it was so fake.

      Sorry Gabbi.

  2. She’s 18? Beautiful!
    5’7″? Impressive!

    Well, going back to 2008, based on height and the exteriors Janina San Miguel (5’11”) was only 17 when crowned BbP World 2008.

    My oh my, have pageants evolved since her infamous and humiliating q&a blabbing. Every now and then I catch it on Youtube and still cringe of embarrasment…for her! 👎😢😭👎

    JSM would not be in the winners circle in today’s BbP contest.

  3. she’s beautiful
    especially on that preview magazine cover
    and fun personality, too

    oh don’t worry about her height
    i don’t think the really tall are as favored now as before
    miss universe, iris, is not that tall

  4. i like Gabby simple beauty . I already saw her in person and she is no 5’7. kapuso actresses who can also join beauty contest are Sanya Lopez 5’6 and Klea Pineda 5’9

  5. 5’7 means she’s just 5’5. Beautiful face but needs to mature

      • Parang dilawan politics lang yan 4M.
        Corruptionis normal.
        Sa beauty pageant ay OK lng ang maging reyna ng mga sinungaling kc yung Di tama ay ginagawang tama ng mga nag-aanyong anghel na mga demonyo hihihi😚

      • Parang si Mariel de Leon. Sabi nila 5’8″ sya pero kapartner ngayon ni Coco Martin sa Panday the movie. Si Coco ay hindi tataas sa 5’6″, na-meet ko na sya in person. So dapat pala maghigh-heels si Coco ng hindi bababa sa 4 inches para bagay sila.

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