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  1. ingfairness madami dyosa ang ilalaban ng KF sa MWP this year. may thomalia na may jona sweet pa and more….

  2. Ver and Jeremi, pinoy fans are not bitter . Their (our) complaint have a factual basis,. It’s not about Catriona losing … it’s about PR and Indonesia winning With their respective national directors at the helm of the judging table.
    And yes,, Pinoys have a reason to stand with their chins up. Without us, the world of beauty pageants will be very very dull…..

  3. Hope it’s not true that Laura is joining MWP. She should go back to BP

    • Fabian. its true. 100%. may pa 🌍 🌍 sign pa sya noon and now its time what she said. tapos timing ang pag post nya. so no doubt. she will join mwp. look at her latest picture in IG. look at her smile and in her eyes. Pang MW diba? Yeah know your reasons. but MW is waiting for her. i think its the sash that waiting for her.

  4. mga baklush na butanding, move on na sa Miss World 2016.
    heto na ang 1st runner up ni Laura 🙂

  5. Sabi ng Miss World sa mga ayaw sa kanya ay ayaw din ni Miss World sa inyo kc wala kayong pera. Mga dukha at puro nganga lng ang alam kaya lubayan nyo na c Miss World OK 😋
    Sa akin lng naman ang koronang yan kaya don’t me hihihi 😎😗🤑

  6. Ayan may runner up ni si Laura Lehman. Alam na This! The most predictable local pageant Ever #NoTeaNoShade

  7. beautiful face
    nice features

    and from the pictures, very versatile
    when it comes to styling

    she will do well
    even if she is not that tall

  8. She really shouldn’t bother with this mess. Remember that Julia originally wanted the MW title to be separate and “on its own” without being a part of other titles awarded, i.e., BbP titles. So Julia took away the franchise from BbP and made it its own pageant without any other titles awarded. And now this??? Julia should have just given it back to BbP and it would have at least made the title a little more bearable, not much, but a little. As it is now, it seems that Julia is just trying to bait the Filipinos back “into the fold”. Remember how she baited us before when the franchise first went “on its own”? Love Gwen Ruais but 1st runner up? That was bait… grateful for the position but deserving? Maybe not quite that high… Just my humble opinion on that. No offense meant to Gwen or her work, just an observation on my part.

    Anyway, if she (and others) want to join this new MWPhilippines (bait) pageant, then so be it. It’s their choice. I just don’t see it as anything more than Julia trying to bait us back and using “other titles” to entrap/tempt women to join – just in case they MIGHT win MWPhilippines (or some insignificant title if you’re desperate). Sigh…

    I’ve gave up on MW a long time ago, got baited in esp. when we won, then last year reminded me of why I didn’t like the pageant in the first place. It never made sense with all the fast tracks and how they earned “points” and “placements”. It stumped me watching the pageant if it really was a pageant. The only thing I kept seeing was a placement board and women getting eliminated one at a time. There was no “competition” per se on broadcast night, just a bunch of women parading around and getting eliminated after numbers showed up on a board. Looking at the evening’s judging panel, no one seemed to be scoring, much less watching with any interest knowing Julia had already picked the winners. It just never seemed “right” or a “competition” or “fair”. There have been some winners where you knew they had “it”, it was “their night” and it was right to give them the crown. Others, I just had to go “HUH??? How’d that happen?” (even with RU placements) – this has happened in other pageants but not to the degree and consistency of MW.

    Last year was the last straw for me. I’m done with this pageant…

    • Trying to bait Filipinos? Oh my goodness what a bloated ego. Who are we to say that? Your statement is tantamount to saying that MIss World will not survive without the Philippines. There are 111 other franchisees of this pageant Philip and surely does not care if we willl not send a delegate anymore.

      • Give the attitude a much needed rest. We know the impact a Filipino audience has on viewership. It’s not an ego trip, it’s just a fact. It’s been obvious how Julia baits, not only Filipinos but other countries that she feels she financially and/or viewership wise needs. China and Indonesia come quickly to mind as her most recent examples. If Julia didn’t give a sh*t if we sent a delegate she, for one, would not have put forth the video message about her fondness for the Filipino fans (knowing she really screwed up last year). Personally, I don’t care if we send a delegate, I just don’t want Julia to keep thinking she can reel us in with a “kind gesture or a complement”. We’re not THAT gullible. No ego involved dude, just a sense of disgust for the deception.

      • What deception are we talking about here Philip? Just because one candidate whom you and other 40 gays was expecting to win did not do well? What about the other billion gays in the world and the other thousand gays in the Philippines? Did they also think that Catriona should have been crowned? Oh come on! Wake up and throw that bloated ego away and embrace the truth that Catriona lost fair and square. In nutshell, it is time to get rid of the typical Filipino mentality who blame anyone and anything for their defeat.

      • Hahaha so true and it’s sad to see how childish people react when Philippines candidates don’t win a crown. Bashers will show how much such a sore loser pilipinos are. Pls act accordingly and show some manners and dignity! Be a graceful loser and accept the fact!!!

      • I agree with Ver.

        Let’s accept the fact…that miss world 2016 pageant was actually a mess world.


  9. Latina beauty..goodluck to her..mag ensayu sya sa comm skills nya, basa basa din para madagdagan ang ka alaman.. and she’ll go places..

  10. Agree, good to go for MWP or BBP. Luv the guys here, they’re well informed. Other Topic Not Related, Sino yong mga tinutukoy sa Fashion Pulis article “Past Makes Complications” posted Wednesday July 19, 2017. Thanks.


    • @ Angelo Reyes : God afternoon/morning/evening.

      And Popova Palina is brushing up on her Mandarin. Indeed, chance favors the prepared.

  12. Sali na!

    Hindi masasayang ang ganda mo. Guaranteed semifinalist na ang Pinas ngayon dahil bago franchise holder. At kung pumayag pang maging host ng MW2019, aba panalo na.

    • Tama.

      Kaya nanalo ang Philippines ng Miss World 2013 ay dahil sa paglipat ng franchise from BCPI to Ms. Cory Quirino.

      Yun lang yun!
      Hindi dahil Diosa ang rep ng Phils. noon,
      Di hamak na mas Diosa ang feslak ng SPain noong taon 2013.

      O ngaun e di mas malinaw pa sa tubig batis ang cooking sho ni Madam Hulya!!!!!

      i-boycott an Mess World na yan!!!!

      walang kwenta sa totoo lang!!!!!

      • Mali ka Veejay, ang tunay na thank you girl ay Si Gwen. Sya ang unang rep ni Cory. Ang dapat nanalo nung taon na sumali sya ay….Puerto Rico. Maganda naman talaga si Ivian, pero si Puerto Rico kasi ang lamang base sa fast tracks.

        Deserve ni Megan ang pagka panalo nya. Sya yung kandidata ng Pilipinas na masasabi mong “winner from the start”. Ang balita e paglapag pa lang ata ni Megan, confirmed na ang status nya na crown favorite.

        Nung finals naman ay lamang ng malayo din si Megan sa leaders board. Kaya mathematical na lang ang pagkapanalo nya.

        At, maraming diosa nung 2013, hindi lang si Spain. Ukraine, France, Brazil at Ghana.

      • Vajayjay,
        Diosa ang philippine rep nung 2013 kaya nanalo at malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw sa summer season na talagang deserving syang manalo. Ghana was second for me then Spain pero lahat silang lahat malayong malayo ang ganda nila sa pinaglalaban nyo na parang may hindi tama sa placements ng mga nsa face nya like ilong, bibig, distance ng mga eyes, chin, forehead ewan parang abnormal

      • “..parang may hindi tama sa placements ng mga nsa face nya like ilong, bibig, distance ng mga eyes, chin, forehead ewan parang abnormal”. Jeremi dear, you are referring to 2016 MW 2nd RU, don’t you? 😀

  13. Whoever wins MW PH will still get our support ksi she will be representing our country. But we will never forget the injustice of MW last year. It’s not a question whether Catriona deserves her placement or not. The real question is whether the winner deserves her crown considering she was nowhere on ALL of the fast track events which supposedly has some points then boom, MW2016. And dont get me started with Indonesia’s answer during the top5, iinit na naman ulo ko. Yes, we will still support but we will no longer be as invested as last year. The crown this year is a toss between Indonesia and China. Hello, part na naman ng judging panel ang National Directors nila for sure #QueBarbaridad

  14. Oh my goodness, mga pilipinong bakla di pa rin tumigil sa kasasa- sour graping ok lang sana kung ang pinaglalaban na si down syndromist at robotic beauty eh deserving talagang manalo. Sa totoo lang kung ikokompara ko sya kay Hilarie Parungao eh milya milya ang agwat ni Hilarie sa kanya pagdating sa facial beauty. Wala akong makitang maganda sa kanya. Sorry

    • Pero itong si Thomalla, maganda talaga sya at maganda ang symmetry ng mukha di gaya nung talunan na pinagpipilitan na 3rd runner up daw kahit di officially declared eh kini claim ng mga baklang pangit. Kaya nga talunan dahil sa hindi talaga sya kagandahan hindi dahil sa mga sabi sabi ng mga baklang pangit dito

      • Further, kung talagang deserving manalo ang isang candidate mananalo at mananalo sya i.e. Megan Young

      • Jeremi, may amnesia ka ba o diprensya sa mata? Nakalimutan mo na yata hitsura ni Miss Indonesia, Natasha Mannuela. Hiyang-hiya naman si Catriona sayo.

      • LOL DOWN SYNDROMIST that maybe taking it too far but I do agree Catriona’s face is nothing extraordinary. She’s just tall and WHITE

    • “down syndromist beauty”? Very offensive, do you have a mirror at home? What a moron! Bye!

  15. Hay, daming pakulo ng MW. It gets too complicated and too demanding for its contestants. Mabuti sana kung fair ang pagpili ng winner.

  16. Challenges = fancy dishes served by Chef Morley. She’s the only chick I know who can cook without fire.

  17. Sayang ka, Ineng!

    Pero Kung practice playground for future endeavors, gorabells Lang!

  18. The Head to Head Challenge events will all take place between October 21st and November 15th at different locations visited by the contestants during the Miss World 2017 Festival.

    20 Groups of 6 Countries to go head to head for a place in the Top 40 Round (the number of countries in each group may be adjusted according to the final number of contestants).

    The winner of each Challenge Group will automatically qualify for the Miss World Top 40 Round.


    1. The 6 Nations in each group with make their opening remarks followed by a presentation of themselves. This can be a combination of live presentation and pre-recorded VT. The maximum total time for each presentation (including VT) is 2 minutes.

    2. After the presentations, the contestants will answer questions from the presenter and online community. This process will be part of a Group discussion and will last for approximately 8 minutes.

    3. Finally, every contestant will answer the question of the day (30 to 45 seconds for each nation to answer)


    The public will be asked to choose the winner of each Group via a free vote.

    The presenter will open the vote to the public after the opening presentations.

    Voting will remain open until the start of the next Challenge event when the winner of the previous Head to Head Challenge will be announced


    A live draw will take place to decide which countries go into which groups.


    A schedule of the exact dates and times of each Challenge event will be issued after the Miss World Group draw takes place.


    There will be a‘Top 40’ comprised of the following:

    20 Head to Head challenge winners

    5 Fast Track Event’s Winners

    15 Judges selection

    If a contestant does not win her Head to Head challenge,she still has a chance to be in the Top 40 by winning a fast track or through judges selections.




    The organisers reserve the right to amend the format and rules as may be required for the successful running of the event. The number of countries in each group may vary or be subject to change.

    Source: Miss World website

    • Sa hinaba-haba ng prusisyon, si manang Hulya pa rin ang magdesisyon.

      • I agree. It is such a pity that many countries prepare so hard only to be disappointed by the fact that Ms. Morley will still have the final decision. Tsk tsk.

    • Nakakatawa Yung last paragraph which is sort of “disclaimer”. Safety net in case they wouldn’t like the girl who is progressing on becoming a winner!

    • Seriously? Ilang shoo-in winners na ba ang Mess World na di mo man lang naramdam sa LAHAT ng mga chuchu-alaboo na mga fast-track cum “prelims” who eventually got a place and unfortunately became the winner pa? For sure top 5 Indonesia and China…. Sayang si Miss thomalla! Wrong decision. Waste of everything

  19. I prefer to see Cynthia Thomalla in Bb. Pilipinas beauty pageant. She is beautiful, talented and very tall at 5’9″. She will be the next Bb. Pilipinas International 2018 and who knows if she is lucky she can be Miss Universe Philippines 2018.

  20. Titigas ng mga ulo. Ayaw bigyang halaga ang sentimiyento ng nakararaming Pinoy fans. Kahit isang taon man lang sanang backlash by way of sending mediocre candidate to MW para maramdaman ni Julia Morley that we are not stupid and gullible, and that we really mean business. Now, kung gusto nyo pang magpaloko dyan sa Mess World, bahala na kayo. Don’t expect support from the aggrieved fans. Sabi nga ni mang kanor, “Walang manloloko kung walang willing magpaloko”.

  21. Outside and inside i have no problem with her. Ive read that MW will have a new format. nakakaloka. daming magulong pakulo pero at the end of the night cooking show again. mag fofocus na sila sa FT. it will take 5 hours for sure. so i think we need someone who can top all the challenges. swerte if total package ma koronahan natin not only physically but in all challeges. good thing new changes din tayo sa MWP. pero pano ba satin. sa FT kukunin ang semis? at maglalaban ang semis sa SS and EG? or kung sino top 5 sa FT sila mag lalaban sa Q&A in short all top 5 will base on FT. then top 5 for Q&A then winners. Maganda siguro kung the top 20 which is the ist cut is base sa FT and then down to top 10. then back to zero na ang score and those top 10 ladies will battle for SS and EG and then Q&A and then winners. mas ok pa rin mangibabaw ang FT. top 10 in FT is the best final cut. para mas maganda ang laban natin sa MW FT at least top 10 is not bad. eh kung top 20 ang layo na tapos may SS and EG pa. eh pano kung ung manalo eh pang 19 o pang 20th sa FT so malayo na baka pagdating ng MW eh ang layo ng score nya sa FT. eh this year mukhang mas pagbabasehan ng MW ang FT. so kung pang 10th or less sya sa FT mas may chance pa.

    • They’re just trying to complication the scoring system to confuse the fans so the cheating will NOT be too obvious. This will just boil down to who Julia wants anyway. which is who???? Did I hear Indonesia??? Did I hear China?????

      • @ Padede Boy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

        OK lang sa akin na Princesses ang China at Indonesia. Basta reyna si Popova Palina.

    • padedeboy. possible. and pustahan tayo May ND na naman na judges. yung bestfriend ni mam julia and one from china. if they seat as one of the judges from start to end. alam na!!! pero i feel hinde maglalagay ng ND judges si mam julia this year. ok ang strategy para d masyado maamoy ang lulutuin. pero dont us. haysss. nakaka sawa din mag isip ng mga hindr maganda sa MW na yan. maybe in the future mag ook na. but this time possible pa ang cooking show. so i will not expect too much. kahit top 5 ok na. kung runner ups aba ok na ok lalo. i feel we will not win in MW this year. If final na ang MW sa pinas on 2019. next year is the time for 2nd miss world crown.

  22. Wow!!! gorgeous! but Oh no! she will be a wasted beauty queen. it’s like winning mwp and gets to represent to miss world and lose anyway or winning a cheap title to represent a cheap international pageant. tsk tsk tsk.. it’s a lose-lose situation. oh well.

  23. She’s cute…. if she has the talent… then she could become an actress.

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