17 comments on “Miss Philippines USA 2017 Nicole Guerrero 

  1. Another JDV Girl in the future… John Delavega is the pageant director of Miss Philippines-USA. Hinawakan din niya before si Joy Diaz sa Binibini a former Miss Philippines-USA winner.

  2. kung sa US to lumaki eh di lamonera ng mic to… pasalihin na kaagad sa Bb Pilipinas

  3. She is drop-dead gorgeous. She may not be styled awesomely in this pageant, but Jonas can give her Mida’s touch to refine her in the next few years. Can’t wait to see her transformation and her stunning beauty on the BbP stage.

  4. Seriously this girl is stunning, hope to see her compete for BB next year.

  5. I see so much potential in her. Mama J – you get the drift, right ? 🙂

  6. Medyo babalina but her swimsuit styling was on point. That fringe made me cringe. lol

    • agree on swimsuit. i like her styling and make up. on point talaga but with that gown and styling oh my. it sucks. wait foe two years and join bbp my dear.

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