21 comments on “Nicole Cordoves & Xian Lim to host Miss Grand International 2017

  1. Ms Chinese and 1st RU MGI Nicole and Mr Lim for MGI hosting…….bagay sila dyan. They will fit in exactly sa Vietnam with their Oriental looks/background as no one will mistake them for Filipinos.

    Mr Nawat is social media savvy and knows which section of “Filipinos” (so called) to pander to in order to get loud/manufactured support that also guarantees bashing of Filipinos and anything Filipino related such as Ms Earth, by purposely choosing the hosts. These “Filipino” fans have already started as can be seen in the comments below. One would be forgiven in thinking MGI is the same level as MU, based on the comments just because their kind was 1st RU – LOL indeed!

  2. Probably an unpopular opinion but I like MGI. Despite the obvious copycat of Miss U it still manages to remain relevant. Also I kind of find this pageant sort of refreshing especially without the blatanlty forced political correctness and pandering to certain individuals who doesn’t deserve the hype; cough, suddenly gained weight for sympathetic attention miss canada and that muslim american girl who just joined one pageant then suddenly became a judge and called “brave” for simply wearing a hijab. Also for a minor pageant they certainly are doing the right moves. For example they got the full support of the crown hungry indos that they got a whole country licking their arse to the point of attaining “pseudo-major pageant” status for simply throwing our neighbours a bone. Going after the filipino market is a wise move. Also with the vehement support of the passionate and oa thai fans, i can see that this pageant will be going nowhere but up. Miss Earth needs to take a few pages or they will end up a bakya fest like they had with many past examples. Just my humble opinion.

  3. Nahuli ako sa pagcomment sa aking mahal na Reyna ng sling bag este kudahan este Reyna ng MGI hihihi 😄
    Miss Earth organization, look at Mr. Nawat’s marketing/admin team kc ang galing ng strategy nila.
    I’m sure, 99.99% na mga pinoy veckz ay manonood sa MGI dahil inggit na naman sila sa aking Queen Nicole C. hihihi
    Ms. Clenci, ihanda mo na yung sagot mo sa tanong na “Bakit ang yellowtards ay gustong tanggalin sa puesto as president c Du30 despite of winning the election of 8M difference kahit pa dinaya sya ng PCOS machine/yellowtards administration and DU30 is smiling with almost 80% satisfaction from Filipino voters.”😊😄
    Advice ko lang, don’t ask Maria ressa and Pia Rañada sa sagot mo hihihi alams na…cherette lang.
    Good luck Clenci and Queen Nicole C☺

    • Baka naman magulat ka teh ang question nyan , “What do you think is more effective to end Drugs? Rehab or EJK????

      Sa Thailand kasi kinukompara nila ang Drugwar strategy nila (ala rehab) sa aten (na ala EJK)…

      • Waley kc nagpapatayo nman ng rehabilitation centers c daddy DU30 at walang nagawa c Deliema sa illusion nyang EJK dahil wala naman talaga.
        Dami ngang pinapatay sa yellowtard administration hihingi lng ng bigas ang farmers ay pinagbabaril na at mga sundalo pinabayaang patayin sa mindanao na walang laban 😚

  4. Nawatt really knows best. for his own sake and his pageant. Since we Flipinos are the largest pageant fan base around the world. infairness kay nawatt ha…. pero hinay hinay lang mga beshy baka magtampo ang MU sa atin. alam natin pano magluto yan sa pageant.

  5. I’m happy for Xian and Nicole, way to go Xian👏, show your talent in hosting internationally, for almost 5 years of hosting in BBP, you are more than qualified. Another added feather on your cap👏go,go,go Xi💪they’re jealous of you that’s why bashers hated you but PRESTIGIOUS people recognizes your talent, plus factor, your tall, handsome and good English pronunciation & perfect accent which added to your voice is a nice soothing sound to everybody’s ear, congratulations Xian Lim. Nice pick.👏

  6. Di hamak na mas madaming hot viets guys kesa kay Xian at mas lalakeng lalaki pa tingnan para mag host. Ready na ba kayo mga baks sa hosting ni Xian with matching eyebrow raising at may mga lip mannerism na pamvaklush? Makakailan kaya si Xian sa Vietnam? Andameng hot bisexual don!

  7. Di bale nang Top20 si Clenci happy nako anjan si idol Nicole maghohost pero i have some feeling na baka hindi primary host si Nicole at baka sya lang ung papalit sa job ni lees Garcia parang ashley graham. Baka paasa lang tong si Nawat!

  8. So happy for Xian and Nicole! MGI as i have previously mentioned has great production numbers and lavish stage designs, a MU copycat even. This baby pageant knows how to make itself controversial, relevant and popular–despite of their almost non-existent advocacies! I hope Miss Earth takes a leaf from MGI’s book in terms glamming up the stage, elaborately lively productions, fancy numbers in high def format. ME among the Alpha pageants has the most consistent and solid advocacy BUT ME is evolving very very slow and MGI/Supra might dethrone it soon. My loyalty will always be with Miss Earth but at the rate it’s going with their show, National Directors might continually pull out fron the franchise ;(

  9. Puwede po ba pakiusapan si Mr. Itsaragrisil na gawing trio sa pamamagitan ni… Mr. Pietro Boselli?

    Kikiligin si Ms. Cordovez. Baka hindi siya maka-host ng maayos. 🙂

    At siguradong papatok din ang Math Professor sa mga Viet. Mr. Lim is a great choice, as well.

  10. Way to go Nicole and Xian ! Their gift of gab and hosting skill must have caught the attention of the MGI. Great move, Nawat ! Go Nicole and show the world that you are the real MGI 2016 🙂

  11. Using Filipino talents to boast their popularity. This pageant is the junior version of Miss World. I’m happy for Xian and Nicole. It just show that Filipino talents can compete worldwide. I’m hoping Elizabeth Clensi will be judge fair unlike Nicole Cordoves last year.

    • ***in the first place it should be “boost their popularity.” instead of thinking that they’re using filipino talents for that reason, isipin kaya nating ang nakita ng organizers ay ang talent nila nicole at xian. wag na bigyan ng malisya ang pagkakapili sa kanila, why so negative?


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