13 comments on “Rachel Peters answers Miss Universe questions for Metro Magazine

  1. I really like her. Natural na sosyal di gaya ng iba na pa-konyo na para lang masabing sosyal nag tataglish. Rachel epitomizes the ones I truly admire.

  2. her styling in the interview is just perfect for her
    it highlights her personality
    it does not distract from her natural beauty
    and makes you focus on her bubbly personality

  3. bet ko yung make up nya dito…natural,light, fresh looking….hindi sya mukhang matanda

  4. Iç like the big wavy curls… it softens the sharp angles of her face… and creates golden spiral ratios that is visually stunning even from afar..

    I hope that her final make-up look would emphasize her eyes and make them look even bigger.

    I’d love a more classic version of those earings with an avant garde twist..

    The tubercle should be drawn like a more exagerated cupid’s bow for Rachel.

  5. LOVE HER and as others have noted ready na yan. I liken her to Bailey in A Dog’s Purpose when he says “I’M READY!” but do not interpret that as me saying she is like a dog ok hahaha.

    So free and open. I know others think she is “matured” and “matronly” but clearly she was not their bet and that’s ok. She’s definitely not giving a trying too hard vibe and that level of relatability should score well under the IMG MUO. They don’t want a pasarela diva or a smizing slayqueen.

    If there is anything I would critique, I do agree her styling should be watched to prevent making her look more pageant patty than necessary. The big hair here leans towards that. Leave her as is and I easily see a high placement.

  6. i applaud rachel’s very impressive answer. but i would love to point out that an interview is different than a setting where she’ll be facing thousands with nerves kicking in. We all know how smart she is and that no one is perfect, i still would like to suggest for her to be much prepared in knowing more on to handle herself while under pressure. Nevertheless, i still think Rachel will do her very best to make us proud 🙂 More power to you Rachel! Win or lose im one of those who will still appreciate ur efforts as a Philippine Representative ❤️

  7. Obviously, Rachel is prettier in motion and the Philippines has never had an MU candidate that is as natural as she is in responding to questions and in English for that matter. Her accent, gestures and expressions are so natural and spontaneous. In nutshell, not pretentious and TH. She is someone whom everyone can be proud of as a representative of the Philippines. She can actually change the image of Filipinos around the world that not all are poor, having the “ahhhss” while speaking in English, “pity on me” effect, etc., and this and that is aggravated by a nasty and foul-mouthed president.

    • Jeremi, I agree on her spontaneity.

      Honestly I can’t remember when we had a BbP U that was as natural as her when it came to aura.

      As Janine Tugonon herself stated we are usually gigil na gigil.

    • Siempre nagdalaga sa Australia at don tumagal. The rest of Miss Universe Philippines is Pinay at 💜.
      Rachel, Catriona, Joanna, Elizabeth, at Chanel! All of them lived in Australia more than in the Philippines. Malamang natural ung English nila first language nila lahat kaya un at second lang nila ang Filipino teh. Pagsamasama mo sila sa isang kwarto wala ka marinig kahit isang filipino word. Pasikat pa kayo natural sa English ang pinay pagdating netong babaeng to sa Miss Universe eh si Miss France nanalo di ung English di rin natural! Wala yan sa accent beh!!! Nasa pagkatao talaga yun kung magugustuhan sya ng judges

    • Bakla be wala naman akong sinabi na mananalo sya dahil natural sa English.. please try to read my post again

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