13 comments on “Go get that Top Model of the World crown, Christa!

  1. Just what I thought…..

    Kaya ang dami niyang publicity photos….

    Hindi siya pananalohin….

    Style talaga ng WBO na siya ding organizer ng MIC.

    Hmmp! Masasayang Lang si Katrina!

  2. That face and body is a top selling beauty in the middle east pero mas mahal ang value ng European beauties especially Russian speaking countries hihihi cherette lng😄
    Congratulations Miss Borja😚

  3. Top 6. And the only Asia-Pacific bet in that group. And she made it that far on her OWN merits, without the benefit of any sub-title fast track.

    Not bad!

    Congratulations to Ukraine. Well-deserved. Truly lovely with a waist even tinier than Christa’s.

  4. Now that body is so fit and hot.. WOW!… Her exotic face and perfect body alone could possibly win her the title… not to mention… she has the best credentials among all the contestants.

    Good luck Crista! You definitely desserve to win!

    • Can I see your face? I want to see if you are a better candidate than her. We all know that beauty is subjective, what’s beautiful to you may not be beautiful to others. When you comment about beauty, always start with “for me she is not…..” in my opinion her face is …..” .

    • I am on the fence with her face. That is my opinion.

      And please, do away with ad hominem. She joined a competition where every girl are judged according to pulchritude.

      BTW, congratulations to her.

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