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  1. dami na namn ditong nagmamarunong at nanglalait na kesyo dapat si ganun ang dapat manalo, na ang pangit naman ni ano, angtaba, plainlooking etc, etc. e ganyan din mga sinabi niyo nuon kina janine at pia!! weakest batch kayo ng weakest batch ek ek, tapos pag nanalo–pinoy pride, proud to be ek ek, di na kayo nadala grrrr 😀

  2. I still support all of them but i have to agree that most of the girls arent looking their best probably because the are not dolled up to the nines. Facially medyo weak sila pero i am still hoping come pageant season, ready na sila sumabak. Rachel in most of her glam shots where she’s fully made up looks sizzling hot. We are lucky that MU is now looking for a good mixture of beauty and brains and that’s where Rachel fits the mold. I just wish she avoids surfing and getting dark muna because it really matures her. She needs to look fresh come MU season. Her pasarela, stage presence, body and wit are already on point—wag lang muna mag beach.
    Mariel–we are aiming for the near impossible “cursed” back to back. I have high hopes for her. Facially she’s perfect for MI. I dont know if she can still lose weight baka ma emphasize baba niya. I wish she comes prepared lile Kylie with her kawai wardrobe.
    Channel–her bubbly personality will truly advance her to hopefully top10 since her beauty is an acquired one. Once she gets past the top10, i hope she gets the crown.
    Clenci– so many Latinas with superior beauty this year. Her best advantage is her comm skills and elegance. Dko din kasi ma gets if ano talaga bet ni Nawat.
    Katarina–i have high hope for this girl. Beauty and wit very on point. Yun body niya medyo wala pa kurba, pero onting push pa at sure na crown.
    Ibe–she talks the weakest in this batch. Pero mga Ms Globe delegates ndi naman kagandahan so baka her being a Pilot and strong sash factor will get her the crown.
    These girls have to amp their game because the rabid PUTERIS are closely watching us and training their best to finally even for JUST ONCE dethrown us in pageant ranking.

  3. Big mistake not to give the BBMU crown to Elima. Hers is the only face that charm internationally. Rachel just looks so old and haggard , always! Please style her differently . Her face is pretty by local standards but it’s not fresh and not inviting. Kakasawa titigan

    • she definitely has the face kaso i don’t think she wouldn’t make it beyond top 6, com skills siya weakest, miss international or miss world pwede siya since memorize lang naman ang sagot dun 🙂

  4. if the ladies look rather plain (for some) in the photos it’s because the curse of the middle part hair.
    it can look severe and weighs down the face.
    look how clenci stands out because of her soft curls in the group photos.

    time to pick up the hair game

    i think a 1940’s look will be great for peters
    side part, soft curls for thomas
    slicked back for de leon
    ibe actually looks great with the mid part, but with a little volume on the top
    she could pull off the bangs, i think
    clenci, keep it up, looks great!

    haha, just my 2 cents, i actually don’t know much about hair but just commenting based on the ladies head shape, facial features

    • Agree tho. I hope they try these kind of hairstyles ❤️👍🏻

  5. Give them the slack! We’ve been hearing the same negative observations year in and out but in the end our queens just never fail to amaze us. Trust BPCI and their respective camps to transform them from the supossedly weak ugly ducklings that they are not to international winners or placers that I sense they will be. Sometimes we Pinoys are just too much with the harsh critiques and all. In a way it is good as that pose as a challenge for the queens to double their efforts to live up to everyone’s expectations. Right now I feel we as pageant fans have to give our all out support to these queens. They are the chosen ones to represent us all this year in the intl arena.

  6. Sobra na namang mga nega dito. jijiji. Malayo pa naman ang competition nila eh. Sound the alarm pag gora na ang mga vaks to their competitions. jijiji.

  7. Hahaha.. Sa individual photo para ang chin ng bungangerang walang substance may daungan ng barko. Ang lapad ng mukha ni mariel kahit inoperahan na.

  8. During the early interviews nagagandahan ako kay ms grand international rep natin elizabeth clenci. I suggest you take some rest ms Clenci . Im also rooting for an MGI win since mr nawat personally picked you. Clenci also have a strong passport para di na mag apply ng visa si auntie nawat in case may stop the war travels if palarin si Clenci.

  9. This is I think one of the weakest batches of BBP winners in recent years.

    I just hope that they can surprise us all when they compete and at least enter the semifinals.

  10. Ramdam na ramdam nyu rin pala ang usog ng 2014…
    If si Elima napunta sa Universe at si Nelda napunta sa Miss international, Si Peters sa Supranational, at si Katarina sa Grand International, malakas sana ang laban. Katarina is kudaera at bagay na bagay sa MGI, Rachel is Rampadora bagay sa Supra, Nelda is such a Virgin Mary bagay sa International, at Elima is the Divine Diva bagay sa Universe.

    • i like it baklah. and mariel sa MW. maganda ang laban kung ganyan. haysss. hope she will give up the MIP crown and join MWP. but i think 50 – 50 chances nya kung mag join sa MWP ngayon. since sumali na sa bbp at nagkatitle tapos nag give up. so may something na mawawala kay mariel. contenment and??? enebeyen madamme SMA. pwedeng pwede naman sa MI si mariel but wrong timing eh sana runner up nalang at join next year. pero ok na din. i am 80% sure we will not win MU this year. either top 10 or top 5 lang and that is okay bilang pahinga sa placment sa MU para naman d mapagisipan ng ibang bansa na Philippines na naman!!!!! and since there are many other girls naman that will give rachel a good fight. if si demi leigh ang ipadala sa MU. tapos ang laban parang MU 2014 lang colombia and MW2014 lang rolene strauss.

      • Totoo yan!!!! Planchado na saken na si Demi-Leigh mananalo ng Miss Universe. Si Mariel naman, ok narin naman for Miss International, tanggap ko pero i think mas bagay talaga sya sa Miss World kasi very opinonated sya at smooth ang beauty saka walang swimsuit don.

    • I agree with you baklah, Demi Leigh Nel Peters, a big resemblance of Aishwarya Rai of India.. 2 Thumbs up! Bring it on to both Ms. Universe and Ms. Eorld.

  11. Not to sound nega, but I kinda agree with bong700.

    I am so underwhelmed with the pictures above. I hope this is just an isolated event where they look oh so plain. If this look continues, I’m afraid that the caliber of beauties we will field in this year will look anemic compared to the other representatives. No one from the pictures above is exciting enough to root for. I hope the quality improves as they undergo intensive training leading to the contests.

    1) Ms Universe candidate looks like an ordinary Sri Lankan representative to me. (no offense to Sri Lanka. Lol). Her features and color are mannish. With her height, color and jawaline, I think she would have been a handsome guy.

    2). Ms. International candidate’s issue is her body weight. But the dilemma is that if she continues to lose weight, her face will look gaunt and emphasize her chin. Look at her Michael Douglas chin in the picture above.

    3) The rest : They are giving off some “tita vibe”. They look like young mothers you see in schools fetching their kids. Ms. Globe reminds me of Demi Moore. The problem is Demi today and not the young Demi. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • Rachel is not even that tall . Maybe she should stop tanning? To look less mature

  12. May kakaiba akong nararamdaman mga vecks 🙂
    Habang tinitingnan ko ang mga larawan ng ating mga binibini sa itaas ay parang mga talunan ang nakikita ko hihihihi.
    Kung ang Venezuela at Colombia ay nawawaley sa Semifinals, maaaring mangyari rin sa Pinas ngayon mga vecks.
    Huwag maging kampante sa sash factor mga ineng 🙂
    Kailangan nyo ng taimtim na dasal at hardwork para makamit nyo ang tagumpay.
    Umpisahan nyo ng magbasa ng Bibliya para na rin sa ikakasiya ng inyong kaluluwa at maging magaan ang inyong pakikibaka sa pagtupad ng inyong mga pangarap 🙂 Amen.

    • I agree to some extent. While this Binibini batch of titleholders is blessed with the gift of gab, unfortunately for me they are the weakest in terms of facial beauty. Hopefully that can still be remedied by proper styling. I’m still here to support them though. Just being completely honest, is all.

    • @bong700 ako tingin ko we will win in ms supra courtesy of Chanel not only bec of beauty I always states di sya photogenic but we will win bec of her infectious sunny personality just like mutya. dati pa ako fan ni Chanel

      • Based on chanel’s interviews, she can win MS.
        The problem is kung di sya umabot sa Q&A.
        Sana suwertehin sya at maging maganda ang aura nya sa lahat ng activities and competition 🙂
        Ganda ng mukha at katawan pa rin ang unang labanan jackie kaya make-up transformation will help a lot 🙂 lol

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