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  1. There’s only one thing I can assure you, the winner is going to be someone from KF’s team.

  2. Here is an opinion by a forumer in a certain pageant forum:

    Fans should stop obsessing over numbers…because they can be easily manipulated.

    Let me tell you what I think is the secret to Miss Earth’s success. Have you ever wondered why Miss Earth has been able to withstand the test of time despite all the nasty lies and accusations thrown against it by rival pageants and their paid pageant sites, and fans resentful of Philippines’ current successes in pageantry?

    Earth fans can thank the many delegates that graced the pageant through the years. Because it’s their feedbacks that matter. A pageant’s reputation is ultimately built on what the women share with their NDs in private, upon their return from the competition. Because at the end of the day, a beauty pageant’s success and solvency depend on the participation of NDs who are willing to pay the franchise fees.

    So its unfortunate that no amount of viewership can overcome the devastating effect of Miss Iceland’s revelations on MGI’s reputation amongst the people that really matter…the NDs.

    • Every year po nagpapalit ng ND ang ME sa ibang bansa almost every year pala if not every other year. Why? Alam nyu na siempre. Nawawalan ng gana. Big National Pageants such as Miss Turkey, Femina India, Miss Venezuela, Miss Universe Thailand, Miss France, Miss Korea, lahat sinuka nila ang Miss Earth. Yung Puerto Rico wala naden. Hirap na hirapa ng Miss Earth mag maintain ng stable ND.
      Madaming delegates sa Miss Earth pero hindi srable at consistent ang participation ng cada bansa. Andameng withdraws taun taon. Di sya tulad ng Universeworldinternational na stable ang ND. Taun-taon sila paden ang ND at iilan lang ang withdraws each year. Sa Miss Earth umaabot ng isang dosena. Yung Supra at MGI naman healthy pa naman ang franchise nila. Wala pang nagaganap na lipatan taun taon.

  3. May gumawa ng Meme sa IG, ang concept is Kung ano yung mga activities ng mga current queens:

    Si Iris nasa operating room

    Si Stephanie nasa school

    Si Kath nagtatanim

    Yung huli si Ariska nasa Sofa at sitting pretty

    As I browse through comment here, si Ariska ba ang prototype ng beauty queen na gusto ng madla na tipong pang display Lang or someone with a job to perform. On the other hand, naisip ko din eh Kung manalo si Clenci sa MGI magiging tenant Rin ba siya Nawat all through her reign?

  4. The difference between these two and Miss Earth is that some of Miss Earth delegates who ended up as clappers continued their work after the pageant and lived it up the legacy of the pageant. Some of the girls still wore their official candidate’s sash even after the finals for reunions and other projects.

    Miss Ghana was a clapper at Miss Earth 2016 but she initiated the Trash bin campaign and invited her former competitors for her launch without any publicity stunt.

    Also why the new Miss Earth Katherine Espin returned to the Philippines back and forth and she was chosen as DOT eco-tourism ambassadress.

    Other than the Filipinas who finished runners-up at Miss Earth, Andrea N., Anastasia and Dayanna returned to the Miss Earth stage to crown their successors aside from the main winner.

    • Pero beh BEAUTY PAGEANT ito hindi CHARITY EVENT. And pangit sa Miss World at Miss Earth nagmumukha silang CHARITY EVENT. Beauty Pageant is about Beauty kaya nga “BEAUTY PAGEANT”. It is merely to showcase the Beauty through a SPECTACULAR SHOW/COMPETITION. And advocacy and charity should just merely the so called “GIVING BACK!!” thing and it should not be taken seriously or as the priority.

  5. Bakit ayaw i-ere ng Big 3 TV networks at Solar Ent. ang MGI at MS? Dahil kaya takot makakuha ng mababang TV ratings dahil kulang sa awareness ang taga-rural area/ang masa o dahil takot maungasan sila ng “magarbong produksyon” o dahil sa umano’y work ethics issue ng pageant organization?

  6. Sometimes kept it simple but memorable. Miss Earth still gained high TV ratings in the last 5 years on daytime ibig sabihin the school tours gave some kids aware of the pageant and could be one of the factors why this pageant beat Miss World in the last 4 of 5 pageants?

  7. Ms Earth is considered an Alpha Pageant being part of the Big4….I commend Carousel Productions for their green projects and consistent and sincere efforts to promote their advocacy for Mother Earth. My only problem with Miss Earth is that it lacks the oomph factor! Naungusan na tayo ng MGI in terms of stage design and productions just like Miss Supra. Anuba Miss Earth, bonggahan niyo naman kasi ang mga kapitbahay nk abang lang para pulaan at pagtawanan tayo. Philippines is already a legit beauty powerhouse but everytime a Filipina queen wins dami pa din bashers. Inggit lang sila pero let us not give them reasons to put us down. Tito Norms, i hope in some ways you could relay the message to Carousel that ME should really glam up big time. Cringe moment talaga yan swimsuit portion sa poolside ng Versaille. Please lang bonggahan niyo ng sobra sobra stage design and finals night niyo. Lastly, kung hindi pa dahil kay Imang ndi masyadong matunog Miss Earth natin. Yun nga lang negative publicity si ate. PS, buti na lang active queens sila Jamie, Angelia and Katherine.

    • Maganda ang stage pero may isyu tungkol sa tranparency na after isang segment ay may tangalan na, na wala tayo alam kung paano na-tabulate ang resulta. May balita din ang nanalong Miss Supranational 2016 ay hindi daw talaga nanalo ayon sa interview sa The Bottomline noong Enero?

      Mukhang nagiging simple na ang programa ng totoong Big 4 pageants ngayon pati na ang Miss Universe.

    • Busy sa kahahanap or baka kulang pa ng sponsors☺
      Anong nangyari sa kacharotan nila kay old rich man na c Mr. Tan ba yun hihihi 😄

  8. it’s a battle bet deguzman, acosta, the one from new zealand and cagayan de oro

  9. Thanks Sir

    Kim De Guzman

    Beauty Brain and Great Heart Queen

    God Bless Sir Norman

    Kimmy Earth Warrior


    • ano daw??? okeyish ka lang ba? itulog mo nalang yan besh para pag gising mo eh AH OK na ang pakiramdam mo.

    • Gusto ko man ipromote ang ME because i’m pinoy pero wala talaga akong nararamdaman na excitement kagaya ng BbPilipinas/MU/MW/MI.
      Mas Excited pa ako sa Supra at MGI hihihi.
      Ewan ko ba manay pitsi penetration and manay lukring shock, sana magkaroon ng gayuma factor ang Miss Earth 🙂 cherette lang.

      • Totoo yan beh, 2003-2007 inabangan ko ung Miss Earth. Pero from 2008 onwards, 2014 lang ang okeyish show nila. MGI at Supra nakakaabang naman talaga. MGI have the DRAMA while Supra have the GLAM pero ang MissEarth wala talagang organise sa stage blocking ang gulo gulo parang Baranggay contests at nakakasawa na ung camera lage nasa host at wala sa candidates. Tatawag ng Top 16 na kay Marc Nelson ang camera nagbabasa ng cards. Tapos pag bigayan ng corona napakagulo di tulad ng sa Supra at MGI napaka organise. Beauty Pageant is not all about advocacy and behind the scene. We prefer the FINAL SHOW to be entertaining at please lang andameng pakalat kalat sa stage ng Miss Earth. Paki tapon!!!

  11. its between acosta and new zealand. kahit sino sa kanila. pero mas gusto ko si acosta dahil pinay na pinay at meron din naman ibubuga. but i like most new zealand. pero kung acosta and de guzman. i still choose acosta. tama ung isang commentor. parang bianca manalo as MUP rep lang si de guzman. but lets see. Good luck!

  12. this batch is good alot of girls that are still raw but u can see the enthusiasm for many to shine.

  13. I dont get the hype of Miss Bohol, she is so short and she is not beautiful at all. She cant even do a decent pageant walk.

    Misss Olongapo? a celbrity? PBB? Really? Haha? I dont know her though I watch PBB occasionally. Not all PBB housemates are considered celebrity. She is a Bianca Manalo type for me. She dont possess any charisma.

    Miss Pulilan Bulacan looks raw but she is good enough for me to be an elemental crown.

    Miss Puerto Princesa and Miss New Zealand are the FRONTRUNNER. One of them should win MPE.

    This could be either a first ever b2b win in MPE for Miss Puerto Princessa (Imang is the original winner of 2016 FYI), or the first ever win by Overseas Filipino Community Representation by Miss New Zealand.

    I am not so very hoping that some underrated contestants would make the top 10 or even Top 5. Miss Biñan and Miss Aklan for example, they are very stage performers. I really think Miss Manila would definitely surprise us all comes final night.

    BTW, from 2008-2013 there were Top 10, and 2014-2015 there were TOP 15, and 2016 there were TOP 12.

    • You don’t have to put down other girls to lift up your candidates. To each his own. If you can’t get the hype, then be objective enough because you have been so focused on your bet. Don’t be myopic coz after all, it’s a big world out there. We Boholano have been supporting Catherine but we never resort to bashing or criticizing the other girls

      • Sorry behbeh, i do not intend to bash you fellow Boholana, I am just stating what i personally evaluated. Keep supporting her, i would not mind. Just dont mind me too. I would also like to add Miss Bukidnon to my underrated lists.

      • And BTW, i love criticising in Beauty Pageants (not their intellectuality though because i believe beauty pageants were created for Beauty and not Brains) because the world of beauty pageants would be “EVEN A BORING PLACE” if all would just came along cheering their own bets without citing the quality of their candidate. This is competition, and they are competing not just with their competitors but also their ownself. Sorry if i hurt your feelingsby my first comment. I feel so bad everytime I read someone who got mad at me because of my opinions.

  14. Miss New Zealand got all the qualities to be the next Miss Philippines Earth. Aside from being stunning, tall, talented , articulate , brainy and have a very good environmental advocacy, as well. She won’t have any trouble to represent our country in the next International Pageant. She speaks well and make sense when she answers the questions that have given to her. She doesn’t need to make an effort in everything she does, it comes out naturally. For me, Miss New Zealand is our next Miss Philippines Earth 2017.

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