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  1. Maria Ehren is fluent in English . This is what they need to go higher than top 10 at MU

  2. I like 22. Kakaiba. Mukang lalake pero pagnauyusan magmumukang exotic girl

  3. I like 24. Kakaiba. Mukang lalaki pero magmumukang exotic girl pag naayusan

  4. Parang magkakamukha lang!!! Antayin ko nalang may manalo and lets see if bet ko sya sa MU.

    Wala na ung Miss Earth Thailand sa kanila. Di na nila hawak ung franchise. Wala nang may gusto humawaj sa Miss Earth Franchise kahit saang bansa. Wahahahaha

    • @ Baklah : Good evening/afternoon/morning.

      The MET franchise, if I am not mistaken, started last year with Mr. Pradinunt, also the owner of Mister Global.

      • 2014 – sent by MGT
        2015 & 2016 – sent by MUT
        2017 – Mr Global owner will be the one to send MET.

        At may kampanya sa Thailand na magsend sila ng Ladyboy sa Miss Earth pageant bilang protesta sa b2b naten couple of yrs ago. Kung si Imelda ang protesta naten sa MW sila meron din sa ME

  5. Infairness parang ang hirap mag judge, sa brain and purpose in life na lang magkatalotalo and of course ung bet ng organizer. My MU bet is the one from south africa, Philippines, Brazil and thailand

  6. ano ba big deal kung mag feature si lola norms ng miss thai uni candidates? blog niya ito. he has all the rights, related pa rin naman sa pageants, at saka i’m sure marami ding pinoy interesado sa thailand, kahit nga sa indonesia since both are doing ok in miss u pageant. magtaka tayo kung ang i-feature ni lola norms e isang pipitsuging national pageant to be sent to- let say miss grand eco tourism of the milky way, sa isang di naman kilalang pageant country like tuvalu o nauru 😀

  7. Just like last year the winner will go to MU while the first runner up will go to ME.

    #23 will do well in the no make up screening of ME together with her stride and strut

    #5 is my bet for MU

    I think Norman is just featuring candidates and or competition within the Asia Pacific rim which I don’t find anything wrong since it is still within the context of the blog. Wish ko nga maimbitahan tong si Norman sa mga international pageant eh!

    I wish our Thai cousins the best of luck!

  8. My Choice: #5 and #9.

    Having said the above, I tend to agree with the comment of Fabian:

    Why is this blog featuring candidates (in fact asking its mostly Filipino readers to choose among the 40 Thai women as to who is worthy of the Ms. Universe crown) from other countries?

    I am not sure of the intention of the blogger.

    I can understand if the blog will feature the EVENTUAL winner of Ms. U Thailand just for us to size up the competition. But to actually choose from them?

    > Is it because there is dearth of beauty pageant news that we are now scrapping the bottom of the barrel by featuring Thailand contestants, Indonesian contestants?

    > Is the blog trying to be “international” in its appeal by way of Global Beauties and Missosology? Because if this is so, I demand that Ms. Buglaria , Ms. Zimbabwe and Ms. Gibraltar contestants should be featured too. Lol.

    > Does the blogger cut a business deal with the franchises of Ms. Thailand and Ms. Indonesia to promote to the very enthusiastic Filipino beauty pageant fans their respective pageants?

    Enquiring minds would like to know.

    World Peace.

    • I actually appreciate having other contenders featured in this blog. Nothing wrong with highlighting the competition.. it’s good to see what’s out there.

    • It’s rather … provincial to limit one’s purview to the local especially since we are no longer just Filipino citizens but also ASEAN citizens (and indeed global citizens if one wishes to broaden one’s outlook further). I for one enjoy updates on pageantry from our neighbors. I think we can celebrate beauty from our part of the world without necessarily eroding support for our own queens. I certainly loved the last 2 Miss Universe delegates from Thailand, who both had some of the most stylish and modern outfits of any delegates of their classes. Chalita’s finals gown is hands down my favorite from this year’s pageant.

    • @thomas

      Dami mong alam…pa demand demand ka pa. Make your own blog palaka!

  9. From among this bevy of ladies, I can only pick two stunning candidates – 9 and 17.

    Since Tito Norms features Thai beauty pageant here, I could not avoid comparing our national beauty pageant with them. And I could say we are a lot luckier because our country has a lot of beautiful women on whose heads we could bestow the crowns. With that, we should never envy our neighbor. Instead, we have to welcome their eagerness in stepping up their game. Would it not feel good to say they take a gauge in us? Happy Tuesday forumers.

  10. I only like #39. the thai fans are hyping #5 but she looks older here.

  11. ang gaganda nila grabe! sayang if one crown lang paglalabanan nila. Even the MGT ang gaganda!! This should serve as a challenge to us to improve more.

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Agree! And MGT 2017 looks like … Ariska! Last year’s MGT looked like … Felice Hwang (a little).

      I wonder if they also move to another national pageant if they clap at one? Like MUT to MGT? Or vise versa? Like here, BBP to MPE to Mutya to MWP to … Or are they bound by exclusivity contracts that stifle such “crossover” and “fence-leaping”?

      I hew to the demure Thai Princess; #’s 12, 23, and 38 for me. The one among these three ladies who can communicate well in English can be!

      I feel Mareeya Poonlertlarp Ehren will not win. She will simply be used for the publicity. She is already something of a celebrity in Thailand, anyway.

      Bear in mind that WME/IMG is also reading this. It adds to Mr. Tinio’s stock that they are. It also gives the MUO an idea as to what we Filipino pageant fans gravitate towards. This will provide them a hint as to whom to proclaim the next MU!

  12. ang gaganda. isang crown lang ba paglalabanan ng 40? basing on the headshots, panalo yung #17. and #22, anlakas ng aura, looks smart and confident.

  13. Ang dami! Ang daming mahaba ang baba lols.

    No. 9
    No. 5
    No. 17
    No. 3
    No. 21

  14. Is this trying to invoke fear among pinoy fans? Why write an article about the Thai pageant and not about the other foreign pageants?what is so special about it?
    I would say forget about this pageant and concentrate on our candidates hoping that they represent our country to the best of their abilities.

      • I think I’m allowed to state my opinion . This is a forum and I’m sure Norman welcomes all opinions.

  15. The “cover girl” look suits all the candidates. Fresh, natural and beautiful.

    • The “cover girl” look suits all the candidates. Fresh, natural and beautiful.

      For me #9 is the standout.

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