10 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2017: The (Unofficial) Press Favorites

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  2. Pulilan Bulacan is on her way to getting the crown.Her beauty is so regal and class.Pulilan for MPE 2017

  3. palawan is also a favorite another underrated girl is binan with more training i think she can make it big in pageantry.

  4. new zealand or olongapo for the win. this is a good batch better than previous years . though short some of the girls can go to bbp or mwph if they fail to get a placement. im loving lobo’s face and CDO too some of the girls are styled horribly but many have potential. porac is soooo bbp material.

  5. Puliillan has a very cute face.
    But NZ and Porac have more international appeal.
    Porac needs to lose some weight though.

  6. Puerto Princesa is not one of the favorites or is she out of the competition already?

  7. Top 4 – Pulilan Bulacan, Cagayan de Oro, New Zealand and Olongapo City

  8. Except for some baby fats, most (not all) of the press favorites are indeed pretty.

    World Peace.

  9. Hindi ko kinaya ang ngipin ni Cagayan de Oro. Kabog ang ngipin ng saber toothed tiger. Veneer is life ang peg ni ateng. Malamang hawak to ng KF. #KFetish

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