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    • Susan Africa was a former Binibining Pilipinas 1st runner-up

  2. The best of luck, Christa ! Hoping you win the top plum !
    With a bod to die for, hope she stands out and take it all the way to the top 🤗🤗🤗

  3. Galingan mo girl ☺
    UK and Philippines are behind you 😊
    Ano ba talaga ang kahulugan o halaga ng isang beauty queen 😄
    Kabit, saba queen, etc. hihihi charette lng😚

  4. Parang Miss Earth Phils tong pageant na to kung anu-ano nirerepresent. May nagrepresent ng countries, continent (America), Baltic Sea at Scandinavia (?). Buti wala nagrepresent ng Pacific Ocean, Great Barrier Reef, Jupiter o Milky Way? Kakainit ng dugo.

  5. It’s a little ‘inappropriate’ for her to join Miss UK …as she sounds more Filipino American or Filipino than British.
    What if during Q&A at MU or MW her tongue gets twisted??? Wow, a Miss Great Britain who can’t even speak English! …although this is unlikely to hAppen , nothing g is impossible when someone is under pressure.

    • Christa works for one of the poshest stores in the uk, and at a prominent position at that. Indeed, a position at marks and spencers is terribly competitive, thus requiring intelligence and charisma and other skills to acquire. Her being in a top position for the company is testament to what she can bring to the table as a public figure . Therefore, I think it is safe to say that she won’t lack in the speaking department. In fact, that was the reason she even made it as a semi finalist in bb pilipinas, despite the average face… Also a lot of filipino immigrants like Borja don’t catch the accent at all, especially if you weren’t born there. However, I watched her interviews and she evokes a subtle presence of the accent, which is natural for an immigrant like her. Nonetheless, I don’t think her accent inhibits her from expressing her thoughts eloquently. She has proven it with her interview with Norman, in fact even more than the rich looking meztisas that we often assume as smart and well spoken due to our fetish with western beauty standards cough Sirene. Just my humble opinion, feel free to disagree.

      • * in order to acquire the job (I know there are a lot grammatical errors but I’m lazy)

      • Didn’t Lea Salonga start speaking with a British accent not even 1 yr after arriving in London?
        As I said, it is unlikely…. but possible that Christa stutters to a question .Under stress, anything can happen. And it’s worse if u respond with a language u did not grow up speaking.

      • Yes but that is assuming if Christa is not a witty and charismatic person which she has been able to disprove countless of times. Of course stress can play a big part; but that can be applied as well to a british born citizen who has been speaking english all her life. I think you might be a tad bit harsh on christa for being somebody who was born not speaking english with a british accent (I have to specify that since english is technically a second language in the philippines). Indeed, there has been a lot of immigrants that can speak english perfectly despite not being born with it. In regards to Lea Salonga, i believe that is a different story. Lea is an actress, and an exceptional one at that. It’s literally her job to don different personas and ways of talking. Combine that with her hunger to break into the westend scene and you get a rare case of the accent switch. She was not some filipino immigrant whose priorities is to put food on the table than please the locals with his or her way of talking. With christa, she already has the accent albeit a bit subtle. Nonetheless, as I have said before I think she can carry herself without having to worry about how she speaks. But then again you have a point; xenophobia is alarmingly growing lately.

  6. this girl looks mooooore beautiful when smiling. 🙂 Good Luck!

  7. She has the best Asian body! 😀

    Good luck Christa!

    I hope she wins! 😀

  8. I thought she’s competing at miss great britain universe this month?

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