20 comments on “Coming this Christmas: Bb. Pilipinas International 2017 Mariel de Leon in her first big movie

  1. I’m getting Anne Hathaway from the bottom left picture. Mariel remains my hands down favorite of this year’s Bb Pilipinas class. I suspect she will be wasted at MI through no fault of hers. It will be some consolation to see more of her in local showbiz projects.

  2. Good for Mariel. She knows the odds of winning are against her favor so start stacking up projects while training as well. Very smart move. Of course we want her to do well in MI as well. I think she will as long as they follow proper preparation. A&Q doesn’t have the coveted MU this year so I hope they focus on winning a least one crown.

  3. kaya pala nanalo gawing artista ng abs….sino kaya ang makauna sa abs…..sa KANYA

  4. Pumayat na siya. Nagbago na contour ng face niya. Keep going, Mariel!

  5. Mariel indeed has a beautiful face . Cocoriel has chemistry. But isnt she taller than CoCo(5’6 sans his elevator shoes)? leading lady leading man height difference

  6. Pic above shows Mariel can be a finalist… provided she loses a little weight

    • Bong , I don’t even know what Panday means
      But I can tell where u are going
      Modern times naman. Ano man ang napanday Kay Mariel , ok Lang. Adult age na nanan sya. It’s time we allow women to be on equal footing with men.

  7. Mariel is fit for the role, Pia & Kyllie is taller than Coco Martin, Mariel has a chemistry with Coco.

    • So is Mariel, 5’8″ is taller than Coco who is only 5’6″.

  8. Sana hindi ganung kalakihan ang role kasi it will eat her time to prepare for MI. lalo na alam natin na on the same quarter ang MI at MMFF.

  9. Panday mula noon hangang ngaun…..
    Darna mula noon hangang ngaun…..
    Marimar mula noon hangang ngaun …..

    Dugtungan nyo na!

  10. I was hoping coco would choose either Pia or Kylie for the role.
    Can’t blame Mariel for accepting this project though . It’s a once in a life time chance . I hope she finds some time to prepare for MI. It will be,a slap in the face and back .. if she does a Bianca 2.0.

    • Well sana si Maxine Medina nalang pinili nya anyways magkamukha sila di ba?

      “Ka alook alike ni Coco si Maxine di ba?

  11. She’s going to be a very busy lady.

    All the best to Mariel.

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