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  1. Thanks for the interesting juxtaposition Norman. Indonesians are definitely making their presence felt as our neighbours the Thais, Burmese and Malaysians are also taking note based on their forums/social media.

    I support our representatives and I believe they have the edge. This is because after all they are Filipinas, with their ineffable charm, grace, wit, beauty, allure and xfactor combined with determination, strength of character and well prepared. Qualities that have made Filipinas renowned the world over and always feature and considered in lists of most attractive women internationally during colonial times to this day.

    Having said that, I find the Indonesian reps beautiful, specially Bunga and Karina whose pics above do them no justice and they both look Filipina. Bunga is seen as a beauty by all nationalities including Latinas and Westerners actually.

    As for Kevin – she has an androgynous look and without photoshop has a wide flat face. Dea is extremely average. They both look Oriental and we know how the world views that type of look so no comments na lang. all I can say is that Mariel has nothing to worry about.

    Japanese are not a fan of oriental looks as they prefer mestiza or southeast asian/Malay beauty with big eyes and narrow small face and pouty lips. Just look at all Miss International winners.

  2. Some things are better imagined than said. And this is one of them . I suggest Norman stop writing these articles.
    Let us just win quietly.
    So when we lose… and we will,
    it won’ feel like a slap .

  3. Indonesia has a loooooong way to go to even catch up with what we have proven in the last 5 years. We have been harvesting alpha crowns left and right while Indonesia has grown rabid and bitter of our successes. What i don’t understand is why the seething rage they have against us, our queens and during our wins when we have trained some of their queens on various camps. Indonesia haven’t won a single MAJOR/ALPHA crown but the way they look down on us is beyond my comprehension. Some indonesian queens are actually nice BUT the fans, they are just a torally different story. I have high hopes for our queens this year. I wan’t them to win their respective competitions—i just wish Mariel starts losing weight soon as i still find her wide. I get it that she’s big boned but gurl, please lose more weight if you can. No other country has won a back to back at Miss International hence, she has the hardest battle to win. Mariel,prove your detractors wrong. Train the hardest. I wish you the best. Lastly, i think it would be best to compare our reigning queens with either Venezuela or USA as they are at par with us and among those who are truly a pageant powerhouse and not just some pageant crazy country like Indonesia.

  4. Much more sensational was her spat with the Philippine socialite Minnie Osmena at a party in Aspen in early January 1992, when she burst into laugh when Minnie declare she will run for Vice President of the Philippines. Annoyed with the laugh, Minnie said “That Geisha!” Dewi Sukarno then broke a glass of wine and slash it to Minnie.

    • Sa IG ni Norman bangayan na ang mga InDogs at PIGnoys. Noon pa man eh ang ating mga Tita eh warla na Rin!

  5. Well… the only thing I think that matters when compaing the two camps are the crowns won in the Big 3 pageants.

    Philippines – 3
    Indonesia – 0

    Philippines – 1
    Indonesia -0

    Philippines – 6
    Indonesia – 0

    And those who count ME as a tier 1 pageat,

    Philippines – 3
    Indonesia -0

    Until Indonesia wins a major top tier crown, comparing the two beauty contingents maybe a sense of frustration towards the Indonesian diehards…

    Just sayin’ 🤔🤔🤔


  6. i do not understand why the two camps should be compared this way. it only drives up animosity among fans and it is not a good thing.
    all I know is peters chanel and Elizabeth are likely to do very well in their respective pageants.
    miss Indonesia international has a very cute face (with make up on) so she may do well too.

  7. Magaganda naman yung Indonesian beauties pero ang labanan ay yung performance mo from day 1of activities to the last day of competition especially sa Finals.
    It’s also a plus if you’re one of the favoured candidates ng mga official organizers.
    Remember, beauty pageant is Politics hihihi☺
    Baka maMU-Kenya 2016 ang mga contestants na wiz masyado alam sa international politics at ang sagot lang sa interview ay “Politics. …+ nganga” hihihi. .cherette lang.
    E2 pala yung nangyaring politika (cherette) sa pagkapanalo ni Maureen.. we love you and congratulations 😚 mwah mwah tsup tsup 😄

  8. manalo muna sila ng universe o kahit international crown man lang by then pwede na sigurong i-compare ang binibini at puteri :p

  9. For me Mariel is more gorgeous than Kevin in all aspect but this is miss international , We all know they like delicate beauties so Kevin on this one.
    Chanel and Clenci might win the respective pageants assigned to them
    Rachel wins over Bunga. I dont understand the clamor over Bunga but like Thomas said the thorn for Rachel fr southeast asia might be Ms.Tuktuk Thai

  10. In general, the Indonesian beauties looked more photoshopped and “filterized” in their photos than the Filipinas (who obviously were also photographically enhanced).

    Ranking so far:

    1) Thailand Beauties
    2) Philippines
    3) Indonesians

    World Peace.

  11. Universe Philippines – Rachel. 5’8″ vs Universe Indonesia – Bunga, 6’0″
    International Philippines – Mariel 5’8″ vs International Indonesia – Kevin, 5’9″
    Supranational Philippines – Chanel, 5’9″ vs Supranational Indonesia – Karina, 5’7″
    Grand International Philippines – Elizabeth, 5′ 5 1/2″ vs Grand International – Dea, 5’8″

    Honestly they are all beautiful. Let us wait and see who among this lovely ladies will bring home the crown. Height and beauty is not a guarantee to win but as long as they have the strength and ability to speak coming from their heart they will definitely capture the eyes of the judges. Good luck ladies.

  12. Beauty-wise (face, basing on the pics), magaganda yung mga Indonesians. I’m not a superfan of Rachel pero sya lang medyo angat dito sa apat na Fil delegates. Parang naka-neutral mode ang Pinas sa beauty pageant this year (pero di pa rin naman paiiwan).

  13. Let me start by saying that I’m really happy that Indonesia has been sending competitive women in international pageants and also proud that Asians are now considered threats in pageants.

    Now, between the competing queens from the Philippines amd Indonesia, here are my observations:

    Rachel was the best that night at Binibini however this photo is not her best. There is still room for improvement and I have already seen that in her recent photo. As for Bunga, I think this is not her best photo as well. She is beautiful and outstanding among the Puteri.

    My choice would be RACHEL

    Mariel definitely is pretty but my problem is her body. If this were Miss Universe, this won’t be an issue. Kevin on the other hand is slim and very oriental looking. Her beauty might be favored more by the judges.

    My choice would be KEVIN

    Chanel is not my typical beauty queen. Her catwalk and modelling skills are topnotch thpugh. Karina also looks oriental but a little bit older. Her beauty does not suit my taste that much.

    My choice would be CHANEL

    Elizabeth’s photo is so good but she does not look that good in the video. She is ok for me but she lacks the x-factor. Dea has a good photo. She is pretty and captivating in photo and totally different on video.

    My choice would be ELIZABETH


  14. Magkapareho ang make=up ng queens nila, kaya magkakamukha tuloy. Bunga’s make-up is the same as Keziah’s make-up.

  15. I can’t say anything except for Rachel who looks ravishing in that solo pic


  16. The indo miss u seems like the only threat so far, she’s eyecathing, model pretty and exotic as oppose to the generic meztisa that is Rachel (You can probably see that I am not a big fan of her, not yet). I can’t see why we can’t have a rep with local features. It seems that we heavily depend too much on western blood as our rep. Kind of funny, especially with this whole Pinoy Pride thing. Overall, it probably will come down to personality and smarts which Miss U is vehemently putting emphasis on. I feel like Rachel might have an edge with this. In regards to the rest of the indo reps; they can just straight up suck it. Too overrated in my taste. Without the heavy use of photoshop and make up, they all look like products of inbreeding with their big chins and protruding jaws (ironic with rachel and our miss international rep, but at least they somehow pull it off both natural and with makeup). Even Bunga sometimes looks like a burnt rat when she doesn’t have makeup. But as always, I feel like the indos will desperately work hard to make a presence, particularly with their corrupt pageant higher ups and delusional (mostly homophobic and racists) fans who will support them to oblivion, making a religious cult look incredibly mediocre in comparison. Oh, I just hope more focus is place on Thailand and it’s exceptional passion for beauty pageants instead so that the Philippines can finally have a DECENT rival in asia. Indonesia, sucks the fun straight out of pageantry. They’re just too desperate to win but have no sportsmanship whatsoever. They will spit on their neighbors and kick them when they’re down if they can. They’re like the philippines in the early days, but just more bitter and rude. My humble opinion, feel free to disagree…

  17. MUST WE REALLY COMPARE? we HAVE already proven ourselves, many times…!! NO CONTEST..

  18. Philippines has the edge because of the variety of beauties. It seemed like Indonesia recycled the same beauty again and again. They look similar to the other girls that was sent before.

  19. May laban ang Indonesia pero I stand behind Philippines for the very diverse looks from each candidate. Puteri girls could be sisters.

  20. Last year is a big CATFIGHT between Phils ang Indo. Even before the international competitions, i was having inticipations of Indonesia and Philippines sharing the Four crowns with two crowns each. This year is not so exciting thats all I can say!
    I am so into this anticipation right now:
    Universe – Peters (Demi Leigh-Peters) of South Africa
    International – Argentina
    Grand – NA

    Supranational battle seems to be the most interesting. I am not a fan of their facial beauty though, jist the attitude.

    • @ Baklah : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Yes, I agree with you. Argentina for International!

      And btw for anybody (else) interested, Miss Grand Thailand bears a resemblance to Felice Huang.

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