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  1. Iba iba ang pageant. Let them do what they want. pag gumagaya naman sa iba sasabihin copycat. pag kakaiba ang mga ginagawa lalaitin at i cocompare sa ibang pageants. medyo related pa din naman sa ME ang ginagawa nila may connect pa din. Hinde na ako magtataka soon magkakaroon na ng pageant na ang labanan ay natural na ganda. no make up. only hair lang ang gagalawin but of course with good and sexy body and brain. not sure kung meron na nyan ngayon but this one really exciting din naman. rampahan ng mga natural na ganda.

  2. I just realized they have the same concept as The Face by Naomi Campbell. No make up segment and cover your face and show only your body portion.

  3. some of the girls stood out without makeup while others suddenly looked old. anyway this is a new innovative way of judging i appreciate these changes.

  4. Actually no make up pre-judging is already a staple at Miss Earth & Miss Philippines Earth pageant, even at Mutya ng Pilipinas and original Miss Asia Pacific Quest when Carousel was the producer at that time. This pre-judging test these girls how will they handle if they embark on environmental activities during their reign especially on their natural beauty.

    On the other hand there is still 1 component left and it is the all important personal interviews on the final week of MPE 2017. These component will test these girls on their potential to be a speaker for their advocacy in the school tours, seminars, appearances during local and international tours and many more.

    Aside from these 3, the chaperons’ voting is also held to test the girls’ attitude and sincerity to the pageant.

  5. Ang mga vaks, pag Miss U ang gumawa ng no make up eh lahat magbubunyi pero since this is Miss Earth eh puro gimmick lang. hihihi. Hoy mga kababayan wag na mag utak talangka.

  6. This is a good criteria for beauty contest. If you are looking for a natural beauty then no make up. Dyan makikita kung talagang maganda sila. Walang daya!


    • @ Angelo Reyes : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      The Miss Earth 2016 candidates planted mangrove saplings under the hot coastal sun.

      They were also covered by Mr. Tinio. Feel free to look through the Archives/My Blog Library. 🙂

    • What have you done so far Sir? You are of no satisfaction. Think again, sorry don’t think again until your foolishness will bring you deeper than down.

  8. hayaan nyo na ang ME…trip nila yan eh. May point din nman sila. Kung maganda ka kahit walang make up lulutang ka. Pre judging lang nman may ganito. Come finals bongga nman make up nila

  9. Have they been doing this in the past editions? Sorry, I am not following ME. What’s the goal for this? I mean, I get that this is a beauty pageant and beauty is the main criterion. But I don’t get the “without make-up” thing. Make-up should enhance the beauty of a person, right?

    • Superficial beauty needs make up, heavy if you will. Many, even you, are still longing for natural beauty. Beauty that needs less or no make up without the fear of judgment from people of less sense.

  10. Sandra Seifert’s no make up look when she competed still haunts me even up to this day. :S

  11. Ms Bohol, i hope you bleach your teeth. You are pretty already but your teeth is distracting. It’s ok if you are not in a beauty contest because no one will judge you. Kaso lang, you are a public figure now and that’s something you need to address.

    • @ Saluda Chang : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      May I suggest a compromise of sorts : upscale resort wear with the evening’s gentle surf as runway. Siyempre, barefoot.

      Proper lighting (read : NOT white halogen lamps as these attract nocturnal bugs) lang po, please.

      CREATIVITY will save the day for Miss Philippines Earth!

    • Should it happen, you care? Or you will just continue to be pointless?

    • You beat me to using the word ‘bizarre’ first @DanDan…like what sans fard, au naturel sorcery is this lol??? I mean I get the need to innovate, to be edgy but maybe the Miss Earth pageant is missing the mark. If they took lessons from newbie pageants like MGI specifically, the lesson is quite clear- you don’t need to have deep of a core mission to be popular because I’m sure as hell everyone is snickering at MGI’s Stop The War b.s.

      Ironically, what hobbles the ME organisation from truly taking off (inspite being in existence for 16 years) is its environmental advocacy. It’s not a seamless of a meld as compared to Miss World for example (the hosting for crown tit-for-tat thing lol) or with MGI.

      Parang masyadong trying hard ang ME, whether it be on the national finals or the global one. And it’s those components- the pre-finals competitions that don’t add up to pushing multiple winners to the circle of semi-finalists; the startlingly tacky venues like Versailles; and even to a certain degree, winners from the organisers home country- bad timing lang talaga na nagkataong deserving mga Filipina reps because what can you do? But the backlash has diminished the pageant’s stature.

      And now this- black veils and no make-up…we get it and it’s commendable, but will it really give ME much needed buzz and lustre, or will everything be just some high-brow thing that will be met with a collective ???

      • dami mong kuda…kanya kanya style ang bawat beauty pageant…ito ang personality ng ME. Not everybody shares your opinion

      • By the look of it, you just based your opinion from what you heard and read from shallow comments or saw from rear. Obviously, you don’t have the idea of what Miss Earth is since it’s inception. It doesn’t need to be glamorous all the time nor compromise for the sake of approval from few. This is ME and it will continue despite the mental-locked-lacked criticism.

      • Then mainstream media (Big 3 TV networks and CNN Philippines) should cover MGI in Vietnam this year to prove its worth, because last year ABS-CBN via TFC only covered MGI during the coronation night in Las Vegas.

      • Frankie, you can not compare one pageant org from the other. For me, I commend ME for being a non-conformist. And oh what part of the world are you at because what I know is that ME is reverred in other parts of the world. It is even more popular than Miss International specially in Europe, Africa and South America. Only Filipinos say what you just said and that is the true essence of what is called “crab mentality” not when someone criticize a particular candidate.

    • I believe you can comment better than that. ‘Constructive’ you missed to consider.

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