9 comments on “The Miss Philippines Earth 2017 | Trash-to-Class Competition 

  1. Anong trash at nasaan ang basura sa damit nila 😄
    Parang LieKnee lang na nagsinungaling uli at namulot daw sa basurahan ng Boston hihihi 😁

      • Hihihi sabihin mo yan sa rappler at iba pang deelawlawan Johnny 😄
        Dapat approved na yang fake news law nang magkaalaman na Hihihi ☺

  2. Miss Kalibo Aklan caught my attention with that Ariella Arida legs and pose. She seems a darkhorse. She looks great in runway after i saw that Veiled Swimwear video.

  3. Carousel should include this not only at the finals night at MPE but also for Miss Earth 2017.

    Instead of that Resort Wear Competition they should implement the Trash to Class Competition.

    Maybe all 16 will compete in Swimsuit, Evening Gown then Trash to Class, before reaching the Top 8

  4. Maganda ang message na pinararating ng trash to class ng segment ng MPE. I just hoped that the designers really took time to search at wastelands and have these materials to be recycled, kase kung bibili lng nmn sila ng bago at sandamakmak na plastics from the store, it adds damage to the environment pa rin, knowing that after the segment, san napupunta ang mga creations nila kung wala namang magrerent, bka itatapon lng din nmn. Ang lilinis at ang titingkad ng kulay, parang bago. I hope im wrong with this.

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