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  1. Nangyari na ang nangyari move on na mga baks! Ang sasama niyo maka bash kay Pia, kahit anong sabihin niyo Ms. Universe pa rin yan nag dala siya ng karangalan sa bansa. Eh kayo? Ni Ms. Barangay nga mukhang ligwak kayo eh. Kesyo masama ang ugali walang delicadeza blah blah blah, dami nyong sinabi nagbigay lang ng korona! Judge naman siya ng event kaya may K naman siya para mag award nun, saka kayo mag wala kung security guard ang nag bigay ng korona. Kung si Erap nag bigay nyan malamang wala kayo masasabi.

    Hayaan na wag nang gawan ng big deal. Pasensiya na lang sa reigning queen.

  2. OMFG, for once I agree with this creature named Cocoy- third world problems indeed!! And for once, Norman Tinio’s fairly balanced blogging seems compromised by his complaint that the organisers didn’t give online media enough ‘access’ to the pageant.

    But that and Pia’s crowning of the winner are two different things! But because the blogger was miffed, ayan tuloy, parang may kasalanang ginawa ang mga organisers when in truth, the two things are totally not related.

    Wala naman sa Pageant Bible- ke old or new testament lol- na yung outgoing queen lang ang dapat- and no one else- mag crown sa winner. Any tom, dick or harry deemed acceptable by the organisers can plunk that damned crown on the winner’s head.

    And in this case, it was Pia, MU herself at hindi kung sino-sino lang ang nag crown.

    And who is Pia to say no especially when unknown to any of us (including the miffed blogger) the whole thing may have already been discussed and accepted by everyone??

    Did Cristelle seemed upset?? Did she go and cry her pretty eyes out on social media for this seemingly unforgivable beauty queen crime on her pretty person??

    What’s worse about this is all these people who were once supportive of Pia (or maybe kunwari lang) and have now ever so quickly pulled out their damned trolling knives to stab her in the back over the most nonsensical piece of make-up drama ever.

    You people should be ashamed. PWE!

  3. I do not understand why people say Miss Manila is pipitsugin. It has a former president at its helm. ….This year’s edition was hosted by Edu and Sara was the main performer,. How can u call this pageant a barangay level pageant?
    Gloria was a judge 2 yrs ago but no one called her out for this.

  4. Ganyan ang nangyayari pag masyadong mukhang pera ang manager. No wonder pati Brunei pinatulan kaya ayun na involve sa napaka cheap na issue. Sabagay wala naman talaga syang delikadesa eh nung reign pa nga nya eh panay ang post nya sa mga selfie nila ng bf nya sa kama at doon pa sa bed ng apartment nya na binabayaran ng MUO. Yuck

    • You are so right Jeremi, At napansin mo din pala na nasa kama nya yung short time na bf nya, at tama ka na nman seems like yung manager nya is mukhang pera. lahat eh pinapatos ultimo Ms Balik balik na pageant pinapatulan

  5. O nangyari na. Ok na yan. Lesson learned. Lets npt dwell on this anymore. Move on na tyo sa miss earth ok…

  6. I agree. Pia could have said NO. Miss Universe ka, Miss Manila ito. Lightyears ang agwat nyo. Ang layo na ng narating mo para patulan pa ‘to at the expense of someone who went there prepared and very excited to do her role of crowning her successor. Pinaubaya mo na dapat ang limelight sa outgoing Miss Manila dahil kanya yon. Ok lang sana kung hindi nakasipot ang outgoing queen. At kahit ano pang pagjajustify, na kesyo sumunod lang si Pia sa utos, hindi pa rin tama dahil alam nilang may taong masasagasaan at pwedeng masaktan. What’s next, Miss Balic-balic? So insensitive.

  7. pia should have just given the task to give the sash and the flowers to the winner…the crowning should be exclusive to the reigning queen…bakit nman pag ang Miss Universe naiinvite sa mga pageants hindi sila ang nagcocrown ng winner…karapatan kc yun ng outgoing queen

    ano pa ba ma expect nyu? mapa pelikula, concert at kung anes anes pa, may mga DA MOVES talaga yan sila na napaka MAL EDUCADO!!!!!

  9. Did any of the powers that be even have the courtesy to inform Cristell about the crowning assignment?

    I think a public apology to Cristelle or at least an explanation would be the right thing to do.

    It’s like a slap in the face to the outgoing Miss Manila.

  10. Hala ang Pia ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Eksenadora. My gawd, di mo na isinaalang-alang kung ano mafefeel ng outgoing queen. Yung pamilya nya andyan, manonood sa anak nila na ipapasa ang korona at super proud sila for sure. Pero bakit ikaw ang nagkorona? Di mo ba pwedeng tanggihan khit utos pa yan ng baklang jonas at viva na yan? Susme. Nawala ang paghanga ko sayo bigla.

  11. Disappointed at Pia for agreeing to crown Miss Manila, when she knew it was Cristelle’s moment and Cristelle’s right as the outgoing title holder to do so.

    • Christelle”s moment ? I think that moment has long been gone …
      I n, beauty contests , that moment begins during the coronation night and ends shortly thereafter. Any trace of last yr is old news including the outgoing queen.
      Who wanted to listen to her farewell speech or see her crown the new queen? The focus was on the top 5, “”who is it gonna be?’

      • Dear Fabian,

        I really pity your kind of reasoning. It deserves no further discussion at all.

        Simply said, you take out the “Fab” in Fabian, and the “yes” in Reyes.

        World Peace.

      • That moment, that privilege, of crowning her successor belonged to Cristelle, not Pia. I wonder how Pia would have felt if she had been pushed aside and someone else crowned Iris Mittenaere?

      • isn’t it what every outgoing queen feels after they crown the new queen? being pushed aside? The only difference here is…it happened right before the new queen was crowned.

        like what people said, this is a minor pageant. and everyone seemed to be ok with it … based on the video shown- erap, miss manila 2016.

        Why crucify pia?

  12. Bakit si Pia sinisisi niyo? Sumusunod lang sila sa director/manager/whoever is calling the shots. You people have probably not worked in any show/production.

      • Well ask Jonas Gaffud who is her manager about this. You dont know how this show is produced and the terms that they sign to be part of this so you all need to chill. There are things in life that cannot be controlled and guess what you don’t really know the real story of what transpired during the planning of the event so to blame it on Pia is just plain dumb. Remember that a talent has only much to say when the manager gave it a go. Djusko wag masyadong naive mga vaks. Business po ito.

        World Peace.

      • pia have a choice not to crown her or crown her pero dalawa sila dapat. Nag remarked ang sagot nya sa MU. she is confidently beautiful with a heart. i dont mean that shes bad. what my point is sana magets nyo. as jonas said aalis sana sila after announcement pero sinabihan sila na si pia mag crown. so wala nagawa sila jonas kaya umoo na. nakakahiya naman daw kung hinde papayag. pero mas nakakahiya sa outgoing queen. kahit ok lang sa kanya. its very unfair talaga. they can refuse it naman. hinde pagmamayari ng viva si pia. dahil mas worse ang effect kapag tinanggap nila. ma babash si pia and ayan na nga. d man lang naisip na dapat alalay nalang si pia sa pag crown kahit sash nalang. ang hirap kase. kesyo MU sya eh ganyan na gagawin. so nasan naman ang respect nila sa outgoing queen.? lahat sila maling mali. they respect Pia thats why pinagcrown nila. so asan respect aa outhgoing queen???

    • Because she could have said NO . She could have fought for what is right. Confidently beautiful with a heart means being confident in standing up for what your heart knows is right!!!! SO DISAPPOINTED IN HER.

      • I agree Venus. Hindi porke’t sinabi ng manager mo, susunod ka kahit alam mong mali. You could have offered gracious and acceptable alternatives. Yeah, we don’t know the full story. And so do you. But from the looks of it, Pia has been not looking good lately.

        Pia, of all people knows how it is to have the thunder stolen from her (re: Steve Harvey and Ms. Colombia). The difference is that the Ms. Universe fiasco was an honest mistake, and Ms. Colombia was equally a victim. This time, Pia agreed with full consent.

        I don’t know if Pia needs all the rakets she can get to pay the bills so that even a token or stipend to crown a minor beauty contest winner, pinapatos.

        There is a tagalog term that more and more applies to her. Epal.

        World Peace.

    • Agree.
      Besides, Pia is the queen of all queens.
      I feel like she was rightful in crowning Miss Manila. The fact that this was unprecedented in major beauty pageants does not make it wrong.

      • O my goodness Fabian what a rhetoric…I really think you’re dumb this time. Sorry

  13. What next?

    Megan Young, MW 2013 crowning MWP 2017 while MWP 2016 Catriona Gray is somewhere in the audience or backstage? ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

    C’mon people! !

  14. Sobrang liit pala ni Estrada
    Para syang duwende sa Lupa.
    He should have used a walker Hindi na makallakad

  15. Nasaktan talaga ako sa ginawa ni Pia. Alam naman nya na hindi tama at masasaktan ako pero ginawa pa rin nya. Anong klaseng Miss Universe cya.Isa syang impakta huhuhu. ..love, Cristelle Tolentino (ang Princess Sarah na inapi na naman ni miss minchin)๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜š

  16. Love Pia… but…
    Viva Entertainment apparently had no consideration of Cristelle’s feelings or dignity as Miss Manila “2016!”

    That was a classless, tasteless and arrogant move and shame on them. Prime example of insensitive SOB’s!
    How dare they! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž

  17. OO nga yan din ang napansin ko…akala ko tuloy walang Miss Manila 2016. Ano nga ba ang sagot Norman at ganito ang ganap?

  18. I feel bad for the outgoing Miss Manila. That final moment of her reign was taken away from her forever.


  20. She could have said “no” to the offer to crown the winner. Or she could have offered to co-crown the winner. Or to give the sash instead or to give the bouquet. She would have appeared gracious in everyone’s eyes.

    You know very well the struggles of a small time beauty queen and yet there you are stealing someone else’s thunder.

    She is such one classy lady indeed. Not.

    World Peace.

  21. Simple lng yan eh.
    Kung c Pia ang Miss Manila 2016 at ang nanalong Miss Manila 2017 ay c MJ Lastimosa, anong mararamdaman at gagawin ni Pia at Mama J Kung ang magcrown kay MJ ay c Miss International Bea Santiago hihihi.
    Hindi talaga makatarungan ang ginawa ni Pia at dahil sa Di sya nag isip ng tama, Pia Alonso Wurtzbach is Miss Ugly Universe without a heart. ..
    “Walanghiya ka Pia, bakit mo ako ginaganito. Bakit ka pumayag huhuhu. Wala kang puso huhuhu. Wala kang pinag-iba sa mga LP- lie knee, deliema, hontivirus .. magsama kayong lahat na makarma at matikman ang bangis ng aking paghihiganti”.. love, Cristelle T. ….charette lng hihihi ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜š

  22. OPMB covered it Sir Norman, so may online media. Nagtrend pa nga post nila #AllTeaNoShade

    • HIndi ba pdeng Gloria Diaz?


  23. Kung babaliktarin natin ang pangyayari, kung sakali si Pia dapat ang maglalagay ng korona sa nanalo pero sabi nila hindi siya, sigurado na malaking balita na yan dahil hindi malaking patimpalak ang Miss Manila at lahat ng pangyayari ay tama. Sa aking pananaw kung may kaunting respeto kay Miss Manila 2016 ang dapat na siya ang maglalagay ng korona hindi si Pia. Hindi porket nandoon si Miss Universe lahat ay puwede nang gawin ang lahat kahit mali. Ano ang susunod na koronahan ni Pia patimpalak sa pamatansan, palaro at barangay. Ipinapakita lamang ng pamunuhan ng patimpalak ng Miss Manila na wala silang pinag-aralan.

    • yeah. gusto ng viva na mag trend eh. pero mukhang mag te trend naman. but not because the show was superb bongga or success. just because what they did is disrectful from outgoing queen. negative impression. Hayss. not becoz pia is MU and sikat sya eh gagamitin na para lang mag trend miss manila. pwede naman. pero palpak. kahit judge sya ok na eh. kahit sash lang ok na. but the good impression turned out to negative/bad impression. sarap sampalin ng Viva. nakielam pa kase. ayan. ma babash na naman si pia nyan. sya pa sisihin.

    • Yes i agree to all, Pambabastos naman ang ginawa nila dun sa Ms Manila 2016, Imbes na si Pia ang maglagay lang ng sash dun sa nanalo bat sya yung Korona? Ms Manila ang Contest at Hindi Viva pageant eto?… Sana nag organize nalang ng iba ang Viva Production, Ms Viva 2017, At kahit si Iris pa ang imbitahan nila at maglagay ng korona wala tayong paki

    • Next time please invite Pia to Crown “Ms Little Barangay” Sorry no offense to Pia but sana magkaroon nman sya ng konting pride sa sarili nya? ok lang na mag judge sya sa ganyan mga contest at para sya pa ang mag crown she can refuse it kasi yun ang tama.

      • miss manila is not just some pageant. it’s probably the most prestigious beauty contest outside of bp mwp and mep.

  24. pwede namang dalawa sila mag korona side by side. kahit sa iba ginagawa yon. yan pa kaya na miss manila lang. kahit hinde si pia mag crown kay gail. mag te trend naman yang miss manila at andyan naman si Pia at sa ganda ng crowns nila.

  25. Ganun? No offense to Pia, but she could have helped in putting on the sash or handling the bouquet of flowers. Sinilar to what Gabriella Isler did during the crowning of MJ. Ara still crowned her successor with the help of the reigning MU, she also sat as one of the judges at that time.

    It’s the decision/fault of the organizers.

    Anyhow, congrats ladies and may you have a successful reign.

  26. Ang inisnob ni Madame! bow! i mentioned before that she top my list for MUP anu man nakita ng iba sa kanya basta ako she top my list. nakakapagtaka at hinde nakapasok sa semis si bb girl ko. anyway! mahirap din ang laban last night pero she won pa rin โ˜บ๏ธ. best in SS pa โ˜บ๏ธ. its a stepping stone for her to place in bbp next join nya if ever. payagan naman kaya ni madame na mapasemis at manalo sya or ipagpilitan pa rin na d sya deserving kuno for the crown kaya ililigwak na naman if ever. Congrats Gail Tobes!
    napaka unfair naman ng viva at nakielam pa. sipa ba may ari ng ng miss manila??? whatever!!! traditionally outgoing queen ang dapat mag ka crown sa new queen! enebenemen yen!!! para mag trending? for what??? Wala namang competition internationally and reigning queen ng miss manila. Kahit wala si Pia dyan pwede yang mag trend. how?? gumawa ng kakaiba. mapapa wow!!! amazing!!!! gandahan ang show. opening number and production stage. transparent result and of course makapag produce ng deserving winners. yan. mag te trending yan sa mga ganyan and no need to use someone na kilala na ng mundo. make your own!!! pero cge ipa trend nila para good kay Gail Tobes yan at mapansin ni madamme ๐Ÿ˜€.

    • Geoff. her English is limited as shown by her fragmented response to the question. if she can correct that before she ages out, then she may join BP again. otherwise, baka luhaan lang sya.

      for me, tobes’ spin should stop right there at miss manila 2017.

      • Bakit may QandA na ba agad bago pimili ng top 15? kung fragmented English niya, may naalala ka ba na editiong ng BB. Pilipinas na fluent lahat ng semi finalist? In fact, anghirap ng tanong nya, at maganda ang sagot niya. Hindi ka rin sure kung masasagot ng ganun ka on point kung si Pia or kung sino mang titleholder ang tinanong.

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