23 comments on “Looking for the next Miss Universe Thailand

  1. Hands down. They’re all gorgeous. Walang latak. Halos lahat pasok sa banga kung pictures above ang pagbabasehan. Perfect pasarela na lang at comm skills ang kelangan. If A&Q or KF could train all these beautiful Thai women. I guess it’s Thailand’s year this time. Ginalingan masyado eh 🙂

  2. ganda ng mga Miss Thailand Universe candidates. I am happy for them. They very much look like Filipinas… they were able to select the maintream/international Asian look.

  3. Beautiful ladies indeed.

    Inquiring minds would like to know though, why the blogger is all of a sudden featuring candidates from another country.

    If this is the slant the blog is going to take from now on, kindly feature next time the Ms. Universe candidates from Gibraltar, Mozambique and Bhutan. =)

    World Peace.

    • Eh blog nya itey ate so feel free si Mommy Norms to write whatever he wants. It’s actually a breathe of fresh air since every time he writes something about Filipinas like Rachel or Mariel eh parang WWIII ang mga vaks dito.

    • @ Thomas : Good morning/afternoon/evening.

      I like this slant. It gives us a chance to see the competition.

      Mr. Tinio’s blog goes global! Starting with ASEAN… Next up, Binibinis vs. Puteris vs. Misses Thai. 🙂

  4. Maria ehren is #46. She is a true 5’11 speaks 5 languages including English . She should win because all that Ms Thailand lacks is always communication skills. She is also stunning and looks fresh. In general all these girls look fresh and styled right . Maybe it’s just the photography but many of them can win MU. For me they should pick Maria

    • Problem is she looks to foreign… Most Miss Thai halfies rarely make it to the TOP 15… But Chalita of last year is 1/4 German…

      If Maria is styled to look more Asian w/ straight hair and thick lips… Would she make the homerun?

  5. Mayroon din daw kahawig ni Ms.Ann Colis?

    The Hillarie Parungao look-alike is half-Swede, half-Thai.

    With this quality of options, I suddenly do not get the fuss about Ms. Bunga Jelitha Ibrani.

  6. Amazing Ms Thailand! So many gorgeous candidates with battle-ready physique, good education background and charming finesse. They surely are very much back in the game.

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