19 comments on “Rachel Peters: On First Gear

  1. I like Rachel , her wit , laidback style and I root for her win come Dec but I dont know why the veneers are done this way. Times are changing? I was sent to the orthodontist when I was sporting this bugs bunny look during the 90s.. Now this is the epitome of how teeth should look?

  2. Pwede po ba bawas-bawasan ang contouring sa cheeks niya? It makes her look old.

  3. Good start. They have to coach her on her best angles. For me it is face front. The teeth situation is a bit distracting though. Those trademark KF veneers are not aesthetically pleasing at all. Tone down on the make up – it is making her look much older and bordering on drag queen.

  4. I agree! Big wavy curls to neutralize her strong facial bone structure… As in Farah Faucet Charlie’s Angels 70’s peg… And curl the cupid’s bow of her upper lip further and make it thick…. Ok na yung eyebrows pero yung eyes, make it look brighter.

    I want to see more looks of Rachel…

  5. Wrong look for her. She looks old. The equine features of her face are accentuated . Kentucky derby yes ! MU 👎🏽

  6. She looks best when smiling.

    KF tampered with her teeth so much that they became a distraction in the black and white pic. To be honest, it took away the drama from her eyes.

    • I agree. Veneers too gigantic for a very thin lips. Hindi balanse. Pero wala tayong magagawa. Obsession yan ng KF. Trademark nila yan. Hindi ka KF girls pag hindi kasing laki ng palakol ang mga ngipin mo. Sad reality.

  7. I LIKE what I see.

    And with the word out that hosting duties for Filipinas this November will no longer materialize, Ms. Peters’ chances of nailing our fourth MU crown will no longer be hounded by home court decision concerns.

    Which ALSO means that MW 2017 will PROBABLY proceed in China as scheduled. And if Ms. Morley chooses to crown a potentially-strong MU-crossover beauty, then Ms. Peters’ job just got even easier with one less thorn on her road to the MU crown!

    • I likewise hope that San Miguel Corporation managed to ink a long-term sponsorship deal with WME/IMG along the same lines as the C-1000 endorsement. In this way, even if Filipinas loses the battle, we win the war. ! Que Dulce 😉

  8. Bagay sa kanya ang big curls, though it gives her the Latina vibes, kasi nanyu-neutralize nito ang kanyang facial bone structure. A straight long hair or high bun will only underscore her chin and veneer in a not-so-pleasing-in-the-eyes way, and it will make her look old. Her overall bone structure is something to die for. Kelangan lang ng toning sa gym to firm up biceps/triceps, legs and abs like what Ara achieved during her time. Go go go girl! Rock the world, the universe rather!

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