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  1. it’s not the right time since may undergoing crisis pa tayo. pero ang miss earth ok lng na dito ganapin s pinas.

    • @ sultan : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Why po OK lang Miss Earth?

  2. If anything, this news is helpful to Rachel. Continued success of the Filipina queens may be just the right type of motivation to get the stars to line up in favor of another possible hosting. If Rachel wins, and she has all the goods to do so, then maybe local sponsor will see a benefit to their involvement.

    Besides, MUO is going through an identity crisis of sorts under IMG. Let them sort out their mess while the Philippines sorts out its own.

  3. The smartest decision made by one of the dumbest Tourism secretaries the Philippines ever had 🙃

  4. Good narin. Magulo rin ngayon. Kung ninerbyos tayo last January ngayon mas real yung threats. Wait muna tayo konti. Rachel is a strong contender. Veneers nalang naman halos aayusin sa kanya and I inow they have plans to do so. Styling – may fairy godmothers na sya in Ton Lao and Harley Tan. No problem with her wardrobe. Rodgil and his KF team naka alalay naman sa pasarela, fitness and with Rachel’s ability to get her message across onting tweaks nalang naman talaga. What I’m saying is at least hindi hati attention nya sa prep work nya.

    Medyo insensitive din kase to have the pageant here this Nov ( Nov hinahabol ng mga bossing sa Fox Kase holiday) lalo na hindi pa tapos gulo sa Mindanao. With Pia being an ambassador and the whole MU team here all the time mahirap din na isipin tayo nagmomonopolize kaae paborito tayo. Ok na rin Yung onting distance para Kung naka place tayo mas legit. Yun Lang….Sana Hindi magtampo.

  5. Good!
    This will free MUP 2017 Rachel Peters to focus on MU without any distractions.

    Food for thought. Venezuela has won 7 MU’s and 6 MW’s without ever hosting either of the top tier pageants.

    A placement (or better) is a higher priority.
    Let’s get behind Rachel to keep that streak alive and possibly a 4th MU crown!

    What good is hosting the MU pageant if Rachel becomes Bianca Manalo’s MU-clapper “bookend?”

    Keep 2009 the last year MUP will ever clap again! 😆😉😆

  6. This is a good move. Let other country host it. Australia, are you there?

    If all else fails, then there is Las Vegas.

  7. No country other than the Philippines is interested in hosting this pageant.

    • tinatamad na’kong mag reply kay c2f(Certified2Fanatic), kaya “&” ko na lang muna, comment ng ilang netizens–

      “Halatang walang cable TV ang mga Dutertards. Lols. Ngayon lang nakapanuod ng HARDTALK. They are not aware that the show’s host is known for throwing pointed, no holds barred questions to his guests. Even more popular guests are “grilled” on the show. Suckur is known to take the role of the devil’s advocate in his interviews. Deliberately almost always taunting the opinion of his guest in his show. In fact, Trillanes made satisfactory replies to questions made by Suckur. On the other hand, if Duterte were to be interviewed by HardTalk, he would have received more uncomfortable questions too. And as a Filipino, sana hindi sya magpa interview. It is going to be an epic epic embarassment.”

      “That’s what idiotards don’t understand. Para que pa tinawag ang show na HARDTALK. Guest is there to be grilled and Sen Trillanes was prepared for the battle. Good work Senator. Try si Sir Aguirre ang isalang jan”

      “Hindi kamo marunong manuod ng totoong balita mga tards.puro peysbuk lang alam”

      btw c2f, napakareliable, credible at neutral ng source ng vid mo– PH bloggers unfiltered!!! LOL 😀

      • Gusto ko sabay sila lieknee at Tatay D mainterview sa Hardtalk at alam nyo na sino ang bobobobobo hihihi 😙

      • Guys, damayan nyo naman si San Longhino please… Yung kaya ijustify ang artistic performance ng idol senator nya… Wahahahhaaaaaa 😀

        Wala na bang ibang Pro-Yellow na gusto magcompliment how proud they are of their very inteligent and holy senator?!… 😀

        *Watching San Longhino dig his own grave*

  8. This is a good move by the DOT and the potential financiers for this event. And I do hoope other countries would be given the chance to host especially those who haven’t hosted yet since the pageant came to inception. Basta wherever the host country be tapos patuloy na ipupush ng MUO/IMG ang walang kaeffort-effort na stage na dinala lang ng sandamakmak na LED lights, for sure the pageant’s popularity will continue to dip. Na-miss ko na yung glory days ng MU wherein super fabulous ng stage and was reflective and representative of the host country. Sayang lang talaga yung millions na ininvest ng Pinoy para lang sa stage na LED lights (sorry bitter talaga ako dito), walang kwentang introduction wherein the girls got to be introduced by a voice over (nakakamiss lang yung Ma. Venus Raj, 22, Philippines ganern) at nakipagjam kay Florida sa kanyang uber-ancient hits. Tumatak talaga sa akin yung nag host yung nga kapitbahay natin na Thailand at Vietnam na super bongga ng stage ‘teh. If I were in the audience at home. I would feel like I was in those countries talaga. Isama mo pa jan ang stage nung 2011 na mala mardi gras at nung 2012 Christmas edition ng MU. Ambot na lamang, cringe-inducing talaga. Alam nyo yun? Nakakamiss yung Trump-era Miss Universe. Pag pinagpatuloy pa to ng MUO, supalpal na talaga ratings nila just like what happened to Miss USA 2017 wherein natalo pa sila ng Miss America in terms of audiences. Napaka-boring na ng event. Please bring back the old Miss Universe. You may innovate your procesz of selecting the finalists but please don’t destroy the prestige and the glitz and glam of the pageant. But competition-wise, mas bet ko talaga since 2015 kasi credible ang mga winners and feeling ko salang-sala talaga. Sana Tito Norman, makagawa ka ng write-up regarding dito.

  9. Salamat sa Diyos at natupad din ang aking dasal. Namulat sa katotohanan na walang pera ang bansa pero pinipilit lang ng ibang tao na dito gananapin para sa sariling interes. Dumami ba ang turista sa bansa, wala po palubog ang negosyo ang turismo sa Philippines. Sa dami ng kaganapan sa ating bansa mas mainam kung sa ibang gaganapin ang patimpalak. Sino ang tangang dayuhan ang maglalakas ng loob na manood kung alam nila ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas.

  10. Can we have our former tourism chief back?

    This current chief is all noise just like her brothers (Tulfo bros). After complaining that she can’t promote the country due to bad image (ejk, etc.), her department is in hot waters again after that tourism slogan fiasco.

  11. That is a smart move. Hindi pa mga nakukuha yung return of investments last time eh.
    Not a good time for the Philippines 🇵🇭.

  12. A GAME of manipulation, mind games, and hidden agendas. If the MUO insists on a generic MU pageant irrespective of the host country’s special requests, then NO WONDER they could not get the financiers to sign on the dotted line. And if this will be the kind of reception WME/IMG gets each time they approach a potential host, it might not be long before they drop the MU brand and just sell it to someone else. (Again…). Mr. Trump must be SO amused…

    And would it not be NICE if a Filipino group obtains shares in the organization?

    Careful, po! Other countries (China, Indonesia, etc.) and rival pageant organizations (MW) are watching in the wings.

    • As if MWO, with its overreliance on Chinese partners and virtually no live broadcasts on major markets, has a better offering.

    • ‘A GAME of manipulation, mind games, and hidden agendas and hidden cameras in Paula Shugarts secret love den at the Trump towers lol….good morning/good afternoon/good evening/goodnight manong/manang…nasobrahan ata kapapanood ng Netflix conspiracy-theory inspired shows….simple lang naman sagot dito-BUDGET- we’ll all have to wait until the money-well is full again…

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