25 comments on “Photo Blog: The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Queens for Operation Smile Philippines 

  1. Tito Norman, please avoid posting pictures of our queens on the tips of their toes kasi it’s humiliating and sort of causing them indignity. We already know who towers above and who does not so it’s improper showing them in such awkward situation. Pwede naman icrop ang photo before posting it online. I suppose it’s not deliberate though.

  2. Clenci needs to keep the glamour up at all times…
    As in hair and make-up should alway be on point!
    We all expect the most from her since we have not won her designated International Pageant…
    The competition started as soon as she won that crown hence she should always always be in competing form upto at least the Miss Grand Corronation night.

    PS. Just an additional reminder for Clenci…
    Your tiny 5’5 butt would be crucified if ever you break our winning streak in that pageant so always be on your toes as in sleep with your heels on!!!

    • bulag ka ba sophia o nagbulagbulagan……mag practice ka na sa darating na MI ready ka na ba?LETS CLAP TOGETHER…1…2…3

  3. Rachel is 5’7 1/2. the reason mukha syang maliit nakasandal sya sa wall. Its fine that they let themselves to look simple for this kind of event coz the goal is to brighten up the children’s day and spread positivity.

  4. Rachel Chanel And Clenci are potential winners
    Katrina too becAuse of her winning /fighting attitude …provided she works out before the pageAnt
    And Ibe too becAuse of her pleasing personality
    As for Mariel, I have to see the final product first

  5. WHAT HAPPENED? yung unang visit nila sa operation smile as candidates ang gaganda NGAYON na winners na sila parang doon natulog sa ospital. Mariel, Clenci and Nelda, magsuklay naman kayo pag may time.

    Only Katarina, Rachel and Chanel looks queenly

    Never lumalabas ng walang Make up si Iris, Miss Universe 2016, kahit nagbubungkal ng lupa sa Haiti, may false eye lashes si madame


  6. ang gaganda ng mga queens. kahit light make up lang. ibang-iba talaga sa karaniwang tao.

    • Yeah sure ! You are also the one that thinksDindi deserved MU… patingin ka ng mata ate

      • ate patingin nga ng picture mo , see how you compare to dindi and the beauty queens

    • Maganda naman ang comento ni Fabian ah…totoo naman na magaganda talaga mga beauty queens compara sa karaniwang nilalang.

  7. Mabuti na lang at hindi gaganapin ang Miss Universe 2017 sa Maynila. Kahit marami ang magaganda, matatangkad at talagang palaban malaki pa rin ang tsansa ni Miss Philippines kung sa ibang bansa. Kahit paano naniniwala pa rin ako may tsansa silang lahat kahit kulang sa taas yung iba diyan.

  8. Pagandahan ba ng shoes ang pic group nila hihihi.
    Pero sure ako na stand out ang ganda ni Maureen compared sa BbQueens2017 hihihi 😄cherette

  9. Para paraan si Clenci oh, naka en pointe para di maiwan sa height haha. But i still love you gurl.


      • Sana nga Aljur pero I’m worried na hanggang Top 15/12 lang cya. Worried daw o.
        But I’m confident that Rachel will surprise us in the swimwear round hihihi 😚

  11. HOW TALL IS RACHEL?!!! She seems just as tall as the shorter girls? Is she just 5’6″ ? With that non descript face,bad styling and average height hoe can she be noticed at MU. Thank gif for strong sash factor Pasok pa din sa top 10. If Manila will host pageant in sure top 5 as pay back from MUO

  12. I didn’t notice Rachel was wearing an ragged pair of shoes until someone pointed it out. But I did notice that she stood out in the group pic.

  13. Di man lang nagsuot ng malinis na sneaker shoes si Rachel Peters.

    juskopo!!!! enebeyen!!!!

    KF, please make sure that she should always seamless everytime she comes out. The eyes are all with her!!!


    Sana next labas niya ok na!!!!!

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