9 comments on “If Miss World Philippines comes, can Mr. World Philippines be close behind?

  1. Pagsabayin nlang ang Mr. and Miss World-Philippines para Di boring.
    Makakatipid pa sila sa production cost at sureness ang kita nila from megasponsors 😄😊😚

  2. I nominate the following:

    1. Reygor Gorospe

    2. Joshua Cordoves

    3. Job Gayta

    4. Franco Daza

    5. Philippe Escalambre

  3. No need for a pageant really, imho. Just appoint. But NO MORE self-absorbed cutie boys unable to articulate the sentiments of their Filipino brethren. As much as possible, HOMEGROWN, please.

    May I, Mr. Tinio, respectfully nominate the following? I know your blog is read by the powers-that-be:

    1. Miguel Alexis Maliwat. Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 – 1st Runner-Up. A cross between a bulldog and actor Dingdong Dantes. Sexy deep bedroom voice. Athletic and fun-loving. Breadwinner.

    2. Prince De Guzman. Misters of Filipinas 2016 semifinalist. A prosthetic artist with a really princely aura. Articulate. Intense.

    3. Clint Bondad.

    4. Mark Antony Beltran. Mister Philippines 2017 The Sun (1st Runner-Up). A good head on those shoulders.

    5. Lucas Lakas.

    Any one of these will fit the billing, “World’s Most Desirable Man”. All are straight and well-mannered.

  4. sam ajdani is ❤ saw him couple of times in Makati. ang tangkad. parang ang sarap magpakarga ganon. CHAROT

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