11 comments on “Photo Blog: The Miss Manila 2017 Candidates 

  1. Diana mackey is the obvious girl to beat and what is she doin in this pageant? if only for the experience and prize well go ahead but clearly shes destined for far more bigger crowns than a local pageant. shes like peters during ms world phils unsure of herself but well spoken she should follow this pageant path of rachel peters.

  2. Tobes is one of the prettiest…but is wearing one of the ugliest swimsuits!

  3. Since Ms. Manila naman ito, maganda cguro magkarun ng special award..Miss Pandacan..ang dami kasi nila nag aagawan sa title na tu..on the other hand, i dnt get it why candidates who had gone national would retrograde to a local pageant..

    • Siyempre need din nila ng cash prestigious kaya prize dito P1M. If I’m not mistaken mas malaki pa ata sa pa prize ng Bb. Pilipinas. Wala ng arte arte para sa milyon teh! Hahaha

    • @marvin.. im convincing myself that height is not essential since its a local contest

  4. They are all pretty and charming but half of them register as pudgy to me. even the so called look alike.

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