35 comments on “Sunday Specials: Will these ladies join Miss World Philippines 2017?

  1. I seriously would not waste any time and effort on this pageant.

    Especially since MISS INDONESIA and MISS CHINA are sure to have already been alloted top placements by Julia Morley this year, just sayin’.

  2. Naku mga hija, kung matitino pa mga pagiisip ninyo, huwag na huwag kayo sumali jan. Kung hindi nyo rin lang mahigitan ang isang Catriona Gray sa aspetong physical, intellectual, BWAP etc, aba eh magisip-isip na kayo. Gawin nyo syang sukatan. Kung siya nga hindi nanalo na halos nasa kanya na lahat ng attributes, e kayo pa kaya? I’m not saying na mga pangit kayo kasi ang gaganda nyo nga eh. What I’m trying to drive at is hanggat malakas ang politika sa MW, at hanggat hindi ito iwinawasto ni tyang Hulya, iwas muna tayo unless willing kayong maging Catriona 2.0. Ako unang malulungkot pag wasted beauties ending nyo. Madami pa naman pwede salihan eh kaya esep-esep mga ineng ha. Lab u! 🙂

  3. Good evenibg Las Vegas. I say please stay clear of the scammy MW pageant. Dont waste your time, beauty and above all purpose.

  4. I am not a drumbeater for MW organization. I am just being fair to the organization that suffered a social media onslaught from overzealous fans who alleged “injustice” and “game-fixing” in the recent defeat of their candidate. Yes, as someone posted in this blog, it is a “charitable organization using beauties around the world”. So are—to a lesser degree—MU, ME, MI, MGI and many others. The pageantry business cannot be economically viable if its mission is just to pit one beauty against another, knowing fully well that physical beauty is very subjective as it is culturally- defined. It survives because of support from corporate sponsors and institutional partners. Corporate sponsors with a global presence certainly want to partner with a pageantry organization whose spokesperson is someone they see as a credible personality to talk about their products/ services to their markets, be it Europe, Asia, Americas or Africa. Institutional partners from all over the world certainly look more to a spokesperson’s credibility, empathy and intelligence to talk about their advocacies and humanitarian causes. They certainly do not look at a certain physical beauty archetype.

    Moreover, all of them look at the international reach of the pageantry organization. And the pageantry organization knows this fully well. That is why winners or finalists normally come from countries where either there is a huge following (as in the Philippines and other Latin American countries), huge population (as in China, Indonesia, India and USA), high per capita income (Japan, Russia and Western Europe), high per capita consumption of cosmetics (Venezuela, Brazil and South Korea), and emerging markets (Thailand, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Botswana and Eastern Europe).

    I don’t see politics at all in the choice of MW winners. If at all, I see economics at play.

    • You said most winners come from where? u mentioned every part of the world. U do not make sense at all unless u believe there are creatures living in other parts of the universe .

    • The survival of a beauty pageant relies either on it’s “mission” and or “tie up to a brand”.

      MU is tied to SheriHill and Yamamay, ME to it’s countless sponsors, UN and it’s advocacy. Ganun din ang MGI dahil well connected si Nawat.

      Sino ang sponsor ng MW? Kung di pa ini-sponsor-an Yung Top Model segment nung kupitbahay waley din! Kung Yung franchise fee ang aasahan nila eh di lalong gutom ang aabutin nila!

  5. Kung matatalino ang apat na yan, panigurado hindi sila sasali for one obvious reason………………

    Miss World is not a beauty pageant,,,,,,,it is a highly politicized charitable organization using beauties around the world!!!!!

    Enough for Mess World!!!!!

    You’re done matriarch Julia!

  6. In fairness to MW organization, I observe that lately the one eventually picked out among the finalists is she who projects an outgoing active personality, not the withdrawn stiff type with carefully studied moves. After all, with all the pomp and pageantry of the coronation, and the formalities of meeting corporate sponsors and institutional partners, the winner will also have to literally get her feet wet and roll up her sleeves in some run-down neighborhoods, orphanages, hospitals, and other impoverished areas where there are MW-supported projects. In other words, the winner’s personality has to be relatable in the boardrooms as well as in the slums. This is a function not only of physical beauty, but of intelligence as well.

    I am sure we have not produced winners lately because our representatives, much as we think they are sure winners, did not measure up to the judges’ criteria as much as others did. I submit that we should never surrender under the suspected fixing charges. After all, this is like a job interview; only one gets accepted among the many worthy candidates.

    While I am at this, I think Laura Lehman fits the MW-crown-worhty personality—energetic, intelligent, good communicator, good physique, friendly demeanor. She just has to produce an innovative BWP advocacy project that links her current preoccupation with some less privileged sectors.

    • Are you nuts!? It is as clear as day Catriona Gray was robbed at Miss World 2016! And are you saying Catriona Gray does not have charisma to the poor!? She’s in fact one of the BWAP Finalist where Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle are not part of!

    • Scorg, u are omitting the most impt. Part of the argument . The NDs of PR and Indonesia were in the judging panel.

  7. For now, it would be between Lehman and Aberasturi..

    If Lubina joins this year..
    Then the results would totaly be unpredictable.

  8. Word of the day — WASTED!

    Sasayangin Lang ang mga ganyang ganda!

    Utang na loob!

    Mag-appoint na lang ng first runner up ng past edition.

    Kung tanggihan ni Tandang Hulya eh di huwag mag-participate!

  9. Will just waste these girls! Sayang. Alam n nmn that Miss World is not a beauty contest but a cooking contest

  10. No please for steffi Bb. Dai oi. For title sake and endorsement you may win the ttle but to win a crown in MW2017 is a far from reality.

    • This is probably the reason why Cory Quirino dump the Miss World Franchise bcoz she knows high caliber filipina beauty queen wannabes and the general public are no longer interested in Miss World after the MWO robbed Catriona Gray of the Miss World Crown.

      No sane woman will join a beauty contest known for being BIASed and a cheater and a fraud for it will just be a waste of time, money and effort.

      The only way for the MWO to regain the confidence of the general public and candidates from joining again is to at least admit their mistakes.

  11. should they join, and win MWP, sayang lang!!! Too much politics at MW… just send an appointed “token” rep..

  12. ilang taon na ba si Laura? if her age is still young. she should join bbp after catriona. or sabay but depende. pero kung 25 na sya better to join mwp this year. i like this girl na. some say we should not send someone MW prototype dahil nga sa nangyari last year. But i think we should. hinde bilang para maging sport na tao. kundi para maipakita na we can still produce a real beauty queen. something that we can still be proud of pa rin dahil sa ibang bansa it at takes another years para makapag produce ng real queen. eh tayo halos taon taon na kakapag produce tayo ng real queen. sayangin man nila but its not our queen lost. its their (pageant org lost).

  13. Ms. World is so unpredictable there is no mold na hinahanap nila. Swertihan lang ang labanan at kung walang luto. Hahaha

  14. Expect a 2nd. or even a 1st runner-up. placement sa mananalo dito. Bago yata ang franchisee, di ba Manay Hulya?!

  15. Steffi for MW,
    No trace of Filipino based on pic above
    But she is a classic beauty

      • Sorry Fabian ni diko kilala ang sinasabi mo . Fyi I am into black singers RnB, Soul, and Jazz

  16. Such beauties to just be wasted at Miss World! Are they oblivious of the ruckus Miss World created last edition?! The Miss World 2017 crown is already reserved either to Miss China or Miss Indonesia or depending who gives the biggest donation or who sits on the judging panel. Sayang lang. In the very remote case scenario where the crown will be given to us, it will only seem like they are ass kissing us because of the mess they were in last year

  17. Laura should join Binibining Pilipinas. She is for MU ,absolutely nothing less.

  18. pang miss world tlga beauty nila…sweet lang ang peg. sa MU kc fierce nman ang hanap

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