13 comments on “Sunday Specials: The New Look of Maine Elima 

  1. She looks great. Her short hair defines a declaration beyond a one dimensional “look” and another layer of beauty for Ms. Elima.

    Good for her!

  2. I personally love it. It’s a beautiful, edgy cut that makes her stick out. If there’s anyone who could be a complete 180 from Rachel for Miss U, it’s someone like Charmaine. I think a strategic move on her part. She’s charting her own path.

  3. She finally has the right lipstick technique. Notice her upper lip is drawn and exaggerated. This make up suits her so much better than during the pageant. She also looks more relaxed and has lost weight.

  4. Sa mga babae, ang pagpapaputol ng buhok ay isang pagpapakita ng “protesta”…….

    Sa ginawang ito ni Charmaine, tila nagpapahiwatig na rin na ito na ang huling pagsali sa mga beauty pageants!!!

    Whatever your motive Charmaine, you will be forever loved by many.

    Best of luck in your future endeavor!!!

    Maraming salamat!

  5. Maganda pa rin sya kahit maigsi ang buhok. Tunay na ganda talaga.

  6. Gorgeous bone structure, gorgeous eyes . This is a beauty that can be appreciated anywhere in the world . Any hair cut , minimal make up and still beautiful!

  7. I am liking it. After all, beauty queens should not be stereotyped to having long hair.

  8. Si ibong charerette may naisip na naman.
    Join daw c maine next year uli para kung Di cya manalo ulit ay pakalbo naman cya kc bagay din sa kanya ang bald queen at baka magkapelikula pa sya as jailed beauty queen sentenced to death penalty 😲
    JawsKuh c ibong charerette kung mag-isip, nakakabuwisit hihihi but I like it. .. charerette lng😊

  9. Bagay infairness. Ok lang yang short hair para maka focus ka pa sa training. I suggest start training now para makuha mo na ang MUP crown finally. Onti pang push you’re so near in getting the crown Maine.

  10. She looks like angel aquino in her short hair and i always admire angel aquino’s beauty, on of the timeless filipina beauties, she is versatile and can always rock any type of hair and maine is also rocking this type of hair. I hope in 2018, she will sport an outgrown bob type of haircut to give a breath of fresh air in pageantry and yeah itll highlight her killer cheeckbones and jawline.

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