9 comments on “Sunday Specials: The Bb. Pilipinas whose middle name spells F-R-I-E-N-D-L-Y

  1. Pakiramdam ko talaga 2014 ngayong taon, hahahahahahah
    Ay may Miss Earth 2014 pala tayo…
    2017 will be a year of its own, hahahahah

  2. Loving her look and styling now. mas nagagandahan ako sakanya and super love her bubbly personality. ang tagal ng official headshots nila. bakeeeet. huhu lol

  3. High expectations for her!

    Let’s see how a hybrid of KF and A&Q will perform this time.

    Good luck!

  4. She’s perfect for Supranational. After Mutya, I think she’s the only one who got the right crown.

  5. Chanel has already caught the attention of Ms Supranational Org, featuring her glam shot on their facebook. Actually her post garnered some 90 plus comments, while the post for other candidates 2 or 3 at most. The current winner 20 plus comments. It is now up to Chanel how badly she wants the crown.

    We have high expectations for you girl. Slay the competition.

  6. Miss Personality pala ang bruha.
    Daanin pa nya sa shapely dyoga at padded na puwet like lieknee socialising now in the US hihihi aba eh Panalo 😄
    Chikahin nya ng Chikahin ang mga organizers sa Supra eh Di wagi ang hitad and humbly says “oh, may crown ako at ikaw jake ay wala” hihihi. ..kaloka lang.

  7. Best of luck and make us proud!

    I can see her, if not crown, we will place high in Miss Supra!!!

    Go go go Philippines!

  8. She’s not one of my favourites in the last BBP contest. But seeing video clips of her interviews and TV guestings, especially with the reigning queens, her sunshiny friendly personality somehow shines through. Beyond that friendly glow, the aura of sincerity also shows. If only for this, I think she has a very good chance of winning her international assignment.

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