13 comments on “Venus Raj continues to be an inspiration 

  1. Truly inspiring. Developing yourself further and working hard to really achieve your goals is the mark of a true beauty queen. I hope she doesn’t join politics though.

  2. Need I say more?! Hands down to this woman who keeps on motivating herself to inspire others.

  3. The modern-day Cinderella of the Philippine pageantry continuous her winning streak. Now she has added to her credentials a Masters Degree in Community Development from the premier university no less. Indeed, she continuous to be an inspiration to the youth. And in the right direction– towards community empowerment and sustainable development! With the theoretical undergirding from the academe and experiential background in the grassroots herself, her celebrity status can easily find her a platform for an advocacy that will benefit many people in rural and urban communities.

    She is the perfect personification of MU’s “confidently beautiful” tagline.

  4. I would definitely vote for her…

    She is way more desserving compaired to the majority of the members of our congress.

    Please continue to inspire.
    You will always be one of my favorite queens. 🙂

  5. The woman who ended the long drought of the Philippines at Ms. Universe.

    I can still remember her intro, “Maria Venus Raj, 22, Philippines!”

    An inspiration indeed.

    • she could’ve been our 3rd MU. but i guess she’s destined to do other things. she was the MUP na natutukan ko talaga.. tayo pa lang.. may laban na. and we owe it to her. if hindi niya pinaglaban ang korona niya noon…….

  6. Puede cyang maging municipal councilor muna and start her programs/projects for the community development.
    If her plans and programs succeed, then go for V-Mayor until she become mayor but I suggest that she will study Law while in public service until she became a member in Congress hanggang maging senador😚
    Huwag kalimutan ang vitamins sa matris girl kc medyo lalampas na tayo sa kalendaryo hihihi😄
    Kahit 2 children lng😗cherette 👀

  7. She’s really an inspiration. kudos to her for chasing her dreams. Definitely beauty and brains. nakuha niya pagsabayin ang work/sideline with her studies.

    Yung mga ganyan dapat ang nasa public office.. may background, may will matuto and hindi pangalan lang ang meron. Bato, Camsur is lucky to have her if mauupo siya as a public servant.

  8. Venus truly is an inspiration. Good on her for getting an advanced degree. Many celebrities nowadays would just run for office without any qualifications whatsoever. Venus, on the other hand, not only has the drive and determination to help others, but also sought to improve herself so that she can be a better public servant. (if she does decide to run for office).

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