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  1. Eto line-up ko next Year!!!!!

    Universe – Jamie Herrell
    International – Emma Tiglao
    Supranational – Charmaine Elima
    Grand International – Catriona Gray
    Earth – Angelica Alita

  2. 2018 MUP is locked na kay Cat!!!!!! But Aces and Queen please package Cat differently, fierceness sana ewan ko na lang kung hindi magsisi ang Mess World sa ginawa nila kay Cat

  3. Kung isasabak to ng A&Q sa MPE, malay natin mag uuwi to ng corona. Kung di ko alam na A&Q sya, mapagkakamalan kong sa KF sya dahil sa veneers din nya. Isa to sa palya ng A&Q, anh veneers ni alita. Mahilig nmn ang ME sa veneer beauty.

  4. Angelica alita is gorgeous on still photos(level of Paulina Vega) but I dont find her mannerism appealing during the q and a.(parang puno ang mouth) and may twisting ang face opposite si chanel Thomas di photogenic but beautiful in motion.
    I agree w justgrc Alita can be MGI or Intercon but not MUP/MI. middling height

  5. I don’t know but her beauty (for me) is for Miss International.. may dating siya sakin na Krista Kleiner and Nicole Schmitz.. She’s really beautiful na mala manika ang dating. I like her sporting the clean, updo or naka bun.. medyo di ko feel yung naka super curly hair siya (like what she had nung BBP Coronation night) or maybe other hairstyle?

    comment ko lang.. her wardrobes. okay naman pero medyo minsan siguro ako lang, medyo miss ng slight.. But again, since nakapag train naman siya with BPCI i am expecting a lot of improvement sakanya. tama din na di muna siya sumali this year..

  6. I think she has a chance of getting a crown next year. As for Catriona pang Miss International siya. Her skin, her look, and her elegance ay papatok sa mga Japanese. Look at Bea Rose and Kylie. Ganun ang hinahanap ng mga Japanese dapat matuto na tayo. For MU dapat morena and pinay kasi globally, yun ang impression satin so we just have to polish it.

      • Yes she fits the bill same like Venus, Shamcey, Ara, Janine, Maxine yung ganong klaseng beauty.

  7. masyado lang maliit for international pageants… otherwise, she’s good to go!!!

  8. She has all the potential and qualities to be the next Miss Universe Philippines 2018. Alluring beauty, amazing talent, very articulate and very tall at 5′ 5″. She will surely answer pageant questions with no problem at all. Just my humble opinion.

    • Tama ka diyan Ate Gloria. Kung si Ms. Clenci na may tangkad na 5′ 51/2″ nanalo siya bilang Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2017 si Angelica Alita pa kaya.

  9. Just an honest question to everyone . I’m not trying to hate on Catriona . However do we really think her beauty is for MU? To me her face is not that interesting. She is fair and white so is Filipinos equate that with beauty. Also her personality is sweet and regal but not spontaneously fun which is what I think MU is looking for. Just looking for honest feedback and answers not bashing.

    • Catriona IS fair and white but that’s not why I like her, although I agree for some Pinoys that may be why she is so revered.

      My personal admiration for Catriona is her POLISH. She is articulate, classy, educated, elegant, talented, and travelled. As for beauty, I think her girl next door aura is certainly in line with what IMG wants these days.

      My only constructive criticism for her is, and you’re right, to be more free. I may be in the minority but I thought she was way way way too stiff and rehearsed at Miss World. Robotic almost. If ever she joins BbP, I hope she loosens up and becomes more relatable. She doesn’t have to try so hard.

      • I couldn’t agree more. Good luck too her and I hope if she joins she shows a fun side

    • ako medyo afraid na if she joins next year baka sa MI sa ipadala ni madamme. which is a no for me at lalo ng BIG NO for me na pag mapunta sya sa MI tapos if mariel wins or placed. oh my manlalambot ako nyan if ever. hinde kakayanin ang b2b2b sa MI.
      Sa MU naman, well im sure aces learned something from cat during mw2016. they copied meagan and paste it to Catriona i think naka add din yon sa pagkatalo nya. i honestly didnt like catrionas styling and gown last year. so i think ang aces hinde nila pababayaan si cat. meron pang nakatago kay cat na pang MU at kaya nila ilabas yon. after ng mwp don palang siguro magsisimula ang lahat for cats preparation for best transformation for bbp. Kung si DR nga na dating sumali sa MU eh ang fierce nya noon sa MU finals pero sa MW last year ganda ng transformation nya pang MW. so i think kaya din ni cat since may team sya A&Q.

    • Catriona has all the qualities of a true real beauty queen whether miss u or any beauty title at that. She has also thst exceptional x factor you could only find in very rare instances. Unlike ms venus rah dapat pang asean a sumali. Dun babagay ang beauty mo. Honest opinion lang.

  10. As the others have commented, if Catriona joins BbP 2018. Surefire MUP na yan.

    Fortunately there are other titles.

    Alita is just ok to me. Pretty, but not a MUP or MIP personna, which is fine as those two are the plum titles. However, good for her for sitting it out this year and letting herself enjoy being a BbP titleholder and growing a bit more.

  11. Nah too short. If Catriona joins, lalamunin niyang buhay si Alita. Also, I really dont like ALita cause she seems too loud and carefree for a beauty queen

  12. Umaawrang pang MISS U si Alita! Infairness, she’s doing her assignment.

  13. Pagsasabungin kaya sila Catriona at Angelica? Parang maganda itey… Isama pa si Apriel Smith who’s also looking radiant lately.

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