11 comments on “An Indian Doctor wins Mister National Universe 2017

  1. India won because his credentials is impressive he’s already a doctor. Kaya dapat ang ipapadala natin yung may something unique and with personality.

    • @ Barbie : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      That, and English proficiency, imho. With the possible exception of the Brazilian, the four Asians in the Top 5 spoke good English. The two Filipino bets – Italy and Philippines – had some difficulty.

      • Kaya pala hindi nakikipagusap sa press… waley ang English… tsk tsk

  2. Baka hindi nakipaglandian sa mga bakla sa organizers/sponsors kaya waley c Philippines.
    Tapos malalaman mo na lang na nagpaKiss sa national pageant kaya nanalo hihihi 😄
    Kiss lang naman. . Big cherette😊

  3. For sure malakas din ang amoy nyan sa katawan.

    Mahilig sila sa sibuyas at spices!

    Maamoy lalo na kapag pinagpawisan!

  4. Akala ko ba naman malakas ang panlaban ng Pilipinas, ano pa kaya ang kulang? Sa Mister Universe na lang siguro babawi.

    • @ Roy : Good afternoon/morning/evening.

      Indeed. Just like at another inaugural male pageant in this part of the world late last year, the Final 5 consisted of four (4) Asians and a lone non-Asian, Brazil. Myanmar won, with his court consisting of Nepal, Vietnam, Brazil, and Philippines.

      Brazil’s sash is STRONG in Asia-based male pageants. We just LOVE our boys from Brazil!

      Obrigado for the feijoada (my apologies if I misspelled)!

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