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  1. 1988, what a feeling, 1992 Sawadee, 1993 Viva la noche, 1994 Hello, Philippines, Mabuhay. ibalik ang opening ng late 80’s to early 90’s. the best years of miss universe lalo na ang 90’s talagang matatalino ang nananalo. dahil kung byuti lang noon, si Miriam Quiambao na sana ang Miss Universe 99.

  2. Just re-make the 1994 “Hello, Philippines, Mabuhay!” Theme. mas may appeal ang Miss Universe, look at 1988, 1992, 1994 openings. so beautiful. Ibalik ang litle sisters at ang Top 10 interview.

  3. Djusko ang daming demand!!! Eh di kau na ang magsponsor. Was last year’s production a bit disappointing? Yes but had the people from Team Philippines negotiated well then they could have changed it a bit. Also, they want people from the US to watch it that’s why they need internationally known artists to perform. It’s still about the ratings as well esp in the USA. So maybe instead of changing production numbers, they can feature some snippets of the prepageant activities instead of the endless non-sense interviews during Top 15 announcement.

  4. ..sorry but i dnt get this ‘filipinization’ thing of the MU production should it be held here once again..and the insistence that it should have been pushed the last time the we hosted..im not saying hindi pang global ang filipino talents..but certainly, pinag aralan nila yan..at di ba me concession na nga in showcasing a glimpse of filipino culture during sa side events sa calle crisologo, baguio at tapestry of davao? at d ba last minute pumili nga sila ng sampung dancers para maiksawsaw as back up dancers ni florida? anu pa gusto nyo? e di naman kau ang gagastos? at akala ko ba walang gastos ang gobyerno dito, e bakit ngaun me mga demands na for more airtime etc..d pa ba sapat ung araw araw e na cCNN tau dahil sa resorts world attack kuno at marawi rebellion kuno? hay..

    • I don’t think anyone wants another Miss Earth production. What they’re saying is that some infusion of the locale would have been nice in January and if ever we host again.

      Miami Beach ’15, Moscow ’13, Sao Paolo ’11 all recent editions with some local flavor. Heck even Vegas ’12 had a creative infusion of Christmas spirit. Not the same effort for Manila. At all. And let’s not discuss whether these cities made the same efforts to welcome the organization and delegates as did Manila. I made my bf watch all three hours and he was like, “Wow the Philippines is so beautiful!” after seeing the various aerials and tourism commercials that were sparsely interspersed within. A little more of that would have been nice.

      The production would have been much more interesting with a taste of the Philippines is all we are saying. I get MUO and IMG have the final say, but c’mon. Barely any of the ancillary events were featured despite the time, effort, money, and heart the Filipinos showered on the Miss Universe Organization . Perhaps our sponsors should have negotiated more for their investment, but it seems Singson was more interested in promoting his name and Castro more interested in selfies with the delegates. Oh well, you get what you bargain for.

      • I take back this statement: “At all. And let’s not discuss whether these cities made the same efforts to welcome the organization and delegates as did Manila”.

        The ENTIRE PHILIPPINES from Vigan to Davao and locales in between welcomed Miss Universe like no other.

      • @justgrc.. agree ako sau that video snippets of PH top tourist attractions should have been aired during the finals..as i’ve posted a year back, i miss the 80s and even the 90s where it is de riguer to showcase the girls frolicking along the beach coast of some host city..but indeed this is the millenial era where reality tv shows continue to attract tv viewership, thus, the reformatting of the show by showcasing instead the backstories of the finalists..kumbaga, it is what the producers thought wil sell..certainly the show has to evolve, and like any other tv show, ratings is the be all..and talking of corporate sponsors, advertising mileage to their products and a magnified corporate image/branding are the considerations..but then we cant speak the same for LCS..heck i only heard of it last January..i guess a substantial portion of his business interest relates to a diversified portfolio of equity holdings..how does one advertise this..kaya ang nangyari, ung tigre ahas at si mari mar ang na feature..char..

      • and btw naalala ko na, there was this segment where Maxima was joined by some of the other girls to feast on ballot..and another segment where Pia joined Ashley Graham in Bohol to go on Tarsier watching..so anu pa bang culture ang nagkulang..actually di ko bet ang present format ng MU..i feel like watching ANTM sa mga pinapakitang backstories and behind the camera scenes..mga iyakan tawanan girls talk atbp..actually di ako maka relate..and to top it all, for MUO to put womn empowerment as the cornerstone of this event is really alienating to
        us mga beki haha char

  5. Mahal mag sponsor ng MU. I really hope may mabait na mag sponsor nyan dito. At talagang lugi kasi ang pag uusapan jan yung nanalo ng crown hindi yung ganda ng Pilipinas at saka kasalanan nung mga unang nag sponsor kasi bakit hinayaan nila na ganun ang mangyari in the first place. Sana una pa lang na foresee na nila na hindi profitable or malulugi sila. I guess puro yabang lang ang nangyari.

  6. We have proven thrice already to the universe that we can host MU.

    And we can host it again!!!!

    Whether we hold it here in the Phils. or not…….we can keep our head up high!!!!!

    Kudos to the committee, organizers, etc.!!!!!!

  7. WME/IMG is JUST LOVING the Filipinas pageant fans’ current animosity towards MW.

    And while they are at it, I would like to ask the MU organization to talk with the ND’s of Russia and South Africa, in the hopes of convincing the latter to field their bets in the Universe, instead of the World.

    Polina Popova and Demi Leigh-Peters, plus a third lady, will suit me just fine for the Final 3 of MU 2017, wherever it will be held!

    • Polina is super pretty! I hope she’ll go to MU. para siyang anghel sa lupa!


  8. I wouldn’t mind if dito gagawin ang MU sa Philippines as long as:

    1. There are sponsors willing to shoulder the costs
    2. We get what we want (promote the Philippines)
    3. More control of the show/activities. – I want all the ladies to go to Palawan/Boracay or all of them in one tourist destination. everybody get the chance to experience or visit the Philippines
    4. Better production. remember when Thailand / TnT hosted the MU? i love how they ‘personalized’ the production. from stage to opening number. it’s very festive and matatawag mo talaga na their country hosted the pageant. ano un? ikaw na gumastos and all, sila ang masusunod? LOL

    Okay lang din if hindi matutuloy dito considering we have security threats/issues or medyo magulo ang bansa sa ngayon.. if the President says no, sana may back up plan sila agad agad and hindi nila masamain. I believe if we can naman we would host it.

    I’m not worried sa chances ni Rachel. if she’s destined to win kahit na nasa home court, she’ll be our 4th MU..

    PS: I also would want to see a local artist performing for the pageant be it prelims or finals night. it’s about time that we showcase everything that we have to offer.

  9. If an agreement can be reached and all sponsors are on board, I wouldn’t mind having MU in The Philippines again. However, I would like the staging and choreography to reflect more on the culture of The Philippines since we would be the host country again. You didn’t see any of that on stage and very little of it during any commercial break. It would just be nice to have a stage that reflects The Philippines and not a stage that is the same as the Miss USA stage. It’s in the country, why not reflect it on stage? You’re here, we’re hosting, we love you, love us back by showing the world our heritage and culture on the stage.

    Just my humble opinion…

  10. Last year dapat nagback2back pero ang pagkakataong manalo bilang MUO gift sa Pinas ay Di napantayan ng bonggang sagot kaya naungusan tayo ng thailand, Haiti and France😄hihihi

    • LOL. West Coast. East Coast. Even International Pinoys in the house.

      Nothing like a Vegas pageant for sure!

  11. Puerto Rico did a back to back in 2001 and 2002 and honestly I thought the 2002 pageant was leagues better. Simpler, sleeker, yet more modern and entertaining plus virtually every girl in the Top 10 was a knockout including the eventual winner to be dethroned. 2001 was OTT, OA, and a clear Puerto Rico mofongo cooking show.

    The January pageant had all the makings to be a showstopper but it felt like the People’s Choice Awards that could be filmed in LA, complete with C-List has-beens Flo Rida and Boyz II Men. The Philippines got some air time but silly Steve Harvey and Body Diversity Chick got even more. I’d like our local organizers and sponsors to demand more recognition of the Filipino culture and talent in any subsequent hosting. I mean even a Filipino-inspired backdrop would have been appreciated. All we got was a cheesy looking capiz floral arrangement and twinkie dancers who graced the stage for 10 seconds. Even the male models for the final interview were foreigners. Really??? Even pageant fans here in the US were surprised the Philippines was largely ignored during the production, surprising given the money it spent and its status as the most ardent supporters of MUO.

    Also, not bashing on Pia but when she announced she signed with IMG in January it was a clear sign that MUO wanted to milk her universal status as much as possible. I’d like to see Pia have them make it worth her while because we all know how human nature is… once they get what they want, they forget you. Business amplifies that. At least Mama Julia has kept Megan in the spotlight in subsequent years.

    Lip service is cheap “We love the Philippines! Pia is the best Miss Universe! Best fans in the world!”

    Make MUO put its money where its mouth is.

  12. My concern with the Philippines hosting -again- is will it hurt the chances of Rachel from bringing “home” a 4th MU crown?

    • i dont agree…if rachel is deserving to win, she will win…even if it is held here

      • I agree Andrea and sad to say Rachel is not going to win she lacks charisma and x factor and she looks older than her age. But her bf is very rich from a rich political clan in Cam Sur maybe her bf could sponsor the pageant. 😂

  13. We don’t have to analyze the situation why Mr. Singson was absentee during the meeting. It’s the ROI. Did he get good return, money-wise and government position-wise?

  14. 2 possible scenarios:

    A. “Philippines, says YES!” – tuloy-tuloy ang placement ng pinas sa MU for, lets say, 10 years and possible ibigay ng IMG ang crown sa atin ulit pero not in this hometown. Or,
    B. “Philippines, says NO!” -baka mag-ala julia morley ang MU sa tin, giving us cold shoulders, and will start again our dark era kahit mala Pia+Iris caliber ang ipapadala natin, di mkakapasok sa 1st cut.

    I know MUO and IMG wants to push MU17 sa Pinas. Strategy cguro last year na di masyado nabigyan ng pansin ang culture and heritage ng pinas last year para mabitin tayo, at ipupush na dito gaganapin ulit with a touch of Pinoy. Charot. Joke lang. Pero i just hope MUO and IMG, will understand if ever the philippines says no.

    • I don’t see anything wrong if we say yes or no but it would be better if it happens in earlier in 2018 kasi Catriona Gray will surely win in her own country.

      Another reason bakit hindi pa sureball ang Miss Universe 2017 sa pinas kasi our bet Rachel Peters is not winnable so pinoys and filipino sponsors or our government are less thrilled kung si Catriona Gray lang ang delegate di magdadalawang isip mga pinoy to buy the tickets and sponsors to sponsor the pageant and even the government to host it here.

  15. Hoping that they will held Miss Universe 2017 somewhere in Europe. No doubt that our country is beautiful and money is not an issue but let us be honest and realistic. The wound and the scar from the Marawi and Resort World were still fresh to the mind of every citizen in every corner of the world and let time heals everything. Let the dust settles down first before we roll out our red carpet for Miss Universe 2017.

  16. JawsKuh huwag lang kalimutan na ifeature internationally c BuDanding dahil may paprotest-protest drama pa sila last year hihihihihi 😄wiz cherette ☺

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