35 comments on “Mariel de Leon: The Frilly and the Fanciful 

  1. Ganda ni Mariel dito. She lost a lot of weight and her skin is glowing! Keep it up!

  2. Wow Liza Soberano ng very light ang aurahan ni madam. Goodluck to your MI2017 journey 🙂

  3. I just checked her IG. She really seems to have lost a lot of weight! Wow.


  5. Lets give Mariel a chance. The girl is trying so hard to please us. Hintayin na lang natin ang coronation ng MI. Tama na bashing please.

    • anong chance…..miss tissa mag practice ka na rin mag clap gusto mo sabay tayo?ready ka na ba?lets clap 1…..2….3….

  6. Daming kudaera d2! na panget si ganito kapag walang make up at maganda lang kapag may make up at maganda si ganito with or without make up. Mga Vacks!!! Always remember na lahat ng international pageants may Make up sponsors. lahat ng merlat rarampa with make up. sus ginoo… i understand your point pero waley problem don. importante maayos o maganda ang kalabasan. minsan kung sino pa maganda kahit walang make up at maganda din kapag walang make up eh natatalo din ng mga merlat na maganda lang kapag may make up. marami examples hinde lang sa pinas so hinde ko na iisa isahn. i will let you to think who are those girls im talking about.
    Kung ayaw nyo sa isang tao. you have a choice to be silent and ipahinga nyo nalang ang mga daliri nyo. okay ba???

  7. she looks dainty , exquisite, that skin tone and moles makes her delicately beautiful. Great job aces. it would be wonderful to have a b2b but mi reputation says otherwise.Mariel improved a lot I wont be surprised that she will wear one of those runner up crowns coz she will be part of mi winner court.

  8. I was never a fan of Mariel. But by far, she is the most interesting candidate. Her attitude towards DDS is strange to a beauty queen. Bravo!!!! Wear your Yellow Gown Mariel!!!!

  9. Lakas talaga ni Mariel Kay Tito Norman! Naka ilang feature na siya dito! Umaasa PA Rin ako ng B2b.

  10. Hi Sir Norman..Kezia is in town for a SanMig event..I wonder why she was a wearing sash..after all a new puteri was already crowned..any thoughts? thanks.

    • @ Marvin1978 : Good afternoon/morning/evening. Apologies for butting in. Mr. Tinio must be busy with pageant duties at Cebu and Boracay, atm.

      It probably was stipulated in the job order/contract that the sash be worn. SMC can AFFORD this, after all.

  11. Based on these photos, she does look like she’s lost weight and is looking radiant and prettier.
    Keep it up, Mariel 🙂


  12. Pictures are easy to doctor . Lighting and make up can change a lot. We need queens who are not dependent on these tricks . I’m tired of looking at super good pics that are over produced. They are sort of meaningless now. You can use our maid, put tons of make up, use the right lights and viola she’s Bb worthy.
    This is why I always championed naturally beautiful girls with good bone structure. Look at Ara and Charmaine. Any picture they look beautiful even candid shots.

    • absolutely disagree on Charmaine . she looks plain without make up on.
      ara on the other hand is naturally beautiful.

    • EVERY girl looks just about ordinary without make-up on lol….and you simply don’t like Mariel, period..so kahit ano pang gawin ni Mariel (not that she would waste her time and her energy being bothered with crap like this) talagang hindi ka ma-sa-satisfy..

    • EEEVERY girl is ordinary without make-up…you just don’t like Mariel, period..ke ano pang gawin ni Mariel ( not that she’d waste time and energy on crap comments like this) hindi ka ma-sa-satisfy…

    • Panalo si Ariella!!!!! Not every girl is ordinary without make up, tatak mo yan sa bugok na puro D&G mong utak. Ariella is one big example!!! hahahahaha

      • pnget si ariella pag naka full make up…pag wala carry lang but not outstanding

    • How about Ann Colis? She is one naturally pretty face. Importante talaga ang FEZ VALUE!!!! di puro Accent at Styling… Wahahahaha

    • This by far is your best comment bakla. Naka thumbs up ka sa akin. Lol. Mmwahh

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