5 comments on “Rhett Eala and his Queen Collection 

  1. Sorry Rhett Eala, but Leo Amodal’s fringe-designed gown featured here lately is a lot way better than yours. Iba lang ang fabric na ginamit mo, pero ang tingin ko sa fringe mo e pom-poms sa cheering competitions. Take it as a constructive criticism.

  2. A Project Runway contestant did a fringe collection a few years ago. It’s ok to reinterpret fringe, but it looks like Rhett just slapped them on basic cuts of dresses.

  3. It’s a rip off of Maison Matin Margiela hair jacket 2009 that was popularised by Supermodel Kate Moss. 🙂

  4. Dun lang ako sa green prelims gown ni Maxine ako natuwa kasi its not too pretty but memorable enough… It was a perfect drumroll for Cherry Veric’s shimering red gown… If only it was what Maxine wore at the finalé… unless it was a Michael Cinco gown… but alas… no… 😦

  5. kudos to the photographer. anng ganda ng shots. ang galing ng mga models. still love few pieces of the fringe collection (yung mga nasa photos above). I believe that ang modern and unique niya tignan.

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